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Are you travelling to Dubai and want to enjoy a unique underwater experience? Check out this handy list of top scuba diving destinations in the city and book yours today with Trip Finder. Adventurers and those looking for variety on their travels will find Dubai to be the perfect destination, thanks to its abundance of recreational opportunities and water sports. Dubai offers a variety of attractions to draw visitors from around the world. Scuba diving can be enjoyed in Dubai, a stunning location that combines both natural and artificial beauty. In Dubai, there is a tonne of incredible locations for scuba diving, so you can experience the rush of swimming with sharks, rays, and other sea life up close. For more information about Scuba diving in Dubai, listen to Trip Finder.

For scuba divers, Dubai offers an incredible range of dive sites to explore. From colourful coral reefs and wrecks teeming with marine life, to drift dives and night dives, there are many exciting opportunities for adventure in the depths of the Arabian Gulf.


Dubai Offshore Islands.

The tranquil waters surrounding Dubai’s Offshore Islands are home to a variety of marine life, and provide an excellent opportunity for experienced divers. There are five main islands to explore, including the scenic Al Aqah Island and Jebel Ali, which offer plenty of opportunities for photography and exploration. Depths range from 18–40 metres, perfect for all levels of scuba diver.


Arabian Gulf Dive Sites.

The Arabian Gulf dive sites are perfect for beginner and intermediate divers. There are several dive centres that offer boat trips into the gulf, with highlights including Turtle Beach and the dive site known as the ‘Shipyard’. Here you can explore wreckage from a 1989 shipwreck, along with an abundance of coral fish. Visibility varies depending on wind and waves, but generally is good enough for divers to spot friendly sea turtles.


Al Jazirah Al Hamra Marine Protected Area (MPPA).

Located 30 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, Al Jazirah Al Hamra MPPA is a fantastic diving spot. With up to 50-metres visibility, this stunning area of the Arabian Gulf is made up of fascinating coral formations, canyons and diverse marine life. The abundance of fish and other wildlife make this an ideal spot for all levels of scuba divers. As it’s quite far out, you will need to organise diving trips with a local tour company in order to reach this dive site.


Pearl of the Gulf – Fujairah Island.

Fujairah Island is part of the group of islands located off the coast of Dubai. As part of the United Arab Emirates, this area is a treasure trove for scuba divers. The sandy and coral reefs boast an incredible range of tropical fish and marine life. This makes it the perfect spot to explore with your snorkel or your diving gear. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen though – there’s nothing worst than getting burnt while exploring the deep blue depths!


Trolly Wreck – Fujairah Mountains & Reefs Adventure Site

This intermediate and advanced dive site, located near Fujairah City, offers a thrilling adventure of exploration. After penetrating into the depths, you will discover a trolly wreck called Himalaya Wreck lying at the edge of one of the reefs. The mix of sand and rock offer stunning views at any depth with plenty to explore. From moray eels to sea horses, this dive site has something for everyone. Make sure you bring along an experienced guide who can lead you safely through the area.

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Best Locations for Scuba Diving in Dubai

Scuba Diving in Dubai Mall


The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, located in the Dubai Mall close to the Burj Khalifa, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Dubai. Both certified and non-certified divers have the unique opportunity to go scuba diving at the aquarium. Discover what it’s like to go diving in the aquarium at the Dubai Mall by reading on!

Location: The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Dubai.
Scuba Diving Service: Al Boom Diving Centre.
Timing: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm daily.
Contact: +971-4-342-2993.

    • The Dubai Aquarium, which is home to over 30,000 fascinating aquatic creatures, is one of the coolest places to scuba dive in Dubai. Additionally, it houses the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks.

    • Get up close and personal with sharks and rays during a caged dive for a thrilling and unforgettable scuba diving experience at Dubai Mall. During the 20- to 30-minute safe shark encounter, a diving instructor is also present inside the cage.

