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Experience the wonder of marine life at Seaworld Abu Dhabi with entry tickets that grant you access to thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and unforgettable animal encounters. Book your tickets today and get ready to explore the fascinating world of dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and more. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the secrets of the ocean and create lasting memories with family and friends. Book your Seaworld Abu Dhabi entry tickets with Tripfinder now and prepare for an adventure like no other!

Thanks to Sea World Abu Dhabi, man now has the opportunity to dive into the mysterious ocean’s depths. A “One Ocean” story examining the relationships between life on Earth and the ocean will be presented at the marine life theme park on Yas Island. It has been bursting with breathtaking sights ever since. Seaworld will be the first animal rescue, research, and rehabilitation facility in the UAE, in addition to being the next-generation marine-life theme park. All visitors to the park are intended to receive educational learning experiences in order to increase their understanding of marine life. The five indoor levels of this marine life theme park contain a total of eight zones. According to its website, the 183,000 square-metre park has over 100 animal experiences and presentations and offers up-close animal encounters and expeditions. There will be a dynamic habitat where more than 100,000 marine animals, including 150 different species of birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals, can live. The park’s Endless Ocean realm will house a sizable multi-species aquarium with more than 25 million litres of water. At SeaWorld, visitors can find more than 35 interactive rides and attractions, 17 restaurants, 13 retail stores, live shows and performances, and roaming entertainment from a variety of genres. Every area of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi was created using contemporary technology and animal habitats. Furthermore, it has the cutting-edge equipment required to uphold the highest standards for animal welfare. For those who want to experience a mix of entertainment, excitement, and education, Seaworld will be the ideal location. The park will reflect the intricate relationship between the oceans and our planet. A top-notch opportunity to get up close to marine life and explore the underwater world is provided by Seaworld. You can see dolphins, sea anemones, and other creatures here. Tripfinder will help you find out more about the magical marine world.


What is the price of the tickets?

Bookings for tickets can be made on the theme park’s website starting on May 23. Tickets for “juniors” (those under 1.1 metres) cost Dh290, while those for adults cost Dh375. Children under three years old are admitted free of charge.


Top 10 Reasons to Book an entry ticket to Seaworld Abu Dhabi

1.Unique marine life experiences: Seaworld Abu Dhabi offers a variety of marine life experiences, including up-close encounters with sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and other marine animals.

2.Educational opportunities: The park offers educational programs and exhibits that teach visitors about the conservation of marine life and environmental awareness.

3.Fun for the whole family: Seaworld Abu Dhabi offers attractions and experiences for all ages, making it a fun destination for families with children.

4.Live shows: The park features daily live shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, and other marine animals that showcase their intelligence and agility.

5.Thrilling rides: Seaworld Abu Dhabi features a range of exciting rides for adrenaline junkies, including roller coasters and water rides.

6.Interactive exhibits: The park offers interactive exhibits that allow visitors to touch and interact with marine life in a controlled and safe environment.

7.Dining options: Seaworld Abu Dhabi offers various dining options, from casual fast food to fine dining, to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

8.Beautiful scenery: The park is in a stunning waterfront location, offering scenic views of the Arabian Gulf and surrounding area.

9.Convenient location: Seaworld Abu Dhabi is located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible and convenient.

10.Great value: Seaworld Abu Dhabi offers a variety of ticket packages and promotions that provide excellent value for money, making it an affordable destination for visitors.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Seaworld Abu Dhabi is located in Abu Dhabi, which is approximately 140 kilometers away from Dubai. Several transportation options are available if you want to travel from Dubai to Seaworld Abu Dhabi. With Tripfinder, You can book Seaworld Abu Dhabi with Transfers from Dubai hotels. Or Also, you can customize an Abu Dhabi City Tour with Seaworld Abu Dhabi. 

There are multiple options available for Seaworld Abu Dhabi Tickets

  1. Abu Dhabi city tour with Seaworld Abu Dhabi (Full day guided tour from Dubai)
  2. Ferrari world with Seaworld Abu Dhabi entry ticket and transfers.
  3. Yas Waterworld with Seaworld Abu Dhabi entry tickets and private transfers.
  4. Abu Dhabi City Tour with Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Louvre Museum, Seaworld Abu Dhabi.
  5. Seawolrd Abu Dhabi entry ticket with Warner Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

These are some of the tours and activities in Abu Dhabi which you can combine with Seaworld. Talk to us today and Explore Seaworld Abu Dhabi.

Price Details

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Highlights of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

    • After 30 years after its announcement, the first marine life theme park will finally open in Abu Dhabi.

