Hatta Tour from Dubai with Desert Safari


Visit Hatta City’s magic and enjoy dinner in the desert.

Are you up for an extraordinary journey that mixes Hatta City’s attractiveness with the mystique of the desert? Look nowhere else! The magic of the desert and cultural inquiry are ideal complements to our Hatta City Tour with Dinner in the Desert. Join us for a day of breathtaking scenery, exhilarating pursuits, and a superb BBQ dinner beneath the starry Arabian sky.

An Overview of Hatta, an Undiscovered Gem in the UAE

Hatta is a refuge of quiet beauty and untamed appeal that is tucked away in the cradle of the Hajar Mountains, far from the sparkling cityscapes of Dubai and the extravagant wealth of Abu Dhabi. This undiscovered jewel, nestled on the eastern outskirts of Dubai, shows a mesmerising world where the magnificence of nature and cultural legacy peacefully coexist. It beckons travellers, adventurers, and wanderers to discover a treasure trove of singular experiences. 

Unquestionably, the Hajar Mountains’ majestic magnificence is what makes Hatta unique. Some of these 93 million-year-old ancient sentinels cradle the town in their stony embrace. They reveal a landscape rich in history and geological wonder, standing in stark contrast to the region’s typical dry desert surroundings. Hatta is an undiscovered paradise for hikers just waiting to be discovered. A variety of challenging trails wind across the highlands, delivering travellers to remote wadis, constricting canyons, and commanding vantage points that frame stunning panoramas.

At the Hatta Dam, a serene oasis where turquoise waters reflect the magnificent mountains, nature’s beauties are still on display. Adventure here takes the form of kayaking, paddleboarding, or leisurely pedal boating, enabling visitors to appreciate Hatta’s breathtaking natural beauty fully. Hatta is a rich tapestry of Emirati culture and legacy in addition to its natural attractiveness. With its restored historic homes, busy souks, and artists practising age-old crafts, the Hatta Heritage Village, a living museum, transports visitors back in time. It’s a fascinating historical voyage where customs come to life.

When you enter Hatta Hill Park, a panoramic display that provides sweeping views of the town and its surroundings opens. The Hatta Grand Mosque is a symbol of architectural creativity and a place of prayer in this location. It welcomes curious people to appreciate its beautiful architecture and learn more about the spiritual side of Emirati culture. Hatta’s wilderness offers an exciting playground for the adventurous. At the same time, off-road explorers may set out on exhilarating trips across challenging terrain, interrupted by dune bashing and exploration of distant territories, mountain bike aficionados can take pleasure in a network of well-maintained routes.

Hatta invites visitors to explore a world where the magnificence of nature, cultural history, and exhilarating activities meet. It’s a refuge where the Hajar Mountains’ natural beauty and the echoes of history combine to create a singular and alluring experience. Take advantage of the chance to discover Hatta’s hidden beauties before it becomes the next sought-after destination as it progressively reveals its secrets to the world.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai and take an exciting day trip to Hatta, an undiscovered treasure in the UAE surrounded by breathtaking scenery. This trip provides a diverse range of activities, from the picturesque Hatta Mountains and the Heritage Village’s cultural immersion to the historic Hatta Fort, peaceful Hatta Hill Park, and the cutting-edge Hatta Dam. Additionally, you may browse the thriving artisan market in Hatta to find one-of-a-kind gifts, and adventurers can go kayaking at Hatta Dam as an optional activity. Following the exhilarating desert safari, the fun continues with the evening’s belly dancing, fire shows, and Tanoura dance performances. A delicious BBQ supper buffet is served beneath the desert skies to round off the day. Please be aware that the schedule is subject to modification for operational and safety reasons in order to guarantee a wonderful Hatta City Tour with Dinner in the Desert.


 Why Travel from Dubai to Hatta? Tour of Hatta City Highlights

Hatta is an undiscovered jewel that has been waiting to be discovered, nestled amid the breathtaking scenery of the United Arab Emirates. Hatta, which is only a short drive from the busy metropolis of Dubai, provides a welcome change of pace and landscape. Here are some convincing reasons why you should travel to Hatta City from Dubai:

  • The Hatta Mountains are beautiful.
  • Visiting the Heritage Village
  • Iconic Hatta Fort visit.
  • Wander through Hatta Hill Park.
  • Admire Hatta Dam.
  • Shop at the neighbourhood craft market.
  • Kayaking at Hatta Dam is optional.
  • Fantastic Desert Safari.
  • Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, and Belly Dance are the evening’s entertainment options.
  • A delectable BBQ dinner buffet.
  • VIP seating and dune bashing are optional activities.
  • Comfortable pickup and drop-off.


Cost of the Tour:

Cost per adult: 149 AED per person

Cost per child (03–10 years): 129 AED per person

Optional Services with Additional Fees:

Dune Bashing: For an extra 29 AED per person, thrill-seekers can choose to partake in an intense dune bashing activity.

VIP Sitting Area at the Camp: Upgrade your experience for an additional fee of 59 AED per person by adding VIP seating for increased comfort and exclusivity at the desert camp.