    • A shark dive at the Dubai Mall costs AED 595, and a scuba diving training course at the Dubai Aquarium costs AED 908.

    • If it’s your first time, don’t worry; competent supervisors will help you. You will be supervised and helped throughout the experience by a dive instructor and dive master.

    • Swimsuits can be purchased separately, while scuba diving equipment is included in the package.

    • You have the option of taking a brief course with Al Boom Diving Center in addition to the one-time scuba diving experience.

    • There are a variety of packages available, ranging in price from AED 126 for swimming lessons to AED 1,969 for the PADI Scuba Diver course.

    • Additionally, this aquarium provides an underwater zoo course for a discounted rate of AED 1,575. (previously AED 2,100).


Scuba Dive in Dubai Jumeirah Beach

Scuba diving in open waters is much more daring, and it is possible to do so at Jumeirah Beach in the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters. Explore the depths of the ocean to interact with marine life there.

Location: 2 Al Nessnass St., near Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.
Scuba Diving Service: Bermuda Diving Centre.
Timing: 08:00 a.m.–10:30 p.m. daily.
Contact: +971-50-187-8755.


Let’s learn more about Jumeirah’s scuba diving characteristics:

    • If you’ve never dived before, don’t worry; the Bermuda Diving Centre at Jumeirah Beach offers a variety of courses tailored to your level of experience.

    • For AED 299, Bermuda Diving Centre provides a beginner scuba diving experience. This includes complete diving gear, 30 minutes of training, followed by underwater fish feeding, and instructor-led scuba diving.

    • Some packages even include underwater photography to enhance your diving adventure further.

    • For various tourists, instructions are given in English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Russian, and German.

    • If you are a guest at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you can dive for free.

    • Additionally, there are a variety of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses available. Professionals with PADI certifications instruct them.

    • Deep Blue Sea Diving, ORCA Diving Center, and Royal Diving Center are some additional facilities you can check out.


Scuba Diving in Atlantis The Palm


Atlantis Adventurers of all ages can enjoy some aquatic fun at The Palm. If visitors want to engage with marine life, they have a variety of options. This is one of the best options for Scuba diving Dubai.

Location: Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
Scuba Diving Service: Dive Atlantis Centre.
Timing: 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. daily.
Contact: +971-4-426-3000.


    • The largest open-air aquarium in the city is located at Atlantis the Palm, which is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai for scuba diving.

    • Divers of all levels can enjoy a variety of diving excursions at this resort in the Ambassador Lagoon, which is home to 65,000 different species of marine life.

    • Beginners who want to experience the thrill of scuba diving in Dubai should choose Atlantis Dive Discovery. Before exploring the magnificent ruins and fascinating sea life of Atlantis, you will first receive instruction in the fundamentals of scuba diving. The cost per person for this scuba diving experience begins at AED 1,350.

    • Certified divers have the opportunity to hand-feed sharks and rays with more sophisticated packages like the Atlantis Dive Explorer and the Predator Dive Experience!

    • There are also snorkelling package deals available for those without prior swimming experience.

    • In order to unravel the mysteries surrounding the long-lost city of Atlantis, the Dive Atlantis Center also provides narrated underwater tours.

    • You can also visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, an aquarium with a submerged Atlantis theme and tunnels and halls where marine life is housed.

    • Aspire to become a scuba diver? Scuba diving in Dubai for beginners is another service provided by Atlantis the Palm. The four-day course consists of five sessions in confined water and two lectures. The Dubai Atlantis scuba diving course also includes two dives, each in Ambassador Lagoon and Aquaventure Beach.


Scuba Diving in Dubai Marina


Residents of Dubai Marina can also go scuba diving at Marina Beach, which is regarded as one of the best dive sites in Dubai. Scuba Shade is a facility that provides different scuba diving deals in Dubai for beginners all the way up to professionals.

Location: Scuba Shade, Habtoor Grand Resort, Dubai Marina, Dubai.
Scuba Diving Service: Scuba Shade.
Timing: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily.
Contact: +971-56-200-0426.


