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Entry Tickets to Aya Universe Dubai-Dubai’s Newest Immersive Experience Park

Book tickets to Aya Universe Dubai; The immersive experiences offered by AYA Universe, an interactive and experiential amusement park in Dubai, blend art and technology. There are 12 different areas in the park. Each one uses mirrors, lights, and sounds to transport visitors on an ethereal journey: these areas’ cutting-edge technology and travel-related theme transport visitors to several alternate universes.

Aya Universe Dubai Tickets

AYA Universe Dubai is a uniquely immersive and experiential entertainment park’ that provides out-of-the-world experience experiences integrating art and technology. Explore something new in Dubai, travel to a beautiful universe and explore 40,000 square feet of rich, immersive experiences.

Aya Universe Dubai Tickets start at AED99 if you pay online and AED125 at the door. Call us now and book Aya Dubai tickets online with Tripfinder.

Some Important Points to be noted!

How much is the ticket to Aya Universe? Pay AED99 online with Tripfinder or AED 125 at the door

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM Friday – Saturday: 10:00AM – 12:00AM

Where is Aya Universe located? Level One, Main Atrium, WAFI City Mall

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A New Universe- Aya- The Different Stages of Aya

AYA Universe is a 40,000-square-foot immersive and experimental amusement park in Dubai situated at Wafi City Mall. Hyperspace, a forward-thinking entertainment company that creates physical parks for the digital world, founded and runs it. AYA has twelve distinct zones, each based on a particular subject and offering dynamic experiences that take you to other places.

While The Source is a mysterious chamber that features a six-minute exhibition of colourful LED pools, Aurora uses gesture control and movement to create vivid artwork. The Pool takes you on a river exploration, and Drift Zone transports you to a lush green area; the River creates storms and pools with colours and lights by sensing your footfall.

In Outland, you can view brand-new AYA Universe avatars and characters, Cosmos lets you view the night sky, and Flora enables you to stroll through a bioluminescent garden. Tides’ mirror-enclosed chamber is decorated with LED totems and a central monolith. Harmonia, the final zone, features a three-minute robotic light show in a mirrored infinite realm.

Aya, a futuristic light and sound park in Dubai’s bustling Wafi City Mall, provide guests of all ages with a distinctive and immersive entertainment experience. Aya creates a unique sensory environment that will thrill and inspire by fusing cutting-edge technology with gorgeous art and design.

  • At WAFI City Mall, the first of its kind Entertainment Park has 12 completely immersive zones spread across 40,000 square feet.
  • AYA Universe transports viewers to a stunning universe using a blend of art and cutting-edge technology.
  • HyperSpace, a Dubai-based Future Forward entertainment firm that creates and manages natural parks for a digital world, created AYA and will run it.
  • Tickets for Aya Dubai are on sale now at www.tripfinder.travel

AYA Universe invites intrepid visitors into a vast universe of rich, interactive experiences spread across 12 different zones, each with its specific theme and interactive elements. It was launched by parent company HyperSpace, a Future Forward Entertainment company that builds and operates physical parks for a digital world.


Visitors can experience several interactive exhibits at Aya intended to engage the senses and the mind. Various interactive exhibits are available around the park to provide visitors with a fully immersive experience. In addition, everyone may enjoy Aya’s immersive light shows and interactive soundscapes. Aya’s cutting-edge sound system, which uses advanced audio technology to produce an immersive sound experience, is one of its significant features.

The Aya sound system will take you to a completely different world of sound and music, whether you’re exploring the park on your own or taking part in one of the guided tours. The “Galaxy Light Show” is one of Aya’s most well-liked light displays. This captivating exhibit transports viewers to a galaxy far, far away using a combination of lasers, projections, and music. The presentation includes a variety of vibrant and lively effects that are certain to amuse and excite.

The “Rainbow Light Show” is another well-liked light display at Aya. This colourful and vibrant presentation uses a variety of lights and projections to produce a unique visual effect. The show is ideal for individuals trying to get their groove on because it features an exciting and engaging soundtrack.

Aya Dubai-A New Universe- The Different Stages of Aya


To immerse visitors in 230 square feet of interactive artwork and give them a firsthand experience of this novel environment, gesture control and movement are used. A preview of what is to come can be seen in pools of cosmic dust reflected from beyond the stars as waves of light cascade across the region and a rainbow of colours dance.


The first AYA experience takes place in a 3,250-square-foot zone. The experience is ignited by a magical chamber of digital pools and a touch-responsive dome that taps into human sensations while surrounding projections give the area new life. Then, using the most up-to-date touch-reactive technology, a six-minute presentation with reactive LED pools will transport viewers into the stunning Cosmos.


A 2,000-square-foot zone that may take visitors deep inside the AYA cosmos is another enormous space to explore. Lying back on a lush hillside that softly vibrates in sync with the music will make you feel weightless as a panoramic projection takes you to a tranquil new setting.


Three chapters make up this zone, introducing new avatars and characters for the AYA experience. Movement governs a passage of imagination where visitors’ presence summons new species from this alluring new universe. Visitors can dance alongside the avatars of this uncharted world thanks to technology like skeletal tracking and projection mapping.


The route to the beginning of the river expedition is connected through immersive projections. The second stage of the experience starts with an infinity vortex to captivate the senses of people who go inside.


Every step inside The Deep and the Dunes, a 2,000-square-foot environment, creates storms and pools of colour and light. This area is brought to life by a river of brightness in a secret unlockable chapter of the quest with LED panels and detecting sensors that pick up on the motions of persons inside.


The conclusion of the River Trip in this area of the attraction is marked by an audio-responsive waterfall that runs upside down in defiance of the laws of gravity.


Celestial events in this entirely immersive zone that shows a mapping view of the cosmos are triggered by interacting with light beams. Those who engage in the 13-minute event will be treated to a light show that spans five distinct chapters and an interactive spatial game.


In this bioluminescent garden, creatures created by light respond to visitors’ movements and change their behaviour. This nine-minute show immerses viewers in an intelligent paradise of all living things using presence detection technologies.


This eight-minute performance, which consists of four distinct storytelling chapters, is centred on an infinitely mirrored room decorated with LED totems and an interactive monolith.


Finally, the concert will conclude with a robotic light show lasting three minutes in a vast, mirror-like infinite zone.

More Details


    Aya is a destination that offers a wide range of food and retail opportunities and an excellent selection of interactive exhibits and events. In addition to shopping for gifts and souvenirs at the Aya store, visitors can have a bite to eat at one of the park’s many food and beverage stands. Aya has several restaurants and other food and beverage establishments for park visitors looking to stop for a bite to eat. Something is available for every taste and budget, from fast snacks to seated meals. Various international cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western flavours, are known to be served in the park.

    AYA offers guests a variety of retail alternatives in addition to dining options. The park’s retail shop sells various products and souvenirs, including clothing, accessories, and other things ideal for bringing home as a reminder of your trip. The Aya store has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a particular treat for yourself or a novel gift for a loved one. Visitors to Aya have various purchasing alternatives in addition to its retail store. Food- and drink-related items, including coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other souvenirs, are frequently sold at the park’s food and beverage stands. Additionally, Aya often conducts unique events and pop-up stores.

    Why Visit the Aya Universe in Dubai?

    For anyone seeking an exciting and distinctive entertainment experience in Dubai, Aya is a must-visit location. Aya has activities for everyone, whether you’re a computer fanatic, a music fan, or just looking for a memorable way to spend an afternoon.

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