Forbidden places around the world

It is inconceivable to think that even a small portion of this world is yet uncharted or unexplored, given the startling speeds of global expansion and technological advancement. Knowing that there are mysteries that have not yet been solved provides some solace.

Many locations around the world are completely off-limits to outside visitors, ranging from guarded man-made structures to mysterious natural areas protected by environmental scientists. Imagine islands filled with snakes, places with hidden religious mysteries and people who have never communicated with anyone outside their own society. Many of these places continue to be cloaked in mystery, with their activities occurring only behind closed doors. Although some places are more well known, they are nevertheless off limits because of various safety, scientific, or regulatory restrictions.

Despite the overwhelming attraction of the forbidden, it would be difficult to trick your way into these places, and in many cases, you probably wouldn’t want to. Even still, it’s interesting to ponder about the places you can’t go in a world filled with locations you can explore. So, let’s explore the forbidden places on earth.

Lascaux Caves, France 

The French Lascaux Caves are an archaeological wonder that should be explored by anyone who can appreciate its significance. This cave attracts archaeologists from all over the world who enjoy exploring its distinctive cave network and viewing the prehistoric paintings that are preserved there. These paintings still have a striking appearance despite being as old as 17,300 years. Because of the potential damage that close human contact could have on the ancient artwork, the cave was closed to the general public.

Cape Melville National Park, Australia

Cape Melville National Park is a stunning peninsula in Australia that is covered in thick rainforests and enormous granite boulders. In 2013, while conducting research here, a team of scientists found three new species that are native to this peninsula. The region that was dubbed the “lost world” became well-liked among scientists. Rightfully so, the area is still largely uncharted. It can only be protected in this way from the harm caused by excessive exploration.

North Sentinel Island, India

On North Sentinel Island, one of the world’s forbidden islands, in the Andamans, India, resides the Sentinelese tribe. To protect themselves, the members of this tribe prefer to remain segregated. They occasionally act violently and aggressively to maintain their seclusion. This tribe has lived on the island for the last 50,000 years. Travellers are not permitted to enter this island, according to the Indian government.

Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Over 80,000 shrines can be found in Japan. The nation places a high value on spirituality and is well-known for its world-famous shrine culture. One of Japan’s most significant and expensive shrines is Ise Grand Shrine. It is exceptional due to its grand architectural design and adherence to long-standing Shinto customs. The fact that only members of the royal family are permitted entry is the temple’s most significant feature.

Snake Island, Brazil

One of the most taboo locations on earth seems to be there. As its name suggests, snake island, which is in Brazil, is home to numerous species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. With deadly snakes dangling from the tree branches, the level of risk associated with visiting this location is easy to imagine. The Brazilian government finally decided to make travel to the island prohibited following numerous unfortunate incidents. The island is home to 4000 golden lanceheads, one of the world’s deadliest snake species. 

Surtsey Island, Iceland

One of the world’s best-kept secrets is a small island in an archipelago off the southern coast of Iceland. After a powerful volcanic eruption that lasted for four years, the island was created. Only geologists and scientists are currently permitted access to the island. Tourists are not permitted because the island’s fragile ecosystem could be harmed by human interference.

Dulce Base, USA
dulse base  | forbidden places on earth

Surtsey Island, Iceland

Dulce Base is a tiny community in New Mexico close to the Colorado state line and is off-limits to tourists. In an underground laboratory in this town, a group of scientists conducts a wide range of unbelievable experiments. It is hard to imagine that this town has a sizable underground complex hidden from prying eyes, where cutting-edge lab equipment conducts unheard-of experiments on human-animal hybrids.

Doomsday Vault, Norway

Doomsday Vault, Norway

Doomsday Vault is a seed vault that is located close to the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. Many different plant seeds are kept in this hidden bank. The purpose of having such a safe and secure vault is to safeguard the seeds in the event of a global emergency or the end of the world. From every corner of the globe, crates of seeds are gathered and sent here for protection and long-term storage. Only a select group of distinguished visitors is permitted access to the vault, and only on certain dates.

Heard Island, Australia
heard island  | forbidden places on earth

Heard Island, Australia

Another undiscovered location in the world, this island, which is a crucial part of Australia, is nestled between Madagascar and Antarctica. The island is entirely deserted and has two active volcanoes. Debris and limestone accumulated as a result of frequent volcanic eruptions. The local natural ecosystem is extremely vulnerable. As a result, the Australian government has framed rules that restrict entry to this island.

Qin Shi Huang Tomb, China

Qin Shi Huang Tomb, China

Another undiscovered location on Earth is a sizable mausoleum that has been hidden beneath a pyramid for over 2,000 years. It is the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the country’s first emperor. Even though the discovery of this mausoleum is no small accomplishment, it is still largely a mystery to researchers who specialise in archaeology and history. The tomb has been preserved and sealed. The cemetery contains a variety of things that Qin Shi Huang will require in the afterlife. The Chinese government has outlawed digging at this location.

Coca Vault, USA
coca vault  | forbidden places on earth

Coca Vault, USA

One of the world’s best-kept culinary secrets is the Coca-Cola recipe. This recipe is guarded and stored in a vault. Only a select few people have had access to the formula since John Pemberton created it in 1886. Only a select few are able to enter the vault doors because the recipe was moved to a vault in the Atlanta Museum in 2011.

