Georgia for Tourism-Why Visit Georgia?

Georgia for Tourism! Why visit Georgia? Why do Dubai people go to Georgia?

Reasons why you should visit the beautiful country of Georgia. Georgia for Tourism! Is Georgia worth visiting? Let more about Georgia.

If Georgia has been on your travel bucket list for quite some time, then let me tell you, this is the right time to give wings to your travel dreams. Yes, guys, Georgia is open for tourists. Pack your bags and take a tour of heaven on earth. And if you plan to travel to Georgia from Dubai, it’s even better. The best tour packages to Georgia from Dubai are available now to give you an excellent travel experience. Below is a complete travel guide to the country of Georgia which will ease your travel journey. Here all your doubts and queries will be answered. So let’s begin.

Where is the country of Georgia situated?

The country Georgia is situated in the Trans-Caucasus or South-Caucasus region between the greater and the lesser Caucasus mountains. It shares its borders with Russia in the north, Armenia to the south, Turkey to the southwest, Azerbaijan to the southeast, and the Black sea to the west.

The next most frequent question that comes to people’s minds is, “is Georgia in Europe or Asia?”. Well, that is a pretty tricky question to answer. Technically speaking, Georgia is a part of the Asian continent. But the feeling you get once you visit this beautiful place is more European. Georgia got its Western Europe influence from Hellenistic and Romans way back. Today, Georgia is more inclined to Europe and aspires to join the EU and NATO.

Willingly or unwillingly, Georgia has been a crossroad country. You can find here a combination of both Christianity and Sufi culture. From Georgian poetry to architecture, religion to food, there have been glimpses of both cultures everywhere in Georgia in a unique way. Over the years, Georgians have developed their own unique culture to stop the complexities and contradictions of both cultures. Clearly speaking, Georgia is neither European nor Asian. Instead, they like to walk their way and set their own rules.

Interesting facts about Georgia

Though the country’s official name is Georgia, the locals like to address it by the Georgian name Sakartvelo. When the area is compared, the country is half the size of the US state of Georgia, with an average population of around four million. It is the second state to adopt Christianity as its official religion. Hominins of Africa found Georgia an ideal place to settle about 1.8 million years ago. Georgia has four UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Historical Monuments of Mtskheta, Gelati Monastery, Upper Svaneti, and the Colchic forests and Wetlands. Bochorna, Europe’s highest inhabited village, is in Georgia in the Tusheti region. You can find almost 250 varieties of artisanal cheeses in Georgia, mainly derived from the mountain regions and pastoral areas of Imereti and Adjara.

Georgia is also known as the ‘cradle of wine,’ when the archaeologists dug out the earliest evidence of wine-making tradition from the southern parts of Georgia. Georgia celebrates a national holiday for self-care on January 2nd every year, in which people are allowed to do what they like the most, like drinking wine, eating cheese, etc.

Georgia for tourism! Why visit Georgia?

Lately, Georgia has been topping the list of travel destinations because of its mind-blowing scenic beauty. More than its scenery, there is much more in Georgia that attracts tourists worldwide and makes them return to this heavenly place again and again. Some of the specialities of Georgia are listed below.

Landscapes: There was a saying in Soviet times that if their citizens lived a virtuous life, they would be awarded a heavenly treatment in Georgia. That is the beauty of this nation. You can enjoy its natural beauty in countless ways, like bathing in open-air hot springs, sleeping in village homestays, and many more.

Cities: The cities of Georgia are unique in their ways, and they have unique characteristics and inculcate their immense energy and culture in all their visitors.

Food: There is much more in Georgian cuisine than the familiar ones like Khachapuri and Khinkali. Their regional cuisines, like Rachan and Megrelian, have a special place in the hearts of every foodie that comes to this place. Moreover, the dishes prepared by modern Tbilisi chefs satisfy the tastebuds of every tourist.

Wine: Georgia’s natural wine has entered the international market, and its wine is a replication of both its history and tradition. Of all the wines, the most popular are their Qvevri wines(made in shapely clay vessels) and skin-contact amber wines(orange wines).

Hospitality: Georgians are known for their pleasant nature and hospitality. Georgia will never make you feel lonely, and you will be treated as King and Queen even by their natives. Such hospitality you cannot find anywhere else in this world.

History: Not many people are aware of Georgian history. You can find glimpses of their history carved on every castle, monastery, cave city, and fortress, and it’s worth watching.

Soviet throwbacks: If the soviet-era fascinates you, you won’t be disheartened upon visiting Georgia. You can find brutalist architecture and abandoned buildings in every corner of the corner.

Georgia for Tourism! When is the best time to visit Georgia?

The best time to visit Georgia is late Spring or Autumn. Though you may find slight variations in the weather at different places in Georgia, its overall weather condition is mild. The peak time to visit Georgia is between late April and early June(late Spring) or mid-September to late October(Autumn). During these times, the weather will be moderate, and you can indulge in several outdoor activities and hiking and experience the country’s cultural festivals and religious celebrations.

Georgia in Summer

Summer in Georgia is usually between July and August and seems to be the busiest tourist season. Most of their resorts will be fully booked and may charge double or sometimes triple the price of the usual rate. Simultaneously the train fares will also go up, making it difficult to travel for domestic tourism. Summers in Georgia are specially made for mountain hiking and lounging on beaches. But hot weather in some parts of the country, like Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi, is not suitable for everyone. The significant advantage of visiting Georgia in Summer is that all its mountain roads will be open.

