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The Wild Wadi Water Park in Uae is one of the most fun and stunning waterparks in the world, and it is located near the iconic Burj Al Arab.  With over 30 rides, this water park guarantees visitors a thrilling experience. This waterpark is ideal for adrenaline seekers, water enthusiasts, and families seeking a fun day out jumping in the water, dropping on thrilling slides, surfing waves, and so on, while escaping the hot temperature of Dubai. So, book your Wild Wadi Water Park tickets in advance.

The story of Juha, a popular character from Arabian folklore, inspired the water park’s theme. Wild Wadi in Dubai features the country’s most exciting, exhilarating, and diverse rides. You can’t go on all these rides in a single day. Don’t worry if you’re bringing children because Wild Wadi has dedicated rides and activities for kids. The play area for children in Wild Wadi, Lagoon, and Juha’s Dhow contains shallow waters and over 100 water activities like slides, sprinklers, buckets, and water cannons. Additionally, with lifeguards and pool attendants, it is the perfect place for little ones to enjoy a safe setting.

Those looking for adrenaline-pumping rides or those who are brave enough can try one of the world’s scariest water slides, The Jumeirah Sceirah, where you are dropped from a 32-meter tall tower and into a transparent chamber. If that’s too thrilling or scary for you, try The Wipeout and Riptide Flow Riders, which will test your bodyboarding and surfing skills against strong, continuous waves. So, whether you want your water park experience to get your adrenaline going or a more relaxed experience, there are rides and attractions for both kids and adults. So, if you’re looking for a place to have the most fun possible, consider booking Wild Wadi Water Park Tickets in Dubai when you make your next visit to Dubai.

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The park provides three pools, 30 amazing rides, and attractions for visitors of all ages to experience. Visitors must be above 1.1 metres in height to be allowed on certain rides.

Jumeirah Sceirah: The Jumeirah Sceirah is the most adrenaline-rushing ride in Wild Wadi. This is the country’s highest and fastest free-fall slide. As one climbs the 32m tall tower, take in the amazing views of the Burj and the pristine beach from the top, where two capsules await your arrival. Once inside the capsule, a platform suddenly opens, and you are sliding down the 120m tall slide at 80km/h as gravity takes over and allows you to enjoy a spectacular ride.

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon:  Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon are especially for your little ones to enjoy with family. An interactive water play structure that is large, colourful, and an exciting area with a tonne of kid-friendly activities, water cannons, and racing slides. There are even a few baby slides, but watch out for the gigantic dumping bucket that keeps dumping water every two minutes. You can prank your kids by tricking them into staying under there to get wet from a huge trunk of water.

Burj Surj: Join your friends or family and try Burj Surj’s rapid slides.  You will be sent spinning in the bowl as you hurtle down the spiralling slides while seated on a tube. You will then drop down the last slide and splash into the mini pool at the bottom.

Tantrum Alley: Tantrum Alley is a four-person ride involving waterslides and tornadoes. So hold onto something as the downhill waterslide takes you into the first tornado, where you rush forward, spinning and screaming several times in circles before diving into the following two tornadoes and splashing into the pool at the bottom.

Wild Wadi Water Park tickets

Visitors can select from different ticket options at Wild Wadi Waterpark. However, entry to the waterpark is free for all visitors who have booked a stay in Jumeirah Hotels. This includes the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and other hotels. Children under three years get free entry.

General Admission: Tickets are charged based on height, if you are 1.1 metres in height or above: AED 299 per person; Below 1.1 metres in height: AED 249 per person.

UAE Residents Offer: Must present Emirates ID for confirmation of residency, 1.1 metres and above: AED 159 per person; under 1.1 metres: AED 79 per person; AED 199 for family and friends per person, up to 4 guests only.

Cabana Package: Purchase an exclusive cabana for AED 2,100 or more and receive 50% off your entry ticket.

Wadi Pass: By paying  AED 249 per person, you get three months of waterpark access, a complimentary rental towel every visit, a one-time fast-track pass to some attractions, 25% off on food and beverages in the park, and an extra 30% off general admission passes for four people.

Annual Pass: By paying  AED 249 per person, you get 18 months of waterpark access, a complimentary rental towel every visit, a one-time fast-track pass to some attractions, 25% off on food and beverages in the park, and an extra 30% off general admission passes for four people.

More Details

    Key Highlights

    • Enjoy a fun-filled day with your family at Wild Wadi Waterpark, one of Dubai’s most visited water parks.
    • Swim in the Flood River and Breaker’s Bay, the largest wave pool in the Middle East.
    • Discover more than 30 rides and slides, such as Wipeout, Riptide Flow Rider, Ring rides, Master Blasters, and uphill water roller coasters.
    • Enjoy the park’s tallest and fastest slide, the 32-meter-high Jumeirah Sceirah, for an exhilarating experience.
    • Skip long lines by buying tickets online for Wild Wadi Waterpark in advance.

    Wild Wadi Timings: The waterpark is open all days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    How to get there

    By Metro: Take the metro from your nearest metro station to the Mall of Emirates, then take a taxi to Wild Wadi, which is 13 minutes away.

    By Bus: You can board the bus from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, which will take you directly to Wild Wadi Water Park.

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