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Dubai offers a wide range of attractions and activities. For those who enjoy adventure, Dubai has a lot to offer. In order to make the most of your time after touring Dubai and shopping in its glistening malls, there are a variety of activities available. For those who enjoy adventure, snorkelling in Dubai should definitely be tried. In Dubai, there are numerous locations where you can engage in this activity that best stimulates both the mind and body. Visit TripFinder to learn more about the thrilling and electrifying indoor and outdoor snorkel in Dubai.

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The best places for a snorkel in Dubai

Ambassador’s Lagoon

Snorkeling in Dubai - Dive into the Exquisite Underwater World

 The Palm is the biggest sand island that has ever been created. The myth of the submerged continent, “Atlantis”, served as the model for the peninsula. The sand island includes The Ambassador, “The Lost Chambers,” and the opulent resort with its own water park (“Aquaventure”). The “Ambassador Lagoon” is the largest aquarium ever built, holding a total of 11 million litres of water and reaching a depth of 10 metres. You have the chance to get up close and personal with some of the marine life from the Arabian Gulf while visiting the “Ambassador Lagoon.”

On this Ultimate Snorkel experience at Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm’s Lost Chambers Aquarium, snorkel alongside an amazing 65,000 marine creatures. After receiving a briefing, put on the provided flotation vest, snorkel, and mask before entering the breathtaking Ambassador Lagoon. Then, float safely over the water’s surface and take in the incredible variety of colourful marine life that is present, including rays, shy reef sharks, and enormous, shimmying schools of exotic fish like parrotfish and spotted snapper. Additionally, shorty wetsuits are provided for your snorkel. It is a  family-friendly marine adventure. The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Dubai’s Atlantis provides the best opportunities for snorkel in Dubai. A palm Utilize the supplied snorkel, mask, and flotation vest after receiving an introduction briefing. The ideal experience is for families with children over six years old since no swimming or snorkelling skills are necessary.


Keep it in mind

  • You will spend 20 to 30 minutes in the water and 15-20 minutes preparing for the experience; you should not participate if you are pregnant.
  • You should carefully consider your participation if you have any severe medical conditions. 
  • Participants must be 6 years of age or older, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult (18 years of age and above). 
  • It is permitted to take photos, videos, and films. Instead, Atlantis will hire professional photographers to take pictures, which you can then purchase at an additional cost.
  • The snorkelling activity lasts for 30 minutes and is preceded by a brief educational programme.
  • To hasten the activity transition process, arrive in swimming gear underneath your clothes.

What’s included?

  • Shorty wetsuit
  • Flotation jacket
  • Briefing on equipment (mask and snorkel).
  • Same-day access to the Lost Chambers Aquarium

Pre-booking considerations:

  • There is limited availability; always confirm availability via live chat, WhatsApp, or phone call before making a reservation.
  • You shouldn’t participate if you are pregnant.
  • You should carefully consider your participation if you have any severe medical conditions.
  • Participants must be at least 6 years old, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult (18 years and above).
  • It’s acceptable to take photos, videos, and other visual records.
  • Instead, Atlantis will hire professional photographers to take pictures, which you can then purchase for an additional fee.

Atlantis, The Palm – Crescent Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Price: AED 280


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


Snorkeling in Dubai - Dive into the Exquisite Underwater World

Snorkelling in a cage at the Dubai Aquarium

Explore the Arabian Gulf’s underwater adventures with one of the top dive shops in the UAE. The professionals at Al Boom Diving are enthusiastic and eager to share their aspirations of diving in the UAE’s deep waters with you. Both novices and those looking to advance their skills can enrol in classes. The diving experience is always safe and manageable because dive groups are always kept small. You can explore fascinating wrecks and rich marine life on your guided tour beneath the sea. A unique shark tank dive experience at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is also offered by the centre. What if you could interact closely with unusual marine creatures—even sharks—in a cage-like environment for your safety? In the case of snorkel in Dubai,  the Dubai Aquarium is a great place. The Aquarium, one of the biggest in the world, houses over 300 sharks, rays, and 70 different species of aquatic animals (that too, inside a mall). Don’t pass up this chance if you want to see a shark without taking a professional dive.

