A new GCC visa could be issued soon

GCC nations are preparing a new system that will streamline travel.

In the near future, a new GCC visa system that encourages travel throughout the area might be implemented. And if you now reside in Dubai, traveling to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia should become considerably simpler in the near future.

Additionally, the proposals, which are still in the very early stages, appear to apply to both nationals and residents of the UAE. Abdulla bin Touq, the UAE’s minister of economy, spoke this week about the proposed structure. He reportedly replied, “I think that is something that has been on the table,” as quoted in The National. It has been enhancing all of the GCC’s tourism efforts.

“Hopefully, we’ll see something about a pan-GCC visa that will make it easier for people to move around.”For instance, a Saudi national can go to the UAE and vice versa. That’s where I believe the future of GCC tourism lies. Over the years, the UAE has developed an infrastructure that can support all sorts of tourism. It follows a series of modifications made to the UAE’s visa system during the previous two years.


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