Dubai: Most Popular Attractions to Reopen At The End of Summer

 Dubai comes alive with a flurry of excitement and expectation as the sweltering summer heat starts to give way to the chilly embrace of autumn. Some of the city’s most fascinating attractions are reopening their doors after a prolonged slumber, ready to envelop inhabitants and visitors in a world of wonder and adventure.

Dubai magically transforms when the weather begins to cool, captivating both residents and visitors. A true feeling of surprise is evoked by this seasonal change as Dubai reveals a rich tapestry of alluring attractions and a plethora of options to enjoy its beautiful winter season. A tangible excitement permeates the air as residents enthusiastically leave their houses and throng the city’s parks and streets. As some of Dubai’s most well-known attractions reopen for the season, promising a season full of unforgettable experiences for everyone who visits, this flurry of activity is especially visible. Dubai’s winter provides a distinctive and alluring experience that has everyone excitedly expecting its arrival year after year, whether it’s strolling along the sparkling shoreline, indulging in foreign cuisine at outdoor restaurants, or taking in outdoor festivals and activities.

Global Village

This year, Dubai’s Global Village will open one week early. On October 18, the multiracial family vacation will debut for Season 28; the earlier dates are October 25. The choice was taken to accommodate “overwhelming demand” and to provide everyone with a wider window of time to take in a more beautiful setting. On April 28, 2024, the family theme park will close its doors for the year after 194 days of operation. Global Village wants to give visitors a longer period of exhilarating entertainment, cultural diversity, and unrivalled attractions by opening a few days earlier for Season 28.


Between the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park and the Arabian Ranches housing estate, on Mohamed Bin Zayed Road (E311).


• Monday to Thursday – 4pm to 12am.

• Friday to Sunday – 4pm to 1am.

Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow will return for season 9 on September 15, 2023, with new events and a seductive theme. Attractions at Zabeel Park include hundreds of colorful lanterns that dazzle and dance and are composed of more than 10 million energy-efficient light bulbs. Explore the largest lighting garden in the world in four different parks. The glistening garden comes to life after dusk with “Art by Day” and “Glow by Night.” The Glowing Safari exhibits many lights in the shapes of plants and animals. Additionally, there are more than 100 mechanical dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park, one of the attraction’s most well-liked parts.


Dubai Garden Glow is located in Zabeel Park and you must enter through Gate No.6.


• Sunday to Friday: 5pm to 10pm

• Saturday and public holidays: 5pm to 12am

Hatta Resorts

Hatta Resorts is getting ready for its September 15th reopening, when it will once more open its doors to visitors. For outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a little bit of comfort when camping out, Hatta Resorts offers the opportunity to book trailers, chalets, or even caravans. Families searching for a unique experience will love the quirky Hatta Resorts Domes, which resemble igloos and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. A multitude of extreme sports, including ziplining, mountain biking, rock climbing, and paragliding, are accessible to both locals and visitors within a 90-minute drive of Dubai.

Miracle Garden

Winter is getting closer, and the air’s coolness serves as a soothing reminder. But it also heralds the return to  the Dubai Miracle Garden, bringing with it yet another exciting occasion. As the summer heat fades and the autumn weather arrives, The Miracle Garden gets ready to reopen. This floral paradise often reopens its doors to travelers towards the end of October or the beginning of November. This paradise is one of the most Instagrammable places for tourists to visit Dubai throughout the winter because of its amazing arrangements and large, vivid displays.With a preview of what to expect in season 12, the attraction has already worked up an appetite among curious visitors.


Dubai Miracle Garden is located in Al Barsha South, Street 3 in Dubailand.


• Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 9am to 9pm

• Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 9am to 11pm

Dubai Safari

The doors of Dubai Safari Park, which is home to some 3,000 animals, including lions, tigers, and  gazelles, as well as various primates, reptiles, and birds, will soon be accessible to tourists. Although the park has not yet revealed the dates for its reopening, curious locals have already asked about this well-liked attraction. Tickets for the upcoming season have not yet been made available, but they will later this year.

A day pass costs Dh50, while minors between the ages of three and twelve can enter for Dh20. Young children under three are admitted free. Numerous additional activities are available at the location, including safari tours that take place aboard trains. In addition to these wonderlands, the UAE is full of other hidden gems that tourists and families can explore.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the biggest safari outside of Africa will begin its third season on September 21. From 8:30 am to 6 pm, visitors are welcome at the Sharjah Safari. Tickets for a walking tour begin at Dh40 for adults and Dh15 for children. The cost of an adult tour of the sanctuary is between Dh120 and Dh275..

Summer Packages cost:

Dh1,000 – for the entire private tour.

The package can accommodate up to six people. You can book the tickets online through the official ticketing platform for Dubai Safari Park –

• Summer Package Morning – 8am to 10am.

• Summer Package Night – 6pm to 8pm.


Located in the Al Warqa 4 district, off E44, Ras Al Khor Road. The closest landmark to Dubai Safari Park is Dragon Mart.


The timings for the upcoming season are:

• Every day from 9am to 5pm.


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