  • Hatta Mountains’ Photo Point
  • Take a look at Heritage Village.
  • Go to Hatta Fort.
  • Discover Hatta Hill Park.
  • Go to Hatta Dam.
  • Visit the local craft market in Hatta.
  • (Optional) Kayaking at Hatta Dam
  • Safari Camp in the Hamdan Desert
  • Ride a camel.
  • Snacks
  • Mineral water and sodas
  • Coffee and tea
  • BBQ Buffet for Dinner
  • Corners with Hubbly Bubbly
  • Beautiful belly dancing performance
  • Fire Display
  • Show of Tanoura


  • Personal expenses
  • Extra activities
  • Travel protection
  • Gratuities
  • Transport to pickup locations
  • Lunch
  • The Dune Bashing

Price Details

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Child (6 - 11yr)د.إ 129.00
Child (2 - 5yr)د.إ 129.00
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Hatta City Tour with Dinner in the Desert: Trip Itinerary

Duration: Full Day

Morning: 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM: Pickup

A fast pickup from one of our predetermined locations—Burjuman Spinneys Supermarket, Deira City Centre, or Dragon Mart—marks the start of your Hatta journey. We have inviting cars waiting to take you on a memorable tour.


Stop 1: Hatta Mountains Photo Point


The magnificent Hatta Mountains are our first stop, where you can take stunning pictures against a dramatic mountain backdrop. Don’t forget to breathe in the clean mountain air and admire the surrounding scenery.


Stop 2: Explore Heritage Village

Explore the Heritage Village to fully experience Hatta’s vibrant culture. Learn about the history and traditions of the area while exploring traditional architecture and antiques.


Hatta Heritage Village, located in the centre of the town, has been restored and protected by the government to display agricultural life from centuries ago. With restored cottages and buildings selling traditional goods, the village, which debuted in 2001, brings Dubai’s history to life. Additionally, there are sculptures, records, and life-size prototypes in the town. Bait Al Wali is the name of the grandest mansion in the Heritage Village and the previous residence of the monarch. Stop in a shady area to rest after touring the building’s numerous rooms and courtyard. Locals still use clay, leather, and copper obtained from nearby mountains to make ceramics, cutlery, jewellery, and weapons outside. You can learn about social customs like wedding traditions, folklore, games, and traditional tunes on this wonderful day trip from the city.


Stop 3: Visit Hatta Fort 

We’ll then go to the renowned Hatta Fort, a magnificent historical fortification that provides a window into the past. Explore the fort’s ancient walls and take in the expansive views of the surroundings.


The central Hatta Fort, built in 1896, is a significant architectural monument in the UAE. It served as a residence and defence facility, with a large internal courtyard and an 11-metre-high watchtower. The building, restored in 1995, is made of mountain stones, mud bricks, palm fronds, trunks, and mud. The two round watchtowers overlooking the mountain village were built in the 1880s and are 2.5 metres above ground level. The Al Sharia site, a palm tree farm, offers a tranquil walk under the trees and the opportunity to explore the falaj irrigation system. Near the village is Hatta Hill Park, built in 2004, offering a serene area for picnics and barbecues and a tower for excellent vantage points.


Lunch: The package does not include lunch. During the tour, we’ll stop at a restaurant. Visitors who want to have lunch should be ready to pay the restaurant’s prices for their meals.


Stop 4: Discover Hatta Hill Park 


Take a stroll around the quiet Hatta Hill Park, where peace and lush foliage rule. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings.


Hatta Hill Park is a popular picnic and barbecue spot in Dubai’s exclave town of Hatta, built in 2004 by the Dubai Municipality to add greenery and entertainment for residents. The park, spread over 63,915 sq m at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, offers excellent views of the range and nearby village. Visitors can climb the rocky terrain to reach a watchtower on the highest point, which offers views of the magnificent range and nearby village. The 3,000-year-old Hatta Heritage Village is also nearby, providing insight into the Emirati way of life. Visitors can also visit Swan Lake, a large bathing pool where local birds can be seen wading in the water, and book a swan-shaped pedal boat ride for an up-close experience.


Stop 5: Visit Hatta Dam 


Witness the magnificent Hatta Dam, a contemporary wonder in the middle of the desert. You’ll have time to take in the scenery, absorb the vistas, and capture it on camera.


Hatta Dam, built in the late 1990s, provides a sustainable water supply to Hatta’s residents. The dam, which took two years to fill, offers a picturesque vista with turquoise water against earthy rock. Visitors can drive along the dam, stop at viewpoints, or trek across it and down the hilly terrain. A closer look can be taken by kayaking across the quiet lake formed by the dam. Hatta’s cooler climate is influenced by the mountains, which have imposing summits reaching 800 to 1600m and feature beautiful rock formations and crevices shaped by geological activity.


Stop 6: Hatta’s Local Handicraft Market

Shop for one-of-a-kind items at Hatta’s busy market, where you may find unusual souvenirs and regional handicrafts.


Kayaking at Hatta Dam is an optional activity that you can select.


At the Hatta Dam, kayaking is an alternative for people looking for excitement. Explore the dam up close as you paddle along the calm waters.


Stop 7: Dinner and an evening desert safari


We travel to the Hamdan Desert Safari Camp for an evening of desert splendour as the sun starts to set.


The Camel Ride

A classic camel ride, a popular experience in the Arabian desert, can kick off your desert vacation.


Enjoy various shows, including a captivating belly dance performance, a fire display, and a traditional Tanoura dance. Enjoy a lavish barbecue dinner buffet while gazing up at the desert stars.


Arrive back in Dubai (drop-off)

We’ll head back to your designated drop-off location in Dubai as the night draws to a close, capping off a day of cultural exploration, adventure, and priceless memories.


Please take note that this schedule could alter depending on operational needs and weather conditions, among other things. You can be confident that we will put your safety first and give you a first-rate experience throughout your Hatta City Tour with Dinner in the Desert.


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    The Hatta City Tour with Dinner in the Desert combines the finest of cultural exploration, scenic beauty, adventure, and entertainment to create a day that won’t soon be forgotten. Don’t pass up the chance to experience Hatta’s enchantment and the Arabian desert together on one unforgettable tour.

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