Can I enter the UAE without a visa? Here is a way to learn more:

What options do you have for a visa to visit the UAE if you are not qualified?

Dubai: Citizens from over 80 nations may now visit the UAE without a visa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the UAE maintains a specific page for visa information that provides accurate and up-to-date details on the entrance visa requirements for visitors worldwide.

The tool offers information for travellers with regular passports from all over the world, and you may use it to determine whether or not you need to obtain a visa before travelling to the UAE. How? Read on.

How to identify country-specific visa requirements

Go to for further information.

2. Scroll down and type the name of your nation in the search box, or choose it from the interactive map by clicking on it.
3. You will then be presented with one of two potential results for the nation on the page:

– Free of Visa

– Visa necessary

How long is the visa-on-arrival valid for when entering without a visa?

Depending on your place of citizenship, you might be able to obtain a 30-day or 90-day visa on arrival, according to the official UAE government website,

Indian nationals with a standard passport and one of the following may also obtain a 14-day visa upon arrival:

Obtaining a visit visa from the United States

– A green card granted by the United States;

– A resident permit from the UK,

– A residency permit from the EU,

as long as the visa or green card is still valid six months from the date of entry into the UAE.

What are my choices if I am not qualified for visa-free entry?

You can apply for a tourist visa through a travel agent or the airline you are flying with to the UAE if you are not qualified for a visa on arrival. A UAE citizen may also sponsor your application for a tourist visa.

The length of the visa can range from 48 hours, which is perfect for stopovers, to five years, which is great for long-term multiple entrance visit visas.

What are my alternatives for obtaining a visa?

Visit the websites of the UAE’s immigration authority, the official websites of the tourism boards, or the websites of UAE-based airlines to easily learn about your visa choices, including whether you qualify for a 14-, 30-, or 90-day visa on arrival or if you need to apply for a tourist visa in advance.

Following is a list of websites that, depending on your nationality and place of residence, may be useful for learning about your visa options:

  • ICP (Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security) Federal Authority website
  • Dubai’s GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) website,
  • Visit Dubai by visiting their website at
  • Travel to Abu Dhabi by using this link:


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