    • Deep sea shipwreck dives for PADI-certified divers are one of the best aspects of diving in Dubai Marina.

    • Dubai Marina offers both certification programmes and introductory dive packages.

    • The cost of a discovery package for scuba diving in Dubai is AED 578 per person. The price can increase to AED 1,575 depending on the package you select.

    • AED 1,024 is the cost of the PADI Adventure Diver course, which includes certified scuba divers.

    • PADI instructors also offer top-notch instruction for both beginners and experts at the Dubai Marina dive shop.


Sharm Rock


Sharm Rock, one of the two most magnificent natural aquariums off the coast of Dubai, is a vision of pink and purple. The variety of corals that call this place home makes the fish species fascinating to observe as well, especially for novices. For one dive, scuba diving typically costs INR 3000 per person. Don’t miss this amazing Scuba diving in Dubai.

Location: F9J8+W9 – Fujairah – United Arab Emirates

Timing: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


    • Ashore, about 15 minutes south of the Fujairah Meridian, is Sharm Rock, which has a depth of 10 to 22 meters. Due to the three tiny rock outcrops that protrude above the water, this dive site is also known as “3 Rock Pinnacles” or “3 Sisters.” The crack between two nearby pinnacles is 150 metres long and 100 metres wide. There is a fourth rock as well, but only experienced divers go there.

    • Soft corals cover the rocks, creating a haven for a variety of reef fish like snappers, large-mouth mackerel, fusiliers, and shoals of jacks, some of which are preferred prey of the large tuna that hunt these waters. Other frequent sightings include schools of bannerfish, boxfish, jawfish, and lionfish.

    •  Additionally, you can see opportunistic predators like moray eels, which eat the plentiful crustaceans, squid, and cuttlefish in the area. On the sandy edges, turtles, black-tip reef sharks, and stingrays can also be seen.

    • Whale shark sightings occasionally occur during the warmer months of the year, which is a real treat for both divers and snorkelers.

    • You can anticipate 5–20-metre visibility and very calm water conditions in this area. Due to its shallow depths, it is perfect for snorkelling and divers of all skill levels. It is also a well-liked location for night diving.


Martini Rock


Martini Rock is another aquarium that exists naturally. This location is a must-visit for divers in Dubai because it is home to the region’s most vibrant aquatic flora and is also one of the most popular! So this is the place to go if you want to lose yourself in the azure waters. Scuba diving costs about INR 3200 per dive for each person.


    • Its name, Martini Rock, comes from the shape of the rocky pinnacles beneath the surface, which resemble a martini glass turned on its side.

    •  The rock itself is about 160 metres long and 80 metres wide at its widest point. You can dive around it starting at a depth of 12 metres, moving up to a depth of 20 metres, and then coming back to shallower waters. The visibility at this location is typically between 5 and 15 metres, but on a clear day, it can reach 20 metres.

    • This well-known dive location on the East Coast is distinguished by its sand gullies, a profusion of vibrant orange soft coral, which is contrasted by deep purple and bright yellow soft coral.

    •  Martini Rock is a kaleidoscope of colour, teeming with different varieties of bright reef fish, including snapper, fusilier, lionfish, burrfish, snappers, parrotfish, Sergeant Majors, and broom tail wrasse, to name a few.

    • Other intriguing marine species like cuttlefish, moray eels, and turtles that enjoy gliding in these waters are also likely to be encountered.

    • Seahorses, shrimp, and vibrant nudibranchs, which come in a variety of colours, shapes, and body textures, make for amazing subjects for underwater photographers who are certified divers.

    •  Gobies and shrimp housecleaners live in holes in the sandy areas surrounding the rock, and rays like to bury themselves halfway in the sand.


