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Dubai is a paradise for adventure seekers. Visitors to Dubai are attracted by a variety of adventurous activities. The activity of flyboarding in Dubai is a favourite among these adventurers. One of the most amazing and daring water sports in Dubai is flyboarding. It is one of the tourist destinations on visitors’ wish lists when they visit Dubai. With the Fly board in Dubai, you can perform exciting stunts like backflips while flying over the water like Iron Man. A foot-mounted board that resembles a powered wakeboard is a fly board. A 60-foot hose connects it to the jet-ski turbine. You will undoubtedly benefit if you learn the technique at the beginning with the aid of a teacher. Ditch Dubai’s beautiful waves in favour of flying over the water on a fly board to take in breathtaking views of the natural world. Depending on your swimming prowess, you can dive like a dolphin and take in the breathtaking scenery. Listen to TripFinder’s review of the fly board in Dubai.


Flyboarding is an adventure sport that, like all sports, is good for people’s health. A 21st-century invention called flyboards seems too thrilling to be true. These fascinating machines, which resemble something out of Iron Man but are only propelled by water, are a must-try for any adrenaline junkie. It is wise to become accustomed to these tools until it is time to step up the competition since flyboards are already in production. It’s always fun to discover new ways to stay active and in shape. Additionally, if you’re looking for a high on the water, the crazed new sport of flyboarding offers the ideal blend of high energy and fitness. A flyboard is a snowboard-shaped water jetpack attached to a long hose on a watercraft. By using high-pressure water propulsion transmitted through the hose, the flyboard rider can be propelled up to 15 – 16 metres in the air. Experienced fly boarders assert that, despite its intimidating appearance, learning to do it is comparable to learning to walk and is not physically demanding. Flyboarding does not require a lot of strength, but it can require some significant hand-and-foot coordination, like all physical specifications of numerous popular sports activities. 

First time using a fly board in Dubai

Do you have the desire to enjoy the exhilaration of flyboarding in Dubai? So you’ve probably heard of Fly Bod. You might have a lot of questions when you try flyboarding for the first time. To assist you with that, experienced water flyboard instructors will be there. You need some balance and core stability to flyboard. However, this instructor will guide you through the preparation process step by step. You wear a life jacket, so you don’t even need to know how to swim. With a self-control electronic management kit, you can go on your own flyboarding adventure, perform thrilling manoeuvres, and have a tonne of fun while participating in this most thrilling water sport. But in case of an emergency, there will be a driver/instructor on the jet ski. To embark on the flyboarding adventure of your dreams, all you need is confidence.

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Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Book


Tips before flyboarding and everything you should know

  • The adventure sport is known as “water flyboarding” involves riding a board that is propelled by water jets and hovering above the water.
  • It requires some equilibrium and some getting used to. You will receive assistance with this from our qualified and trained instructors so that you can take full advantage of the ride.
  • While using the water flyboard, all other safety gear, including a life jacket and helmet, will be in place.
  • Take pictures and videos of your adventure while they are being framed by Dubai’s stunning skyline.
  • If it’s your first time, the instructor will handle the throttle control; you don’t need to. Simply learn how to stand correctly and enjoy yourself.

Benefits of flyboarding for health and fitness

  • Good for enhancing coordination skills.
  • Decreased danger from chronic illnesses.
  • Excellent cardiovascular and muscular exercise.
  • Mental comfort
  • The use of all body muscles.
  • Improved anxiety and concentration management.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Exposure to water’s healing qualities is good for the body and mind.
  • Balance and core strength are improved by standing and maintaining balance while skiing.
  • Throughout the exercise, strong legs are encouraged; legs are kept bent in a half-squat. 
  • It takes a firm grip that builds strength in your arms, shoulders, and back to maintain control of the rope.
  • Strengthens the back and belly muscles.
  • Improves the hands and feet’s stability.
  • It promotes a sense of balance that is greater.
  • Cardiovascular exercise.
  • Take in a lot of vitamin D.
  • Activates the heart’s muscles.
  • Calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps are all strengthened by steering the floor.
  • It requires the arms, shoulders, and core muscles to maintain equilibrium.

