UAE Residents Can Now Apply for Japanese Visit Visa Online

Dubai: If visiting Japan has long been on your travel wish list, your wish will come true because it’s now easier to apply for a visa if you reside in the UAE. You can now apply for an eVisa, which gives you up to 90 days to travel around the nation. Japan has eased its visa requirements for visitors from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as of right now.

The visa must not be printed or saved as a screenshot. Instead, visitors can use Japan’s eVisa website after they arrive in the nation to provide authorised papers to immigration authorities.

The relaxation of visa requirements for Gulf travellers comes after the introduction of visa-free travel policies for Emirati citizens in November. Applicants from 68 more nationalities, including those from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and numerous European nations, are also free from requiring a visa to visit Japan.

“I am delighted with the commencement of the online applications for short-term stay visas in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as the visa waiver arrangements for short—term stay for Qatari nationals, as it will ease the process of visiting Japan for touristic purposes,” said Kobayashi Daisuke, executive director of the Japan National Tourist Organization in Dubai.

“It is also especially timely as these measures have been activated in time for Eid travel, with visitors to Japan in April and May able to enjoy and make the most of the spectacular spring climate and striking new green verdant landscapes.

Travel to Japan from GCC countries has been steadily increasing, making it one of the few international markets showing post-Covid recovery levels that even surpass the numbers of visitors achieved in 2019. With the further resumption of the Japan routes by major airlines, I am confident that the upward demand for travelling to Japan will continue.”

Qatari nationals can now register their passports at Japanese embassies, consulate generals, or consulates, making travel easier for them. After registering, applicants will receive a passport seal that reads “Visa Waiver Registration,” which entitles them to several brief trips in Japan without a visa for three years (or the expiration date of the passport).

Japanese officials declared on Tuesday that UAE citizens could now apply for an eVisa through a particular website, effective immediately. The new paperless procedure works as follows:

  • Log into
  • A digital confirmation visa will be issued to the applicant upon successful submission.
  • While entering Japan, the visa bearer just simply logs into the Japan eVISA website and show the visa.
  • There will be no screenshots or printouts of the website permitted. The visa must be shown on the official website.

Please visit the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for further information on how to apply online.

The Japanese government has recently announced that it will stop imposing entry requirements linked to COVID-19.

Japan is also considering removing Covid-19 travel restrictions. As of May 8, foreign tourists won’t be required to enter the country with a negative PCR test or vaccination documentation.


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