Experience the various Bollywood flicks in Dubai’s Bollywood Park

Experience the various gorgeous Bollywood flicks in Dubai’s Bollywood Park and explore the Dubai Miracle Garden, a floral wonderland with 50 million flowers

Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywood Park in Dubai is a must-visit for cinephiles. Bollywood Park, a unique theme park that honours the enchantment of Bollywood, has opened its doors in Dubai to meet the growing interest in the Indian film industry. This park contains everything to amaze you, including romance, humour, action, adventure, food, music, dancing, and stunning sets.

The Bollywood Theme Parks Set

Bollywood Park Dubai is stretched across a 1.7 million square foot area in the centre of Dubai Parks and Resorts. With five themed areas: Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios—it is the first Bollywood-themed park ever built. Each zone has specific activities and attractions that transport visitors to the Bollywood world.

Bollywood Boulevard: It serves as the park’s entrance and was constructed in the form of Mumbai’s famous film studios. The atmosphere of Bollywood is displayed via its vibrant facades, lively street markets, and live entertainment. The boulevard offers visitors the chance to stroll casually, explore the stores, or watch renowned performers playing on the street.

Mumbai Chowk: This zone is built upon iconic Mumbai landmarks such as the Victoria Terminus and the Gateway of India. The Mumbai Chowk offers a variety of exhilarating rides, including everything from chariot rides to roller coasters. These rides are designed like trains and taxis in Mumbai, making the experience even more realistic.

Rustic Ravine: The Rustic Ravine is a rustic-themed area with attractions and 3D presentations that are based on the Indian countryside and give visitors a glimpse into older Bollywood films. These include the 3D versions of Lagaan and Sholay. The entire set-up is arranged to look like a scene from one of these movies.

Royal Plaza: This spectacular zone is inspired by the splendour of Indian palaces and forts. Visitors are transported to the world of royalty by its magnificent architecture, regal courtyards, and exquisite gardens. The zone also has various attractions that show the grandeur of Indian royalty, such as the Rajmahal Theatre and the Palace of Mirrors.

Bollywood Film Studios: The fifth and final zone of the park is the Bollywood Film Studios zone, where you can meet Bollywood superheroes like Ra-One and Krishh. It has various interactive activities and live shows that take visitors “behind the scenes” of Bollywood. Visitors can learn about and even engage in the different factors of cinematography, such as scriptwriting, acting, and special effects.

Enjoy Thrilling Rides

The park includes various rides based on popular Bollywood movies for adrenaline seekers. The Krrish: Hero’s Flight attraction is a virtual reality experience that allows riders to soar across the city as a superhero, while the exciting roller coaster Don: The Chase whisks riders away on a high-speed pursuit through Dubai’s streets. Other rides include Abra ka Dabra, Bollywood Skyflyer, Hawa Hawai, Monsoon Masti, Rocket, Rodeo Ki Safari, Tanga No. 13, Taxi No. 1, and Wheel Of Stars.

The Cuisine

Enjoy a bite of traditional Indian food such as roasted peanuts, sugarcane juice, or lemon juice as well as the Spicy Dhaba is available to soothe your tongue if you are inclined towards spicy cuisine. Get some traditional Panjabi cuisine and rustic Indian tandoori. You may also order spaghetti, pizza, or burgers. The Victoria Station Café serves the renowned Bombay Chaat to those who enjoy street food. Also, you can enjoy a plate of delicious Pani puri inside a local train.

Miracle Garden Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden is a real oasis in the desert and a must-see for anyone visiting Dubai. The world’s biggest natural flower garden has more than 45 million flowers. The garden is around 72,000 square metres in size and displays a wide variety of flowers in beautiful combinations and patterns.

With more than 45 million flowers in a beautiful display of different shades and smells, Miracle Garden Dubai provides tourists with a magical experience. Visitors can explore attractions like the Butterfly Garden and the fragrant Flower Park with a variety of packages available. Also, there are several food and shopping options available, making it the ideal location for a day out with family and friends. 

Normally, the Dubai Miracle Garden is open from October to April each year. It is closed from May to September because of the high temperatures, which average 40 °C (104 °F) and are unsuitable for viewing flowers. With a drip watering system that helps preserve water and organic waste that is recycled to encourage plant development, the garden is a symbol of sustainability and conservation.

Floral clock

The floral clock, a marvel of design and technology, is among Miracle Garden Dubai’s top attractions. It is the biggest floral clock in the world, with a 15-meter-diameter blooming surface. The time is shown on the clock in a distinctive and artistic style thanks to careful selection and arrangement. The blooms’ complex patterns and vivid hues leave visitors in amazement.

Emirates A380

The Emirates A380, one of the most popular attractions in the Dubai Miracle Garden, is a life-size floral replica of the Emirates A380, one of the world’s superjumbo planes. The Emirates A380 is the biggest floral installation in the world and is situated in the middle of this garden. More than 500,000 flowers and real plants were used to cover this massive floral aeroplane, which took more than 200 days and 200 people to complete. The Emirates A380 floral sculpture was unveiled four years ago and is still a popular attraction among visitors.

Umbrella Tunnel

The Dubai Miracle Garden has various stunning tunnels, but the umbrella tunnel is a popular one. This tunnel, which is covered with a variety of vibrant umbrellas, is not only a fantastic location for some spectacular shots, but it also provides some relief from the city’s heat. Also, there is a room with an upside-down umbrella canopy where you’re able to unwind and enjoy some food and drinks.

The Heart-Shaped Pathway

The heart-shaped pathway is another attraction that is quite popular with tourists. Around 45,000 flowers make up the walkway, which is shaped like a heart. Tourists can stroll around the route and snap beautiful pictures with bright blooms as a backdrop.

Every year, the garden also organises many events and activities for visitors of all ages. The garden is embellished with unique exhibits and lighting during the Dubai Shopping Festival, which enhances the city’s festive mood. The park further features live music events and cultural activities, which enable you to experience the best of Emirati entertainment.


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