Enjoy The Emirati Culture And The Beauty Of The Desert On A Safari


Is exploring and learning about the sights of Arabia your near-term goal? Then a desert safari is an activity that you must include in your trip to Arabia. The best way to discover Emirati culture and take in the desert’s natural beauty is to go on a safari. Are you looking for the best tour companies in Dubai that offer the best desert safaris, including quad biking over sand dunes, stargazing, and sunrise hot air balloon rides? TripFinder comments on the evening desert safari in Dubai. 

Al Khayma Camp’s three-course buffet, premium camel safari, and red sand dunes
Without participating in the magnificent Evening Desert Safari activity, your trip to Dubai will fall short of your expectations. After a one-hour drive, we will arrive at the Lahbab desert, where you will have the chance to partake in optional quad bike rides before engaging in thrilling dune bashing and sandboarding experiences. After a one-hour drive, we will arrive at the Lahbab desert, where you will have the chance to partake in optional quad bike rides before engaging in thrilling dune bashing and sandboarding experiences. 

Activities at Al Khayma Camp
We will greet you with gahwa, Arabic coffee, gaymat, sweets, and dates when you arrive at the camp and then show you to your tent so you can have refreshments. We’ll later ride a camel caravan and capture stunning images of the surrounding desert. When you get back to the camp, feel free to partake in traditional Bedouin pastimes like henna tattoos, shisha, and falconry. They will then drive you back to your hotel or another location in Dubai as the Dubai evening desert safari comes to an end.

Live performances and a BBQ Buffet
It’s time to watch the “Ladies Khaliji Dance” and the Tanoura dance. Then, they will invite you to a buffet with a live BBQ, cooking three different cuisines: Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian. Later, they will turn off the camp lights and take in the atmosphere of a typical desert night. 

Price Details

Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Book



  • Pick up and drop off at your selected hotel or location in Dubai. 
  • Transportation by an air-conditioned 4WD vehicle. 
  • English-speaking licenced Safari Captain. 
  • Dune bashing (30–45 minutes). 
  • Sandboarding. 
  • Sunset photo stop.
  • Gaymat (sweets), Gahwa (coffee), and Dates.
  • Henna painting (tattoo). 
  • Falcon experience. 
  • Camel ride experience (which can be repeated).
  • Camel Feeding. 
  • Shisha pipes (Hubble Bubble flavour) are free in the Shisha area only. 
  • Al Khayma camp visit (shared camp), 
  • Tanoura, and the “Ladies Khaliji Dance”. 
  • Unlimited soft drinks 
  • 3 Cuisines: “Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian” Buffet “vegetarian and non-vegetarian” with Live BBQ.
  • Cold mineral water in the vehicle during the transfer

Other Desert Safari Operators in Dubai

Falconry, Wildlife, and Bedouin Life Tour by Platinum Heritage

The selling point of this tour is that it allows visitors to “experience life as a Bedouin nomad,” but being picked up at your hotel door in a luxurious Land Rover starts things off on a more comfortable note. The wildlife safari in the Desert Conservation Reserve, which makes stops to see local animals, is once in a lifetime, and camels will transport you there in time for sunrise. The best guides will show you how to make authentic Arabic dishes like full medames, Arabic bread, and desserts and will also explain the ins and outs of regional Arabic dancing.

Rayna Tours & Travel’s evening desert safari in Dubai

For some dune driving and sunset photography, motorists use the Al Awir road into the desert. After that, proceed to the camel camp for rides. Next up are a fire show, henna painting, and a belly dancing performance with an open bar. The overnight experience, however, is what makes it so unique. Guides establish camp with sleeping bags, blankets, and a special stargazing talk after the other visitors have all departed. Breakfast while watching the sunrise from your camp is unforgettable. On the way back to Dubai, guides who have reservations will make a stop for some sand skiing and quad biking opportunities.

Atlanta Safari’s evening desert safari in Dubai

There’s something special about going on a safari in the late afternoon or evening and exploring the desert at night. Visitors can expect to feel completely taken care of on this kind of tour. Pre-dinner snacks, henna tattoo opportunities, and live dance performances are available once everyone has arrived at camp. One of the best barbecue buffet dinners we’ve ever had on a desert safari includes couscous, fresh salads, a lamb that has been roasted underground, grilled prawns, and chicken and apricot stews.

Platinum Heritage’s overnight desert safari and hot air balloon ride

This is the pinnacle of luxury safaris, as indicated by the hotel pickup in an open-top vintage Land Rover. As you leave the city and travel to the desert, tour guides regale guests with tales of Dubai’s history in addition to giving an overview of local customs and traditions. The tour changes into an African-style safari once you arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The camel ride back to your Arabic tent in the evening and the early morning hot air balloon ride are both extra-special touches.