Things to consider:

  • The cage can accommodate four people at once.
  • The cage can accommodate four people at once.
  • The required minimum age is 8 years.
  • No experience in swimming is necessary 
  • From 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (last admission at 11:30 PM)

Price: AED 370
Location: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo—The Dubai Mall, Doha Street, Off 1st Interchange—Sheikh Zayed Road  


Snorkelling near the UAE’s border at Fujairah

Snorkeling in Dubai - Dive into the Exquisite Underwater World

Snorkelers can find a full range of activities in Fujairah. It’s huge. There are many things to see and do. Go snorkelling in Fujairah and swim among the vibrant marine life of the Gulf of Oman. Profit from round-trip transportation from Dubai’s city centre before getting up close and personal with the stunning Gulf marine life. There are numerous locations, including Sharm Rock, Snoopy Island, and Dibba Rock. Soft corals cover every rock, attracting a wide variety of marine life. It’s a visual delight. Crustaceans, clownfish, porcupine pufferfish, parrotfish, bannerfish, lionfish, and other marine life all live on sunken boats in the water. If it’s your lucky day, you might see blacktip sharks, manta rays, and devil rays! Another snorkel in Dubai, the artificial reef, is made specifically for snorkelers by promoting healthy coral growth in the region to attract marine life to it. You can see pufferfish, squid, cuttlefish, shoals of yellowtail, barracuda, stingrays, and other reef fish. Snoopy Island takes its name from the well-known cartoon character from the Peanuts comic strip. The island is home to opulent resorts and exotic freshwater, and marine life.

Things to consider: 

The price of underwater photography is AED 502.

AED 100 per person is the cost of the flight from Dubai to Fujairah (roundtrip).

The required age is eight years old. 

Snorkelers should be comfortable in the water.

Price: AED 250 
Location: Fujairah (125 km from Dubai) 


Shallow Cave Snorkeling at Musandam Dhow

Snorkeling in Dubai - Exploring underwater beauty

Scuba diving is fun, but snorkelling in the open ocean is a completely different experience. As you approach Lime Rock sites at Musandam Dhow, swim through natural reefs (on the outskirts of Dubai). The area offers a distinctive and captivating snorkelling experience because it is full of shallow caves. As you move around the caves, you’ll notice deep, stunning fissures created by strong currents. Numerous eye-catching fish are swimming just below the surface. Watch as angelfish, snapper, clownfish, hammerhead sharks, batfish, stingrays, major fish, barracudas, and perhaps even a few turtles swim harmoniously next to you. This is one of the best spots for snorkel in Dubai.

Things to consider:

The journey includes a boat ride from the coast to the snorkelling location.

The boat has water and soft drinks available. 

The age requirement is five years. 

Professional swimming ability is not necessary.

Price: AED 330

Location: Musandam Dhow Coast

More Details

    The ideal time to snorkel in Dubai

    If you’re primarily interested in snorkelling, diving, or any other beach-related activity, go to Dubai in the months of October, March, or April. The comfortable temperature range during these months is between 24 and 35 degrees Celsius, so wherever there is cold water is where you want to be if you want to escape the sweltering heat. Additionally, this is the time of year when you’ll encounter fewer crowds on the streets and can find affordable lodging and flights.

    What You’ll Need for Snorkel in Dubai 

    The operator supplies the necessary snorkelling gear at a basic level. This includes the life jacket, fins, and snorkelling equipment. You should bring the following items with you because the operators may not have them.

    Swimwear: There are many options, including rashguards, wet suits, swimming vests, and swimsuits.

    Sunscreen: Keep in mind that you’ll spend a significant amount of time in the water and outdoors (if snorkelling outdoors). Apply enough sunscreen to your body, not just a few dots on your face, to protect your skin from UV rays. When entering the water, apply sunscreen 20 minutes in advance on dry skin to get the most benefit.

    Protective equipment: If you plan to use your camera or cell phone while submerged in water, be sure to purchase a waterproof case for them.

    Watch: You can wear a water-resistant watch to time your dive, though it’s not necessary.

    Exploring the underwater world while snorkel in Dubai is simple and enjoyable and doesn’t require a lot of training or expertise. Both children and adults can use it safely and have fun. On your subsequent trip to Dubai, be sure to go snorkelling.


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