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Knowing a place’s history can be incredibly fascinating, and the Heritage Express provides this information for you in a very generous and traditional way. Get your tickets for the incredible heritage express as soon as you can to immerse all of your senses in the warmth and pleasure of Dubai’s illustrious past.

Travellers have a wide range of preferences. Some people might be daring. Some people are drawn to stunning natural beauty. However, some people find joy in seeing heirlooms. For those who are passionate about learning about the world’s cultural heritage, Heritage Express has created such travel diaries. Tour albums can be transformed into something as comprehensive as history books with the help of the Heritage Express Bus Tour in Dubai. The same. For history buffs, the Heritage Express Dubai is nothing short of a treat because it takes you to the city’s historical sites after a brief drive through Dubai’s streets. You visit significant locations connected to the history and culture of the Emirates on this trip, and you get to experience it firsthand. This journey will take you past the city’s historical and cultural landmarks and provide you with experiences like no other. Due to its appealing and comfortable design, the Heritage Express Dubai is a journey in a personalised tram that is enjoyable to travel. You can learn more about the rich culture of the Arabs by travelling by bus to historical locations in the city that are particularly significant for enhancing the cultural wealth of the Emirates. It covers the major city landmarks, including Al Seef, Fahidi Fort, Abra, Ittihad, Shindagha,  and Jumeirah Mosque, via two routes of the Blue and Red Lines. By providing a distinctive Emirati experience, it also guarantees that you will experience Emirati culture. The Heritage Trolley Tour Dubai session will undoubtedly tickle your traditional nerves, to put it simply. Tripfinder has all the information you require about any fascinating experience if you want to immerse yourself in it fully.


The Heritage Express Tour highlights include:

    • Warm greetings and delectable Emirati treats Enjoy the journey in specially designed custom trolleys.

    • A well-organized tour with knowledgeable local guides visits historic and culturally significant locations.

    • Enjoy authentic Emirati refreshments while travelling to capture the true essence of the Emirati culture.

    • At the Jumeirah Mosque, capture those special moments.

    • The 30-minute Desert Friend Show is fascinating.

    • Shop for souvenirs to take home at the heritage store.


Facts to Consider


199 AED per person for Culture on Wheels
Emirati experience: 299 AED per person as of now


3-5 hours, depending on the schedule.

Opening hours


Keep in mind

    • Wear comfortable clothes that cover as much of your body as possible.

    • If you plan to travel during the day, bring sunglasses and a hat.

    • To stay hydrated, always have a water bottle on hand.

    • To get the most out of the tour, pay close attention to what the guides are saying.

Price Details

Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Book


Routes for the Heritage Express Bus Tours Dubai

The Heritage Express has two routes, the Blue Line and the Red Line. Both routes cover the same locations, but they do so in different orders. Which path you choose to take is entirely up to you. The routes’ map is as follows:

Red Line

The Jumeirah Mosque is the starting point of the red line route. Every stop lasts 5 minutes, with the exception of Al Fahidi, where it stops for 30. The local guide provides the visitors with fascinating anecdotes about each location. You can take advantage of refreshments and a performance by the Desert Friends.


Blue Line

Al Fahidi is where the blue line route begins. Every stop lasts for five minutes, with the exception of the Jumeirah Mosque, where it stops for thirty. At the mosque, there is a photo opportunity for visitors to capture priceless memories.

Different versions of the Heritage Express Bus Tours Dubai

Passengers on the Heritage Express Dubai have two options for their transportation: the Culture on Wheels or the Emirati Experience.


Culture on Wheels

The Culture on Wheels tour takes you by tram to the mentioned historical locations, where your tour guide will provide in-depth explanations. Throughout the tour, refreshments will be provided, and you’ll have access to the Heritage gift shop.


The Emirati Experience

By opting for the Emirati experience, you consciously decide to embrace the Emirati way of life. This option enables you to experience the true essence of the Emirati people because, in addition to sightseeing and guide services, you will also receive traditional Emirati food. The show by the desert friends also gives you a taste of Arab culture.

Why make a choice?

You might be wondering why you should take this particular bus when you could visit the sites on your own. You may be correct, but what sets this unique endeavour apart is that they involve you in every step of the process rather than just showing you the sights. You can learn about the origins of the locations on this trip from the local guides. The tour guides and the refreshments provided along the way make Heritage Express a first-rate option for learning about Dubai’s rich cultural heritage. Your visit is made more exciting by having access to the heritage gift shop, the captivating Dessert Friend’s show, and the authentic Emirati experience, in addition to the guided tour and delectable refreshments from the Emirati kitchen. The best method to learn about Dubai’s history is unquestionably the heritage tram tour.

Top Attractions Included


Al Seef

Al Seef is the place to go if you want to simultaneously appreciate the modernism of Downtown Dubai and the history of Old Dubai. One of the tourist destinations in Dubai with the fastest growth is this man-made heritage site. The Heritage Express winds its way through this 1.8-kilometre stretch, which features a variety of stores, eateries, historical settings, and Instagram-worthy views along the lovely Dubai Creek. Using the blue line, this location gives your tour of history an energising beginning.


Fahidi Fort

A historical tour would be incomplete without visiting a location’s ancestral forts. One such location from Dubai’s past that is a vital component of its rich heritage is the Al Fahidi fort. Due to its 200-year history as a part of Dubai’s heritage, the Heritage Express prioritises covering this location. The fort, which was formerly used as artillery for weapons, has been transformed into a national museum to preserve the nation’s history and provide visitors with a rich understanding of Dubai’s history.



Abra is the traditional boat used in Dubai that dates back to an unspecified period and is essential to the city’s history and heritage. You can travel to the location where numerous abras can be seen traversing the creek using the Heritage Express. With their rustic appearance, these wooden boats give you chills of nostalgia and are the ideal historical component.



The Shindagha is significant to Dubai’s history because it served as the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, the city’s former ruler. His residence is now a historical museum. This location’s inclusion in the Heritage Express journey is entirely justified because it captures the essence of what Dubai was like in its earlier years. Rusted figures, historic passageways, and the museum reveal the sophisticated culture of the Emirates.


Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque must be included on any list of locations that have made the greatest contributions to Emirati heritage and culture. Being the most recognisable landmark in the nation, it is accessible to people of all faiths and religions, giving them a thorough understanding of Islamic culture and traditions. The building, which is stunningly white, and the intense artistic detail speak well of the rich culture of the Emirates.

More Details

    The Heritage Express offers the following tickets and deals:

    Heritage Express offers five different types of experiences and is run by a group of enthusiastic local tour guides known as “storytellers” or cultural ambassadors. These include family-friendly activities, culturally focused excursions, culinary adventures, and story sessions centred on local history and folklore and customs. Tours that leave from Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood frequently stop at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) for authentic meals and Q&As, the famous Jumeirah Mosque, and an immersive Bedouin-inspired desert adventure. On the website of Heritage Express, look for seasonal discounts, which typically start at AED 150 per person. While experiences are always free for toddlers, children can also benefit from special rates.

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