Bollywood theme park in Dubai to close doors permanently

Dubai Parks and Resorts, part of Bollywood Parks Dubai, has made announcements regarding its permanent closure. The park stated on March 22 that it would temporarily close for Ramadan, but on Thursday, it said it would not reopen after seven years of welcoming guests.

The park said on Instagram, “Bollywood Parks Dubai will close permanently from April 20, 2023,” 

“A special thanks to all our guests, partners, and teams for bringing the music and colours of Bollywood to life.”

The Raj Mahal Theatre, one of the park’s primary attractions, will still host private events even if the park is closed. There has been no announcement on when it will reopen.

The park debuted in November 2016 with an event hosted by the iconic Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. It was built close to the Dubai–Abu Dhabi border, and the park brought to life the action, music, dancing, and drama of Bollywood films through the five zones: Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios, along with the Hall of Heroes. 

Why did it close?

Bollywood Parks had the potential to be huge, but they never attracted enough fans to establish the park as a must-see, which would have increased attendance and made the park profitable. Both the park’s high ticket costs and its short hours of operation led to its permanent closure. Although Dubai Parks reintroduced several of the Six Flags Dubai attractions that were cancelled, none of them simply showed the park’s intended theme of bringing Bollywood flicks to life.

A statement on the park’s website said: “We will be announcing exciting details of the new attractions and experiences in the coming months.”


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