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The Yellow Boat ride in Dubai can offer you some of the most intriguing and exciting on-water sightseeing experiences, whether you’re looking for a singular sightseeing experience, a leisurely group excursion, or a fun-filled off-site with your coworkers. You can go on this exciting and breathtaking opportunity to explore the Arabian Gulf with coworkers or with another group, and it will make your heart race. With some of the most enjoyable and thrilling water rides available, a yellow boat ride in Dubai can give your day a fresh perspective. You will see and experience beautiful sights that you have never seen or known before on the yellow boat tour in Dubai. You experience this journey through upscale waterfront developments. The Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, and all of Dubai’s incredible islands and beaches are accessible via the yellow boat ride from Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach. You will definitely be amazed by our tours. These rigid inflatable boats in yellow were constructed to exacting standards. These boats are operated by skilled and qualified boat crews and are powered by the newest generation of engines. They have cutting-edge GPS navigation systems and safety gear, ensuring a seamless and secure tour each and every time. The yellow boat ride in Dubai is outlined by TripFinder.

Yellow Boat, Dubai

As the name implies, Yellow Boats Dubai are inflatable ribbed boats that are yellow in colour and are easy to spot in a sea full of cruises and boats. Yellow Boats, which transports over 70,000 passengers annually, is renowned for offering consistently safe tours. Each boat is outfitted by Yellow Boats with GPS navigation, strong engines, and life jackets to ensure boat safety. The boat’s guides are experienced and fully trained in water safety and lifesaving techniques. 

A yellow boat ride in Dubai offers a variety of tour options to see Dubai’s breathtaking waterfront attractions, depending on how much time you want to spend in the water. You can expect to see some breathtaking sights, plenty of Vitamin Sea, and an educational visit that will leave you knowing more than you did before, whether you visit the Marina or the Palm Jumeirah.

Price Details

Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Book


Why You Should Take A Yellow Boat Ride in Dubai

Commentary supervised by experts
Although guided commentary on speed boats is unlikely, yellow boat tours are accommodating enough to include it. They have a team of knowledgeable skippers who are happy to respond to your inquiries and are willing to share a narrative about everything you see on the tour, providing information you might not find in any guidebooks.

Kids adore it
Children generally adore everything about this tour, from the sheer joy of being on a boat to the views, the life jackets, and the incredibly enthusiastic skippers, while adults enjoy it because of the unmatched views. Not to mention the 360-degree donut stunt the skippers perform, which excites them and leaves them wanting more.

Take the best photos you can of your trip
On land, it’s likely that there will be a lot of other people in the background when you try to take pictures of Atlantis, the Palm Jumeirah, etc. However, taking photos at the photo stops on the Yellow Boat ride in Dubai will result in images devoid of people that are oh-so-Instagram worthy! Count on us for this.

A rating of 5/5 on Tripadvisor

The Yellow Boat ride in Dubai is one of the select few attractions and toursthat have received a perfect rating of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. The most common comment from anyone who has ever been on it is, “Don’t miss it!”. Everyone who has ever been on it has nothing but positive things to say.

Security Assured 

There is no need for you to go on a Yellow Boat Tour if you are someone who is concerned about their safety. They give the utmost importance to safety, use licenced skippers, and outfit you with the best safety equipment. When there are kids around, extra attention is paid to making sure they’re comfortable, as well as their parents and other passengers. On the Yellow Boat Tour Dubai, there have been no accidents reported to date, so board with confidence.

The Best Yellow Boat Ride in Dubai 

Yellow Boat Tours are offered in 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute versions. There are two sizes of boats available: 11-passenger and 14-passenger boats. You can pick the time you’d like to board, and depending on how many people have purchased the tour, an 11- or 14-passenger boat will be assigned to you

Dubai Tours yellow boat Tours

Premium Tour

Take the suggested Premium Tour to discover Dubai. This tour covers every detail. Beginning with the breathtaking Dubai Marina, continue your journey out into the open ocean, where you will see Ain Dubai, cruise around the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, and stop for the ideal photo opportunity at Atlantis and the Burj Al Arab. The Royal Palaces, the Palm Lagoon, and the Marina are all sights we see as we make our way back along the coast.

