Explore the Magical Beauty of Sea World Abu Dhabi

Enjoy yourself to the utmost with more than 40 incredible thrills and slides as you visit the renowned waterpark named Seaworld Abu Dhabi. Explore eight diversely themed zones that provide thrilling rides and up-close animal encounters. As you ride several heart-pounding attractions like Surge Rider, Liwa Loop, Hamlool’s Humps, Jebel Drop, and others, let the excitement surge through your veins. Discover a variety of family activities, such as Water Wars, Cinesplash, Yadi Yas, and AMWAJ. After experiencing exhilarating water slides, treat your palate to a variety of delectable foods at local eateries. Shop for a variety of items, including t-shirts, caps, and other souvenirs, by going to the major gift shop, Souk Al Sultan. To learn more about the value of marine life, book tickets to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi and visit the vast park that spans 15 hectares of land. The first “Marine Life Theme Park” in the area, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, debuted on May 23, 2023. Eight immersive ocean realms with over 100 activities and shows, including up-close animal encounters and excursions, can be found at this joint venture between Miral and SeaWorld Entertainment.

Highlights of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Outstanding Marine Aquarium: Be in wonder at the biggest and most impressive marine aquarium in the world. Over 68,000 marine species are kept at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, where they thrive in an incredible 58 million liters of water.

Diverse Themed Realms: Explore eight different themed realms, each of which offers a special and engrossing experience. The various habitats of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi guarantee a voyage from the bright tropics to the dynamic Arctic extremes.

Take advantage of the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing species found in the aquatic world. Your presence will allow for close interactions with dolphins, penguins, sea otters, and walruses.

Adrenaline-pumping Rides: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers exhilarating rides and attractions in addition to its aquatic treasures. Enjoy the exhilarating thrills of the Manta Coaster, which includes a zero-gravity flip and a captivating bioluminescent tunnel.

Why go to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

Exploration for learning: Let your curiosity run wild and learn more about the sea environment. With more than 100 unique animal encounters and eight painstakingly designed themed zones, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a great place for education and appreciation.

Promoting Marine Conservation: Go to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi to support the worthy causes of marine education and conservation. By supporting the park’s mission to safeguard our seas and the variety of creatures that call them home, you help to promote environmental stewardship.

Incredible Expedition: At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, have an amazing adventure and make lifelong memories. Every moment is imprinted with the promise of an unforgettable experience, from thrilling rides and attractions to close encounters with aquatic marvels.

The 8 Realms of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

One Ocean

It serves as the park’s focal point, providing access to other enthralling lands and housing the Animal Care Center. Immerse yourself in the primary draw—a breathtaking 360-degree media experience that spellbindingly reveals the wonders of the undersea world.

HIGHLIGHTS: One Epic Ocean Spectacular, Explorer HQ, and Animal Care Center

Things to do: 360-degree underwater shows and a visit to the animal center

Rocky Point

According to legend, Rocky Point is a secret cove tucked away in the rough Pacific Northwest of the United States. Admire the sea lions as they lounge on the rocks, playfully interact, and dive into the rough waves. Experience simulated wave motions, illumination, and water currents that are similar to the species’ native environment. The Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS) transports you to the alluring Pacific Northwest by faithfully recreating the night, day, and seasonal light cycles.

HIGHLIGHTS: Sea Lion Presentation, encounters, and feeding sessions

FEATURED ANIMALS: Sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, harbor seals, and Asia small-clawed otters

Tropical Ocean

Enjoy the sunshine in the Tropical Ocean, a backdrop of paradisiacal waterfalls, tropical jungles, and shimmering lagoons. Meet a wide range of creatures, such as dolphins, flamingos, and macaws. The exhilarating Manta roller coaster is the centerpiece of the area, and its eight eating options provide a delicious selection of culinary treats.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dolphin Presentation, Thrilling Roller Coaster, and the Rainforest

FEATURED ANIMALS: Meet dolphins, macaws, tropical birds, flamingos, fish, and rays.

Things to do: Enjoy the exciting Manta Coaster, amusing climbing structures, and arcade-style games. Discover four stores with unique finds, colorful clothing, and merchandise with a dolphin theme. If your energy runs low, visit one of the eight restaurants in the area that provide burgers, sweets, and other foods.


Discover the icy allure of the Arctic, a controlled-temperature environment that takes you to the polar regions. The Hypersphere 360° ride within a massive sphere offers a multimedia immersive voyage beneath the ocean as adorable walruses and sea otters glide gently.

HIGHLIGHTS: Walrus Habitat, Hypersphere 360°, and Research Vessel

Things to do: ride the Hypersphere 360°, purchase a memento from the Arctic Trading Post, and speak with Sven and Ooni.

Abu Dhabi Ocean

Explore the depths of the Arabian Gulf’s marine environment in the Abu Dhabi Ocean. See rays, turtles, bamboo sharks, sea snakes, and dugongs delicately maneuvering the water. This immersive experience is enhanced by authentic Arabic cuisine, which combines the rich aromas of sweets and coffee.

HIGHLIGHTS: Abu Dhabi Souk, Touch Pools, Pearl, and Diving Show

FEATURED ANIMALS: dugongs, sea turtles, bamboo sharks, sea snakes,and  rays.