    • The park aims to bring the best resources, research, technology, and facilities to create an exceptional and cutting-edge experience.

    • The park will have one of the biggest, most modern indoor aquariums in the entire world.

    • The Arabian Gulf will be directly below the park.

    • There will be 8 distinct zones, each highlighting the interconnectedness of people and the ocean.

    • A top-notch opportunity to get up close to marine life and explore the underwater world is provided by Seaworld. You can see dolphins, sea anemones, and other creatures here.

    • Similar to what occurs at other SeaWorld parks around the world, a portion of the proceeds from SeaWorld Abu Dhabi ticket sales will be used to support the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals.

    • The exhilarating rides are probably comparable to Tidal Twister, Infinity Falls, and Journey to Atlantis.

The 8 realms

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will take visitors “through its unifying one ocean story,” with stops in the tropics, the rocky coasts of the Pacific Northwest,  the vast ocean, the Arabian Gulf, and its smaller ecosystems along the way. This is based on the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and in the ocean.


1. One Ocean

One Ocean, which is located in the middle of the park, serves as a gateway to its other realms. A 360-degree screen is used to display the immersive multimedia story “One Epic Ocean.” The realm provides a view of the Animal Care Centre as well. Visitors are welcome to watch veterinarians and other animal care professionals give park animals round-the-clock attention, regular check-ups, and treatment when necessary.


2. Abu Dhabi Ocean

The Arabian Gulf’s shallow shores will be open to visitors who want to learn more about the long history of pearl diving and trading in the UAE. Visitors will be able to have close encounters with local wildlife in the emirate and surrounding area thanks to the realm. In addition to having a variety of restaurants, this area also has shops in a souk.


3 and 4. Polar Ocean

It has two realms that transport people from the icy tundra of the Arctic to the lush, biodiverse tundra of Antarctica. Visitors can take in the vibrant Juhani village and its harbour, which represent life at the North Pole in these worlds. Walruses can be seen examining their innovative, dynamic habitats. The coldest realm will also mimic the polar regions’ temperatures, providing a habitat that is suitable for creatures like penguins and walruses. Visitors can take an immersive ride, indulge in dining options, peruse retail establishments, and visit a sizable research vessel filled with entertaining interactive ways to learn more about these various regions and their inhabitants in the Polar Ocean realm.


5. MicroOcean

Visitors will experience being “shrunk to the size of plankton” here as the ocean tides sweep over them. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the smaller marvels of the ocean in this world, which highlights the critical function of the ocean’s tiniest marine life. Family-friendly rides, kid-friendly play areas, zany characters and performers, a storefront, and interactive experiments can all be found at MicroOcean.


6. Endless Ocean

The largest multi-species aquarium in the world, gorgeous observation decks, and the Endless Vista, a 20-meter viewing window, are all located there. Over 68,000 animals, including eels, rays, and sharks, will be present.


7. Tropical Ocean

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s largest realm is home to “a magnificent medley of colours, dancing waterfalls, and a crystal-clear lagoon.” Visitors can view toucans, dolphins, flamingos, and other tropical birds in this aviary’s lush rainforest habitat. A thrilling roller coaster ride, as well as shops and restaurants with a variety of above- and below-water viewing areas, are also available at Tropical Ocean.


8. Rocky Point

It has a secret cove where sea lions nest, and there are chances to get up close and personal with them. Rocky Point will also have sea lion habitats that are dynamic and have climates similar to those in the Pacific Northwest. A snack shop with a boardwalk theme is also present in this realm.

The Research Centre at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

One of Seaworld Abu Dhabi’s most distinctive features is the research centre. The study of marine life is the centre’s main area of focus. It will serve as a cutting-edge learning centre for researchers, scientists, and advocates of marine conservation. The facility will support marine animal rescue and rehabilitation. The centre’s ongoing research will increase public knowledge of Gulf species.

More Details

    Tips for visiting SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: –

      • It is advised to visit the park in the winter as the region experiences oppressive heat in the summer, making your trip miserable.

      • Bring sunscreen with you to avoid tanning, especially in the summer.

      • To fully enjoy the water adventure, bring swimwear. Make sure it lacks any ornate features, such as pockets, zippers, or buttons.

      • In the summer, the trip may result in dehydration. Drink a lot of water the entire time you’re travelling.

      • Carry sun hats and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays, especially in the summer.

      • Although there is no preferred attire, it is advised to dress appropriately because the location is family-friendly.

      • Outside food and drink are not permitted on Yas Island; avoid bringing them. In the event that you become hungry, there are restaurants and food outlets inside.

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