Atlantis Tour

On this Atlantis tour, see the infamous Atlantis on the Palm in all its splendour. Set out on an enchanted journey through the Arabian Gulf, passing beautiful islands, stretches of white sand beach, and incredible man-made structures. This breathtaking tour takes you to the region’s most prestigious waterfront communities, including Dubai Marina, JBR, the Palm Jumeirah, and the renowned Atlantis on the Palm.

Atlantis Blast

For a stunning and instantly recognisable photo, head straight to the Atlantis Hotel on the top of the Palm Jumeirah. In just 45 minutes, after a brief turnaround, we’re racing back to base at breathtaking speeds! For those who need to move quickly, this experience is safe, enjoyable, and thrilling.

Marina Cruise

Join for a leisurely, panoramic evening tour of Dubai Marina and the Palm Lagoon, which will highlight the city’s stunning skyline, stunning modern architecture from the twenty-first century, and the sheer exhilaration and vibrancy of a chic waterfront city. Photo ops abound on this tour as you not only get to see an unforgettable sunset but also marvel as the city comes to life at night, illuminating the marina in a kaleidoscope of captivating hues.

Rayna Tours

The best way to appreciate Dubai’s coastline is from the water, and Rayna Tours’ Yellow Boat Ride in Dubai is one of the suitable options. It provides you with the ideal opportunity to travel in a secure RIB past the breathtaking modern attractions along Dubai’s hotspots. There are four options available, which vary depending on the location of the cruise and the length of this thrilling boat tour: 90 minutes, 75 minutes, 45 minutes, and 30 minutes. Enjoy the best-ever views of the seven-star Burj Al Arab and the magnificent Palm Atlantis Hotel as you cruise by the man-made Palm Jumeirah, and be in awe of the most breathtaking architectural wonders as you drift along Dubai Marina, such as Princess Tower, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Twisted Tower, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. A camera is a necessity for this tour because the jovial ride is surrounded by picturesque views. Keep your camera close at hand to snap some stunning photos against the spotless backdrop of Dubai’s famous landmarks.

The Yellow Boats

The Yellow Boats: A Marina Tour in 60 Minutes

  • This leisurely guided evening cruise showcases Dubai’s stunning skyline as the sun sets.
  • The following attractions are included: JBR Walk, Princess Tower, Address Hotel, Al Fattan Towers, and Twisted Tower.
  • A guide, bottled water, life jackets, and numerous photo ops are provided on the boat ride, which departs once at 6 p.m., 7 p.m., and 8 p.m.

The Yellow Boats: A 75-minute Atlantis tour

  • Get up close and personal with the Atlantis as you cruise through Dubai Marina.
  • A guide, life jackets, bottled water, and a 75-minute boat ride are all included in the ticket price.
  • From 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., this boat ride runs once every 75 minutes.

The Yellow Boats: A 90-minute Boat Tour

  • This boat tour includes stops at the Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and Burj Al Arab, four of Dubai’s top tourist destinations.
  • A guide, life jackets, bottled water, and a 90-minute boat ride are all included in the ticket price.
  • From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., this boat ride departs once every hour.

More Details

    Explore the Yellow Boat Ride in Dubai 

    The yellow boat ride in Dubai is a sightseeing cruise that takes you to see the city skyline from the water, with a focus on the waters near Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Usually, the adventure starts at Dubai Marina, where you board the boat while wearing your life jacket. You will spend 60, 75, or 90 minutes cruising the waters with professionals by your side. During this time, you will enjoy two distinct experiences: (1) the rush of cruising at top speed while still feeling comfortable, and (2) a sightseeing cruise on the water that even dhow cruises can’t match.

    Handy tips

    • Those who are prone to nausea should take a seat in the middle or at the back.
    • Hold onto your valuables tightly because the jerky movement may cause them to fall off the deck.
    • Make sure to caution children to tightly grasp the railings if you have any.
    • For a safe journey, pay attention to the safety instructions.
    • Onboard, there are unlimited water bottles available, so you won’t have to worry about becoming dehydrated in the hot Dubai sun.

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