North Brother Island, USA 

North Brother Island, one of the most well-known but empty islands in the USA, is inaccessible to visitors without prior permission. The past of this island is associated with disease and death because of the former quarantine hospital. The island’s structures are in a terrible state of disrepair. Typhus Mary, the first American to contract the fatal Typhus fever, was treated there. After some time, drug addicts were treated in the hospital’s building. The island currently has a bird sanctuary, but it is not open to the public.

The White’s Club, UK 

It is difficult to imagine that there are still places in the world where women are not allowed to enter in the modern era. The White’s Club in the UK is one of these locations. As an exclusive private club, it strives to maintain its exclusivity. This establishment, also known as the gentlemen’s club, is steeped in former British culture. The club forbids women from entering. The club’s entrance was only open to Queen Elizabeth. It is unfathomable for women to enter this club in this day and age.

area 51  | forbidden places on earth

Area 51, USA

It is one of the many openly known secrets that has long been shrouded in secrecy. It is thought that the location is home to a US Air Force facility. Because entry to the area is forbidden, numerous stories of deception and conspiracy have emerged, piquing the interest of people all over the world. Although there are no barriers to keeping people out, the Air Force will not think twice about using lethal force to protect its property.

Vatican secret Archive, Vatican 

Numerous papers connected to the Catholic Church are stored in the Vatican Apostolic Archive, also known as the Vatican Secret Archive. Some of these records go all the way back to the eighth century. Except for researchers with special access privileges, no one is allowed to enter. The materials they can read, however, are subject to a number of restrictions, even for them.

Bhangarh Fort, India 

The Bhangarh Fort is technically still open to visitors because they can see this magnificent specimen of Rajasthani architecture during the day. However, it is strictly forbidden to access this area between dusk and dawn. This 16th-century fort is known as the “most haunted location in India” and is rife with ghost and curse-related lore. You might be curious about what occurs to daredevils who venture into the Bhangarh Fort at night. Nobody actually knows because, in accordance with the locals, anyone who attempted to disobey the law magically vanished after it.

Pravcicka Brana, Czech Republic 

Pravcicka Brana, the biggest naturally occurring sandstone arch in Europe, is among the most well-known sights in the Czech Republic. At least it was until 1982 before tourists were no longer allowed to travel there. The reason for the prohibition is straightforward: the more tourists that visit the area, the more likely it is that it will eventually collapse. Tourists can now view this stunning monument from a distance but cannot climb onto it in order to prevent erosion.

morgan island  | forbidden places on earth

Morgan Island, USA 

Morgan Island in South Carolina is known as Monkey Island because it is home to a colony of about 4,000 rhesus monkeys. Contrary to popular belief, the island’s primate population is not indigenous. Due to the prevalence of the herpes virus B infection, they were transferred there from Puerto Rico. The island was deserted before anything happened. For their personal protection as well as the safety of the monkeys, it is now against the law for individuals to visit the island. Only selected scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are permitted to visit the island. 

Mezhgorya, Russia 

Russia, the largest nation on earth, is undoubtedly a place of surprises. Numerous eerie locations, ghost towns, and other unique locations can be found there, like Mezhgorya in the Bashkortostani Republic. The town is surrounded by two battalions to ward off anyone attempting to enter or even approach it. It’s not entirely apparent what this place is or why it’s shrouded in such secrecy. The most credible claim is that it is a nuclear missile station with purportedly remotely controllable automated missiles. However, since no comments have been made by government representatives, we are still unsure precisely what Mezhgorya is.

niihau  | forbidden places on earth

Niihau, Hawaii 

Niihau, also known as the Forbidden Island, was bought in 1864 by Scottish farmer Elizabeth Sinclair. Since then, her descendants have owned it privately. A ban on leaving or entering the island was put in place in 1952 as a result of the polio outbreak that had hit the Hawaiian Islands. Fortunately, nobody became ill in Niihau, and today there are only about 170 people living there. It requires a specific permit to enter, which is challenging even for the wealthy.

poveglia  | forbidden places on earth

Poveglia, Italy 

Overlooking Venice and Lido is a little island called Poveglia. It once served as a quarantine facility for plague victims, where more than 160 000 afflicted persons spent their final hours and days. According to some estimates, human remains make up 50% of the island’s soil. The island then became host to a mental hospital with a highly dark reputation, as if the previous tragedies weren’t tragic enough. After a while, it was shut down, and anyone could no longer enter Poveglia.

fort knox  | forbidden places on earth

Fort Knox, USA 

Fort Knox is the most closely guarded location in the world since it houses the majority of United States gold reserves. It includes a number of incredible security features that will astound anyone. The most intriguing aspect is that not a single employee has access to the vault. They need to know numerous combinations in order to access it, but as each employee only knows one of them, they can only do it with the assistance of their coworkers. Aside from that, the structure is composed of steel- and concrete-reinforced granite, making it resistant to outside attacks.

So, these were the forbidden places on earth that you could check out.


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