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Ski Dubai is the ultimate winter paradise, located in the middle of the desert. Escape the sweltering heat by entering an enchanted white sanctuary. Feel the exciting rush of the wind across your face as you glide down immaculate slopes. Build snowmen, engage in huge snowball battles, or even come across cute penguins where there is actual snow all year. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort that is 22,500 square metres in size and has an 85-metres snowy hill that is as tall as a 25-story skyscraper! There are slopes, a snow movie, amusing penguins, and many more amenities at Ski Dubai. This attraction has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re an expert skier or a beginner. Purchase tickets to Ski Dubai for a fantastic, snow-filled trip.



Ticket prices for Ski Dubai change based on the activity. At Ski Dubai, prices range from about AED 180 to AED 500.



Price Details

Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Book


Ski Dubai highlights

Spend a fun-filled day at Ski Dubai, the largest indoor snow park in the world that spans 3,000 square metres.

Enjoy gliding on the 85-metre-high indoor mountain while learning to ski and snowboard from qualified instructors.

Participate in some of the Snow Park’s many attractions, which include the Snow Cavern, tobogganing, giant ball, bobsled, tubing run, and bump car.

Together with your friends and loved ones, toboggan down the snow in delight.

Purchase Ski Dubai tickets to experience a 150-metre zipline ride at a 16-foot height.

Activities in SKI DUBAI

For fans of winter sports, Ski Dubai offers a variety of activities. You have the option of training with knowledgeable teachers who will assist you with jumping from a 10-foot ramp or learning only the fundamentals of skiing. The park also features a designated freestyle practice area.


Let’s find out more about these pursuits.



Skiing and snowboarding on the slopes is one of the initial activities at Ski Dubai. Discover all the thrilling action! You may either enroll in the Ski School to go skiing with a group or try out the slopes on your own. Everyone, from young toddlers to adults, may get instruction through one-on-one sessions with skilled teachers. You can truly sharpen your skiing and boarding abilities at the ski school in a safe yet enjoyable setting.

  • 2-hour slope: For level 2 hikers, the 2-hour slope ticket offers a free locker, unrestricted use of the chairlifts, and other perks.

Price: 250 AED

  • Full-day Slope Pass: Level 2 hikers are eligible for benefits like a free locker, unlimited chairlift trips, and more.

Price: 340 AED

  • Morning hike: Get a free locker and two hours of access to the slopes in the morning.

Price: AED 100 per individual

Timing: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • 1 month slope membership: Get unlimited chairlift rides, access to the slopes, plus savings on apparel, food, and drink for one month.

Price: 1,750 AED

  • Lessons in skiing and snowboarding at Ski Academy: Enrol in private or group classes that include all the necessary gear.

Price: From AED 180 per person (group) to AED 595 per person (private).


Discover the Snow Park

You may construct your very own snowman, go tobogganing, or go sledding at this 4,500 sq. m. snow park. The Snow Park offers a variety of enjoyable rides. You may ride a chairlift, experience the Mountain Thriller, scale towers, or visit the indoor ice cave. The following packages are available at Snow Park:

  • A zorb ball, a chairlift ride, and the Mountain Thriller ride are all included in this snowy day trip. Additionally, there are options for a penguin encounter, a two-hour slope pass (Skill level 2+), a one-hour ski or snowboard instruction, and two zipline rides.

Price: AED 295 per person

  • Snow Premium: This well-liked subscription provides limitless access to the zorb ball, snow bullet, and Mountain Thriller rides. In addition, this deal gives you the option of a two-hour slope pass (Skill level 2+) or a one-hour ski or snowboard instruction.

Price: AED 410 per individual.

  • Get a one-time pass to the park and unlimited access to the rides with the Snow Park Pass! Try out the snow play area, the zorb ball, the tubing course, and more.

Price: Starting at AED 195 per person

  • Get 10% off at Snow Pro-Ski Dubai and a 15% discount on meals and drinks with a 3-month Snow Park membership.

Price: AED 500 per individual


Meet the Penguins 

The opportunity to interact with one of the most fascinating birds in the animal kingdom, the penguin, in their natural habitat is one of the nicest things about Ski Dubai.

  • Penguin Encounter: Book this package to take advantage of a 40-minute instructional presentation about the Gentoo and King penguins. You have to show up 40 minutes before the scheduled time.

Price: 430 AED

  • Breakfast with Penguins: Enjoy a 30-minute stroll with penguins while eating breakfast at North 28 restaurant. One breakfast dish and one beverage are available. The bundle includes a free locker.

Price: 175 AED

Timing: Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 8:00 a.m.


Snow Film

Visit Ski Dubai’s snow theater to catch the newest movies while relaxing in a lounge-style setting with snacks and a blanket. Two movie tickets, two cups of hot chocolate, two bags of popcorn, and a free locker are available to guests.

Price: AED 200 for regular visitors and AED 400 for VIPs


The establishment has three eating areas.




Head to this café at Ski Dubai if you need to refuel after all that skiing. This cosy Alps-themed cafe’s trademark hot chocolate is very comforting. After getting your fill, you’ll feel relaxed enough to carry on with all the snowy fun. This establishment only serves food.


Setting: Near the entrance to Ski Dubai




This one allows you to unwind with beautiful views and is situated halfway up the slope. Here, in addition to the hot drinks, you may have delectable hot dogs and other little snacks.


Setting: On the Slope




This café in the Snow Park neighbourhood is where you can get some savoury snacks. They provide beverages and food.


Setting: Snow Park


Please note: 

The restaurants don’t require reservations. Call +971-4-409-4164 for additional details about Ski Dubai’s food options.

Most facilities accept children between the ages of 3 and 14, with the exception of the snow cinema, which also accepts two-year-olds. But an adult must be with them at all times.

All passes come with attire and rental gear.
For information on the maximum number of participants permitted for each activity, see their website.

How do you find it?

By car: The distance between the activity site and the city center is 13.8 km, and the Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 route will take 11 minutes to complete.


By Bus: Travel 400 meters to the attraction by taking a bus to the Mall of the Emirates 2-1 station. It takes 6 minutes to walk from the bus station to the activity location.

More Details

    Know Before Buying Tickets for Ski Dubai

    • Ski Dubai retains the right to require evidence of age, so please bring a valid ID.
    • For your safety, ski and snowboard equipment, jackets, pants, disposable socks, snow boots, fleece gloves, and helmets will be available at the location.
    • Children must be at least eight years old, 125 cm tall, and 30 kg or more to go on the Snow Bullet. Adult weight should not exceed 120 kg.
    • Skiers and snowboarders with experience can only access the slopes.
    • Only at the Avalanche Café and North 28 Restaurant (open Friday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., Sunday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Thursday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.) are drinks and meals allowed on the chilly side.
    • Children under the age of 13 must wear helmets.
    • If there are no open spots, Park has the right to refuse admission. In this situation, visitors will be asked to reschedule their visit for another day.
    • Height and weight limits may apply to some rides and attractions.

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