Things to do: S-E-A Guardian Games, exploring Dukkan Al Tawash, and shopping at Souk Al-Seef


Enter Antarctica, where the real world exists, with air temperatures of 1°C and ocean temperatures of 7°C, providing the perfect environment for the region’s major draw, the penguins. Regardless of the season, a full-spectrum zoological lighting system provides the penguins with the best welfare conditions by simulating the seasonal fluctuations in Antarctica.

HIGHLIGHTS:Penguin Habitat, Penguin Play, Polar Pier shopping, encountering the comedic team Sven and Oorni, and dining with breathtaking above- and underwater views of the Penguin Habitat are just a few of the attractions in the area.


Discover Microocean, an underwater playground created to imitate the delights of the ocean floor. In this world designed for both youngsters and adults, thrilling rides whirl visitors around. The fascination of this fascinating underwater environment is increased by larger-than-life activities and tempting food alternatives.

HIGHLIGHTS: Rides, play areas, and live entertainment.

Things to do: Try OctoZoom to simulate an octopus in the water, or let youngsters safely enjoy themselves swimming up and down on Jelly Plunge. Meet the animated Sea Star as it dances across the world or take in a musical spectacle with the puppet Krill Dude, who lives in MicroOcean’s reef. Last but not least, go through toys, clothing, and other items.

Endless Ocean

Explore Endless Ocean, the largest aquarium in the world, with over 68,000 breathtaking creatures, including sharks, rays, and schooling fish. This mysterious area enchants with its alluring oceanic delights and provides a completely immersive and unique experience.

HIGHLIGHTS: Eight Habitats, The Swirl, and Stunning Observation Areas

Things to do: Discover the day octopus, eels, crabs, and sardines. Meet Verne, the robot host of Hypersphere 360; indulge in some retail therapy at Launch Bay Supplies & Co; have dinner at Fathom 11 in the cutting-edge hydroponics lab, or be in front of a mesmerizing fish swirl!


On a Seaventure underwater walking tour or while participating in a SeaDive, you may get up close and personal with intriguing aquatic animals. Meet lovable walruses and sea otters, or fall in love with the charming penguins and energetic dolphins! Don’t pass up the opportunity to kayak near playful dolphins, rescued dugongs, and marine turtles. Visit the park and reserve your aquatic experience now for enduring memories! Although additional fees might be necessary, these adventures are undoubtedly once-in-a-lifetime.

Yas Research and Rescue for Seaworld

Being the first center that combines study, rescue, rehabilitation, return, and education, Yas SeaWorld Study & Rescue is a pioneer in the MENA area. The facility’s mission is to safeguard the Arabian Gulf’s marine ecosystems, habitats, and animals.


For educational institutions, homeschooling communities, and summer camps, Yas Seaworld Research & Rescue provides marine science programs. Through outreach programs and citizen science efforts, they also encourage environmental conservation.


Tickets for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi are available, and you can take advantage of interactive exhibits, rides, and live entertainment. Details are as follows:

Single-day pass

Adults: 375 AED

Juniors: 290 AED

You have all-day access to the park’s activities and attractions with these tickets.

Ticket TypePriceFeatures
2 Park TicketAED 475Visit any two Yas Island parks or SeaWorld Abu Dhabi twice.
3 Park TicketAED 575Visit any three Yas Island parks or SeaWorld Abu Dhabi three times.

Please be aware:

  • Yas Island is home to Warner Bros. World, Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.
  • All visits must be finished within 14 days.
    You have all-year admission to SeaWorld with a Yas Annual Pass. You have a choice of versions, ranging from silver to diamond. Keep in mind that the other Yas Island theme parks are also accessible with the annual pass. The cost of the Yas Annual Pass is:

Silver: 1,295 AED

Gold: 1,495 AED

Platinum: 3,195 AED

What You Should Know Before Booking Tickets to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi:

  • At check-in, each visitor must present identification evidence.
  • At the moment of arrival, every foreign national must provide information on their passport and visa.
  • As there may be some walking involved in this event, it is advised that you wear comfortable shoes.
  • In particular during the summer, carrying sunscreen and wearing goggles, helmets, and caps are advised.
  • It is advised to dress according to regional customs.
  • In this encounter, no food or drinks are permitted.
  • On this adventure, pets are not permitted.
  • Bottles, fireworks, lasers, and other potentially hazardous objects that can disrupt or annoy other visitors are not permitted within the venue.
  • Participants who seem inebriated could not be allowed in or receive services.
    It is completely forbidden to record or take pictures of the performance. The venue’s security will take action against anyone seen taking pictures or videos of the event without permission.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are both welcome at this event.
  • It is definitely forbidden to wear clothing that contains objectionable language or content or that identifies the wearer as emergency personnel.
  • It is expressly forbidden to utilize recreational equipment like remote-controlled drones, toys, scooters, inline skates, skateboards, or shoes with built-in wheels.
  • It is the participant’s exclusive obligation to take care of any personal goods brought to the location.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets Policies

Confirmation Policy

  • After a successful reservation, the customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within one business hour.
  • If the requested times are not available, an alternative schedule will be created for the customer, and a new confirmation voucher will be emailed to them.
  • A full refund will be issued if the customer decides to cancel their reservation before it is confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

  • If a cancellation is made 30 days before the scheduled departure date, a cancellation fee of 25.0% of the tour cost will be assessed.
  • If a cancellation is made between one day and thirty days before the scheduled departure date, the full cost of the tour will be charged.


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