Dune Riders by Dream Explorer Dubai (Adventure Unlimited)

This tour’s tribe consists of adventurous tourists. After a quick safety briefing, once you arrive in the desert, you can begin dipping and diving over sun-baked sand dunes, some of which are at a heart-stopping 90-degree angle. There is no need to worry about getting lost in the middle of the desert because the trip is in convoy. Sandboarding for an hour increases the thrill factor.

Red Dunes Desert Safari’s quad-bike safari

Nothing compares to the rush of riding your very own quad bike across the desert and over sand dunes. The team is picked up from the hotel and taken on a 30-minute drive to the location for the desert quad biking experience. This isn’t the most opulent or in-depth desert safari, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to quickly experience local Arabic culture and have a little adventure.

Sand Trax Dubai Desert Safaris’ Hummer H2 Evening Desert Safari

This four-hour tour starts with a pickup from your hotel in a massive white Hummer that will take you to the desert. The drivers are very organised and walk you through the itinerary, which includes a thrilling dune drive, sunset photos, a barbecue dinner, belly dancing, an amazing whirling dervish, shisha, and Arabic coffee that is so potent your spoon stands upright in it. The experience of taking a desert safari in a Hummer is entirely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai by Arabian Nights Tours

Amazingly, the post-drive camp time stands out more than the adrenaline rush you get from bumping over the steep sand dunes. Instead of the typical all-you-can-eat buffet and barbecue, this camp serves shawarma, an Arabic dish of ground beef, falafel, or chicken served in a wrap with vegetables and fries. Before being driven back to your hotel, there are options to get henna tattoos, see a belly-dancing performance, or simply hang out with friends at the table.

Sandboarding and Desert Safari by Arabian Expedition

A desert safari in the morning is rather special if you go to bed early, and this one with Arabian Expedition is one of the best. It’s entertaining to drive through Dubai’s undulating dunes while avoiding some terrifyingly steep drops. After you’ve recovered, try sandboarding, where a guide will show you how to fly down the slopes.

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai by Adventure Tourism

There are many safaris offered by Adventure Leisure Tourism, but their pure desert safari is by far the best, and it includes a wider variety of activities than most. Visitors on this activity-driven tour will go camel riding, dune bashing, and through a whirlwind of cultural experiences, with a variety of performances, you won’t find anywhere else. Visitors can add quad biking to the mix for an additional cost.

Orient Tours’ Flying Carpet with Dinner for Two Safari

For two-person groups, this romantic tour is available upon request. The experience begins with a dune drive in one of their upscale Jeeps, followed by a sand-boarding lesson on a very impressive chunk of sand. Finally, a well-earned private barbecue dinner at a desert camp with performances is followed by a visit to a nearby camel farm. Although the pre-dinner falcon show was excellent, our attention was really drawn to the whirling dervish performance.

Tribal Trail Tourism’s “Safari at Sunrise in the Desert”

The early morning version of the desert safari offered by Tribal Trails will appeal to anyone looking for a customised tour. Families and older travellers who like to get up early but are still up for an adventure enjoy this tour, and part of the appeal is the ability to request a private car. The courteous, careful, and attentive drivers are helpful when guiding guests onto sandboards and through the rollercoaster-like dunes.

Arabian Adventures’ best sunset dune dinner safari

One of the best things to do in Dubai is a desert safari, and this is the best of the best. A sunset dune drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is waiting for you when you get in the Land Rover and head out into the desert (knowing a portion of your ticket goes to conservation). Any post-dune-bashing jitters are soothed by a glass of bubbly and relaxing on blankets reminiscent of the Arabian Peninsula with a shisha pipe. Don’t forget to savour the dinner as well, which will feature a barbecue and a buffet in the Arabic style.

Exclusive Desert Safari by Funtours

This family-friendly tour gets off to a positive start with a cheerful pickup. The guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and excellent drivers. A camel ride and a brief but enjoyable session of sandboarding are scheduled after exactly 20 minutes of dune driving. This tour checks all the boxes and is perfect for anyone with a limited amount of time to experience Dubai’s desert.

Ocean Air Travels’ Evening Red-Dunes Desert Safari in Dubai

This all-day desert safari is jam-packed with adventure, allowing you to see the best of the desert in a single day. Although dune bashing is fantastic, the real highlight is sand surfing. Before everyone gets back in the Land Cruiser and drives to the desert campsite, guides demonstrate how to soar down the sand dunes. The camel rides are available to anyone with extra energy, but there are also henna tattoos and shisha pipes on the vibrant Arabian carpets.

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    • Quad bike/Dune buggy activities (optional)
    • Tipping (not mandatory)


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