The Best Fly board in Dubai

Clifton Tours

You’ll wonder why you’ve never tried extreme water sports after this session amid the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf and the sky. Flyboarding, a sport created at the nexus of wakeboarding and kitesurfing, is a must-try activity for all thrill-seekers out there. Once you feel at ease, our instructor demonstrates some incredible tricks that will make your heart race. Rent a flyboarding session with Clifton Tours right away to take advantage of the best equipment and offers that Dubai Beach has in store for you. You can also choose the special jetpack, which can propel you up to 10 metres above the water by shooting large amounts of water through specially designed thrust nozzles. Backflips and other new moves are welcome. 

  • Fly like a superhero and defy gravity while participating in this adrenaline-pumping flyboard activity. Feel as though you are flying over the waters off JBR Beach in Dubai. 
  • Beginners are given 60-minute flyboard sessions, can play with up to three people, and receive 10 minutes of professional instruction to ensure that they enjoy their experience and fly safely. Your instructor will help you control the power at the appropriate level for you. 
  • The instructor will teach you some new tricks, like spinning and how to dive like a dolphin, once you’re comfortable using the apparatus. 
  • You can choose to have photos taken with JBR in the background as well.

Keep in mind:

  • During this trip, you must have a valid ID (i.e., a passport or Emirates ID) with you.
  • Bring your own costumes and towels.
  • No prior knowledge is necessary.
  • The pick-up will be scheduled from hotels and residences in Dubai’s centre. (Marina, Sheikh Zayed, Bur Dubai, Deira)
  • Due to safety concerns, children under 10 years old are not permitted for this activity.
  • Children under the age of 18 and those over the age of 10 may participate in this activity with the supervision of their parents or another adult.
  • The participant should have swimming or water-treading skills.
  • The date and time are subject to availability. 

Hydro Water Sports Dubai

One of the hottest new water sports is flyboarding, and Dubai’s stunning coast serves as the perfect setting for an exhilarating adventure. Flyboarding at Duke’s The Palm Royal Hideaway will let you unleash your inner daredevil as high-speed water jets lift you up to 45 feet (14 metres) in the air.

  • A flyboarding session in Dubai was exciting.
  • Utilising high-speed jets to race along the water will get your heart racing.
  • Choose from a variety of departure times throughout the day and dare to try tricks and stunts in the air. 
  • No prior experience is necessary because full instruction is provided.
  • Private tours guarantee a customised experience.

Popeye Jetski Rental

Take advantage of this private flyboarding adventure to experience the newest watersports craze in the warm waters of Dubai. You can independently travel to the flyboard centre for your roughly 30-minute experience after making a reservation to secure a time slot that works best for you. Put on a life vest and boots, learn how to use your flyboard, and ascend into the air thanks to its water jets. All of this is done against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s skyscrapers as you learn to balance, ascend higher, and perhaps perform some flying manoeuvres.

  • Private 30-minute flyboarding experience offshore of Dubai in the Persian Gulf 
  • This a quick and inexpensive way to try one of the most popular water sports around 
  • Learn how to ride a waterjet-powered board and rise, fly, hover, and perform tricks. 
  • Includes tuition, a life jacket, a helmet, and instructor photos.

Nemo Water Sports Dubai

On this 25-minute guided flyboarding excursion, soar above Dubai’s stunning waterfront. With the help of this water jet pack, you can propel yourself up to 19 feet above Dubai’s blue sea for a one-of-a-kind view of the Burj Al Arab and its surroundings. Grab the throttle and ride the flow after receiving individual attention and qualified instruction. There is nothing else like it in terms of excitement. Equipment and a safety briefing are included. 

  • Soar above the waterfront of Dubai. 
  • Amazing for people of all ages and skill levels. 
  • Several morning departure times are available.

 Bluesea Water Sport

Using your preferred water sport, spend some time on the water and experience Dubai from a new angle. To have fun on the water, pick a Jet Ski, flyboard, or towed buoy. You have a private instructor with you the entire time to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. 
Depending on your schedule, pick from a variety of tour times. 

  • View Dubai’s landmarks and beaches from the water. 
  • All the required tools and training are available. 
  • A private tour ensures an individualised experience.

More Details

    Dubai flyboard experience to embark on an exhilarating journey while floating away and sailing above the water. The newest sport that has changed the world is now offered at Ride in Dubai. It’s a current way to describe having fun in the water. It puts you on your feet and enables you to swim like a dolphin and fly like a man of iron. During a thorough safety briefing, pay attention as a teacher with expertise explains how the Flyboard functions. Buckle yourself onto the flyboard while you wait for the jet boat to start. We guarantee that the fly board in Dubai will have sensations and experiences they will never forget after participating in this sport! 

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