How To Stay In The UAE For Up To 90 Days With A Three-Month Visit Visa For Dubai

Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East, is definitely worth visiting, so you should think about going. Many people believe that Dubai, one of the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) hotspots, is the absolute last place on earth that they should visit. However, this city has a magnetic quality that will compel you to visit it. Tourists from all over the world visit Dubai because it is such a vibrant and dynamic city. Every year, countless tourists spend an increasing amount of time in Dubai due to its alluring skyline, world-class shopping, sandy beaches, and year-round sunshine. Dubai is a fantastic tourist destination because of its stunning beaches and sand dunes, excellent dining, fantastic all-inclusive lodging options, shopping at the Dubai Mall, and exhilarating activities. A 3-month Dubai visa is advised if you intend to stay in Dubai for an extended period of time. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a long-term tourist visa for Dubai, including the requirements, validity, and application process.

The Dubai 3-month visa

The long-term tourist visa, also referred to as the Dubai 3-month visa, is a kind of tourist visa that enables visitors to stay in Dubai for up to 3 months. Tourists who travel to Dubai for vacation, leisure, or to see friends and family are typically granted this visa. It is not meant for people who want to work or study in Dubai because those things require different kinds of visas. Depending on your requirements and preferences, a single-entry or multiple-entry Dubai 3-month visa may be issued.

Validity of Dubai 3-month visa

The Dubai 3-month visa, as its name implies, permits visitors to stay in Dubai for up to 90 days (3 months), counting from the day of entry. Only 60 days after the date of issuance may be used to enter Dubai. Please be careful not to overstay your tourist visa, as doing so will result in a fine of AED 50 (USD 13.61) per day. You will also be charged for the issuance of the exit permit, which can cost up to AED 300.

Dubai 3-month visa requirements

You must submit the following in order to be considered for the 3-month visa:

  • A 43 x 55 mm photo. The size requirement, however, may occasionally be 2 x 2 inches or 50 x 50 millimetres.
  • A passport that is current and has at least six months left on it at the time of travel.
  • A colour copy of your passport with your full name, nationality, birthdate, place, passport number, dates of issue and expiration, and the names of your mother, father, and legal guardian.
  • A copy of the confirmed tickets for the Dubai-bound flights.

Please be aware that if you want to apply for a visa for your family or relatives, you might need to provide some extra paperwork. The documents consist of the following:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s Emirates ID.
  • Proof of the sponsor’s residency, such as hotel reservation information.
  • Proof of relationship (for a visa to visit family members).

Associated documents with the sponsor

  • A tenancy contract.
  •  A salary certificate.
  •  A consanguinity proof document, such as a birth or marriage certificate, proving your relationship to the relative.
  • Copy of an Emirates ID.
  • Copy of a current passport.

Dubai 3-month visa application

You must submit your visa application through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs of Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai). The visit visa for family and friends may be granted for a duration of 30, 60, or 90 days, according to GDRFA. Through the GDRFA website or app, which is accessible through Google Play and the App Store, a 3-month tourist visa can be requested. How to apply online for a three-month Dubai visa. You can apply for a single-entry or multiple-entry visit visa for family and friends on the official GDRFA website:

  • Visit the official GDRFA website,, and click on the login icon on the menu bar.
  •  Sign in with your UAE Pass or existing GDRFA account.
  • Next, you will be transferred to GDRFA’s smart services platform, 
  •  Click on the ‘New Application’ button. 
  • Next, search for the service, ‘Entry Permit for a Long Period (single entry)’ or ‘Multi-Entry Visa for a Relative or Friend.” 
  • Fill in the application with the required details of the person you are sponsoring and upload the documents. 
  •  Next, pay the fee for the visa. 

 You will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number and email address that the application has been received. You will also receive a reference number to follow up on the application.

Alternatively, you can submit an application for the visa through an Amer Centre, which handles immigration requests on behalf of GDRFA-Dubai. If you have a Dubai visa, you can only use the services at an Amer Centre. The applicant will get an email notification if their application is accepted. The applicant will have 30 days to send the requested documents if the application is incomplete. The application will be cancelled if this is not done. Please be aware that applicants must personally submit their applications for the 3-month visa. In general, outside help—like from travel agencies—is not available.

Dubai 3-month visa processing time

From the date the application is received, the processing time for visas to Dubai typically lasts 3-5 working days.

Dubai 3-month visa Cost 

According to the GDRFA website, the total cost of the visa may vary slightly depending on the circumstances surrounding the person being sponsored or other application-related factors. But the costs associated with requesting a single-entry or multiple-entry visa are broken down as follows:

Single-entry three-month

• Visa fee: Dh400.

• Security amount: Dh1,000.

• Warranty service fee: Dh20.

• Fee for collection and return of the guarantee: Dh40.

• Health insurance: Dh90.

• Knowledge dirham: Dh10.

• Innovation dirham: Dh10.

• Fee inside the country: Dh500 if the dependent is inside the United Arab Emirates.

The fees listed above are not inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Multiple-entry, three-month visa:

• Visa fees: Dh700

• Guarantee amount: Dh2000

• Warranty service fee: Dh20

• Fee for collection and return of the guarantee: Dh40

• Health insurance: Dh90

• Knowledge dirham: Dh10

• Innovation dirham: Dh10

• Fee inside the country: Dh500 if the dependent is inside the country.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is not included in the above-mentioned fees.

Dubai 3-month visa extension

All types of tourist visas are eligible for two 30-day extensions. Typically, a fee of AED 600 is required to renew each tourist visa (USD 163.39). Travellers who are in Dubai and the rest of the country on visit visas, including 3-month tourist visas, now have the option of a one-time 30-day visa extension through the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) of the United Arab Emirates. They will be able to extend the pre-entry validity of visas as well as the visit visas for family and friends for a total of 90 days on a single trip or multiple trips. However, individuals with tourist visas must leave and re-enter the nation in order to renew their documents in time for the expiration date.

Salary criteria for sponsoring the 3-month visit visa

The sponsoring UAE resident must meet the salary requirement. The minimum salary requirement is Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 plus housing.

Cancellation and extension of unused 3-month visas

All foreign visitors to the UAE, including those from Bangladesh, must now either cancel or extend their unused visit visas. Travellers can apply for a 60-day extension of the validity period of their 3-month visas if they are unable to enter the UAE within that time for whatever reason. This will cost AED 200 and needs to be done through the immigration portal. Travellers who have not yet used their 3-month visa must cancel it through the immigration portal if they do not want it extended. Older visa requests are no longer automatically deleted by the immigration system; instead, the applicant must request them. Therefore, visitors will not be able to apply for a new UAE visit visa unless the old, unused visa is cancelled. Travel agents claim that the cost of cancelling a visitor visa to the UAE can range from AED 160 to AED 300.


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