Can UAE citizens visit Armenia without a visa? How to check your eligibility

Depending on your nationality, you may be able to obtain an e-visa or a visa upon arrival.

In the Caucasus, Armenia is an undiscovered jewel that offers travellers a unique fusion of cuisine, history, and culture. Armenia is a historical enthusiast’s paradise with its many monasteries and churches that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Armenia is a food lover’s delight thanks to its famous Ararat brandy and wine, as well as its delectable fruit and bread. Outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of opportunity to explore and partake in daring activities thanks to the breathtaking Lake Sevan and wide natural landscapes. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Armenia, making it a worthwhile travel destination. Armenia is only a little more than three-hour drive from the United Arab Emirates. Numerous flight options are available to UAE citizens, with round-trip tickets starting at Dh500. However, what about the visa?

More than 40 nationalities can visit Armenia without a visa. Some nationalities, though, are eligible for a 21-day visa on arrival if they have a current Emirates ID. Others might have to use Armenia’s internet system for eVisa applications or a travel agency to apply for a visa.

Here is a list of residents who might be able to obtain an Armenian visa upon arrival.

Who qualifies for a visa on arrival?

You can obtain an Armenian visa on arrival if you are an Indian, Filipino, or Egyptian citizen who resides in the United Arab Emirates and possesses a current Emirates ID.

The website of Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) states that citizens of these nations with regular passports can obtain a visa at Armenia’s border if they show a valid visa (sticker) or a valid resident card issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. 

According to Ryan Degombes, a travel advisor with Dubai-based Rio Travels, “We are actually getting a lot of requests for Armenia tour packages for the autumn and winter season, it’s one of the most popular seasons in the country for tourists.” Additionally, he said that airlines located in the UAE, such as Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai, Wizz Air, and Air Arabia, offer direct flights from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

How to determine which visa you are eligible for

You can either go to Armenia without a visa, with a visa obtained upon arrival, by applying for an eVisa, or through the consulate, depending on your nationality and residence authorisation.
• Visit to learn more.

• Choose your passport type and enter your nationality.
• Following that, the website will provide you with a list of the visas for which you are qualified.

Why obtaining an eVisa may be more advantageous

For some nationalities residing in the UAE, there are two options: either they can obtain an eVisa using the online visa application platform or obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport, according to Degombes.

Degombes claims that obtaining a visa upon arrival at the airport may take longer due to the lengthy lines, the need to complete the visa application, and the requirement to present supporting documentation such as bank statements or a return ticket.

Applying for an eVisa is advised since you will save time at passport control and the visa will be provided in a few days. At the border control, all you need to do to gain access is present your printed visa and a current passport, he continued.

Time and cost

“You can stay in the country for up to 21 days, and the visa on arrival fee is about $8 (Dh29),” he stated.

Armenia eVisa duration and cost:

Short-term: up to 21 days.
• Cost: $7 (Dh25)

Long-term: up to 120 days
• Cost: $34 (Dh124)

The eVisa fee is non-refundable.

Documentation needed for an arrival-only visa

According to Armenia’s MFA, it is strongly advised to have the following documents with you in addition to your passport and Emirates ID, both of which should be valid for at least three months if you choose to obtain a visa upon arrival.

• A return ticket

Details of your hotel reservation

• Travel insurance

• Bank statement

Supporting documents

• It is advised to submit extra supporting papers, such as airline tickets, a hotel reservation, residency permission, bank statements, or trip insurance, according to the Armenia eVisa portal.
• Decide on the itinerary’s goal and duration.
• Verify the information on the final visa application, then pay the fees by credit or debit card online through the site.

A confirmation email with a transaction number will be sent to you after that, which you can use to track the status of your visa application.

You will receive the eVisa through email after the application is accepted. The digital visa must be printed out because you will be asked to present it at passport check.


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