Dubai World Islands


The Dubai World Islands are a collection of man-made islands that are currently exploding with tiny colonies of marine flora and fauna. They are one of the new locations for scuba diving on the west coast. It is believed that soon it will rank among the top scuba diving locations in the United Arab Emirates because the surrounding areas have been well-maintained to support its growth. Scuba diving costs about INR 3900 per person for one dive.

Location: United Arab Emirates

Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.




Zainab is, without a doubt, one of the most popular dive sites in Dubai. It is well-known for having experienced one of the largest oil spills in this area, which was accompanied by choppy waves that the ship was unable to handle. It first encountered the bed in 2001, and over time it has developed into a comfortable home for a variety of marine species, including yellowtail barracuda. People frequently make multiple dives to explore the site due to its size fully. It is suggested that you use professional assistance to navigate this website.


Mariam Express


Mariam Express, a ferry that once ran between the UAE and Iraq and back, was engulfed by the raging waters in 2006. The ferry was overloaded in addition to the strong currents, which were the main causes of this incident. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, its cargoes are now a breathtaking scuba wreckage site. It is located at a depth of 18 to 25 metres, and you can see a variety of flatworms and nudibranchs here, as well as spotted eagles, torpedo rays, and yellowtail barracudas. This is a great location to enjoy the best scuba diving in Dubai.


MV Ludwig


The MV Ludwig is one of the wrecks off the coast of Dubai that is in the best condition. This nearly perfect ship, which is now lying on her portside, capsized while being practised. Today, it provides a haven for a variety of fish species, including damselfish, sea squirts, and pennant fish.

Location: Ajman, Sharjah , Dubai, Bur Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Diba Al Fujairah, and the United Arab Emirates


MV Dara


The passenger ship MV Dara went down to the ocean floor in 1961 and is now submerged 5 to 17 metres beneath the surface. Then, 238 lives were lost. It not only stands as a memorial to this incident, but it is also one of the very few ships to have experienced terrible peacetime mishaps. It is frequently compared to the Titanic as a result. Without mentioning this, the list of dive sites in Dubai would be lacking.


MV Victoria Star


The MV Victoria Star is frequently referred to as the best diving spot in Dubai and is also one of the best diving locations in the UAE. It is one of the more recent wrecks on this side of the coast because it sank in 2013. It is advised that tourists, especially beginners, visit this site with a knowledgeable guide because the currents are average there. Advanced divers can explore the entire wreck by diving twice to its depth of 14 to 23 metres.


Cement Barge


In Dubai, the Cement Barge is one of the most well-known diving locations. It is the ideal place for beginners to try scuba diving because the depth ranges from 5 to 20 metres. Additionally, snorkelling and night diving are available here as additional options! Don’t miss out on this website if you enjoy going on scuba diving in Dubai vacations.

Location: Sharjah , Ajman, Bur Dubai, Fujairah, Al Fujayrah & Khor Fakkan United Arab Emirate

Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.


Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

In order to promote the development of corals and other marine life off the coast of Dubai, numerous sites were created by deliberately sinking ships and barges. One of them is DB1/Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge. It is between 18 and 23 metres deep, and at least two dives are necessary to explore it fully. You can enjoy the best scuba diving in Dubai at this site, which has become particularly beautiful due to coral growth.

More Details

    Suggestions for Scuba Diving in Dubai  

    Here are a few helpful pointers that you can keep in mind as you make travel arrangements for your exciting trip to Dubai and Bali:

    • Ensure that you possess a current scuba diving certification from a recognised diving school.
    • Ascertain that the weather is ideal for scuba diving.
    • Never enter the water by yourself. Make sure you are travelling with a qualified companion in case something goes wrong.
    • Keep proper underwater manners and avoid touching or approaching the marine life up close.
    • Observe all safety precautions as directed.
    • Once submerged, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid swimming too far from the reef.
    • Before you dive, make sure all of your safety equipment is in working order.
    • Never lose your composure, and keep your cool in any situation. Attempt to unwind and relish your dive.
    • Never experiment outside of your comfort zone. Underwater, not everything is necessarily within your control.

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