Georgia in Autumn

Though the peak tourist season ends only in September, the crowd starts to fade as the temperature cools. The autumns in Georgia are usually between September and early November. If you are a wine lover, you should surely visit this beautiful place at that time. The grapes are harvested annually here around September/ early October. It is a time for festivities, feasting, and fun for Georgians, especially those living in the Kakheti region. Moreover, Georgia’s most significant cultural festival, Tbilisoba, takes place every October in Tbilisi. You can experience milder temperatures and scarce rainfall during the Autumn in Georgia, making it an ideal time for all outdoor activities.

Georgia in Winter

Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, is relatively mild compared to its other regions. But extremities of the winter season can be experienced in the mountain areas. During that time, most of its remote villages will be shut down. Winter is also an excellent time to visit Georgia if you can withstand air pollution and arid landscape. Blue sky days are pretty standard during winters in Georgia. You can celebrate Christmas and New Year on the streets of Tbilisi as they will be adorned with a festival atmosphere.

Georgia in Spring

The Spring (late April to May) is a favourite time to visit Georgia. Winters usually drag on till late April. After that temperature rises, flowers bloom, making it a perfect time for all adventurous activities. Georgians welcome Spring with the New Wine festival in Tbilisi and the spring wine, spring celebrations, and Spring produce. But you will likely experience heavy rainfall in May, the wettest month of the year, especially in Tbilisi.

Visiting Georgia for tourism? Visa requirements for Georgia- Visa Requirements for UAE Residents

The visa exemption policy in Georgia is very generous. Now citizens of 98 countries, including the UK, US, EU, and Australia, with valid passports can stay in Georgia for almost one year without a visa. In addition, if you stay in Georgia continuously for 183 days, you automatically become a tax-paying country resident. So, you can open a bank account, work, start a business, apply for temporary residency and even buy property under the waiver scheme. Since it is a visa exemption, you can easily reactivate it after it expires by returning to your home country and reentering Georgia with a new stamp. These exemptions may change in the future. But right now, this is how it works in Georgia, and you can stay there as long as you want if you have the proper documents.

Tourists from over 65 countries are eligible to receive a 30 to 90 days tourist e-visa, which you can get online before you reach Georgia. For your visa processing to Georgia, you must have a valid passport if you are staying for a longer duration. You are also required to produce proof of insurance for your period of stay and evidence of your return airfare. But those who are travelling on visa exemptions need not have to submit evidence of the return airfare or travel insurance. This was a general description of the visa requirements in Georgia. For more details, you can visit the official website of the Georgian government.

UAE residents having a minimum of 90 days on their residency are eligible for an on-arrival visa to Georgia. (Subject to the approval of Immigration)

Travel insurance for Georgia! Travel Insurance requirement for visiting Georgia for Tourism

Georgia is a tourist-friendly country. But still, it would be a good idea to take travel insurance, especially if you are going for adventurous activities like mountain hiking, skiing, etc. Sometimes travellers to Georgia are requested to show their travel insurance when boarding their flight or at the immigration desk upon arrival. In 2022, the Georgian government has also included health insurance in its recommendation list but has not made it mandatory. Regular travel insurance policies are applicable for all parts of Georgia, except in places like Abkhazia and South Ossetia. If you plan to visit these places, it is highly recommended that you take a specialised insurance policy that covers all major emergencies. You will not find any consular support services in Abkhazia.

How to get to Georgia? Travelling to and around Georgia for Tourism

Georgia has three international airports- Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi. Direct flights are available for people from the Gulf, Central Asia, Turkey, and Europe. The Kutaisi international airport has two to three direct weekly flights from Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Europe. Tbilisi international airport is equipped with all international airways, including Turkish Airways, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, FlyDubai, and Georgian Airways. Once you reach the country, you can move around using a car, train, or bus at your convenience.

Georgia for tourism! Is Georgia safe for tourists?

Undoubtedly, Georgia is a tourist-friendly country, and reports of petty crime and tourist scams are sporadic here. But of course, you must be careful about your road safety and shepherd dogs on your visits to rural Georgia. As long as you are cautious about your belongings, use your common sense and remember your etiquette while interacting with the ordinary people of Georgia, you are likely to face zero problems in Georgia. If you are a solo traveller, it is better to pair up with someone else before going for adventurous activities.

As I said earlier, scams are less likely to happen in Georgia, especially to tourists. But still, to be on the safer side, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while travelling in and around Georgia.

  • It is always better to book a cab through an app.
  • Always ask the price of the foods on the street markets before purchasing them.
  • It is better to avoid exchanging money at the airport. You can use an ATM to withdraw money instead.
  • Never visit a bar that isn’t listed on Google maps.

Another important thing you must be careful about during your visit to Georgia is road safety. Though the highway roads in Georgia are well maintained, the streets in the mountain areas are still a matter of concern. The reckless driving of drivers will increase our fear. It is better to be well-prepared before going on road trips to avoid such risks. Below are some tips that can save you from road accidents.

  • Don’t go for long drives. It is better to break your journey in between and stay in safe places.
  • Avoid night drives.
  • If you suspect your driver to be drunk, ditch him immediately.
  • Don’t opt for cheap travel. They may save you some money but may cost your life by taking shortcuts.
  • Before hiring a taxi, get to know the roads and their safety rule.

Though the above rules are the standard road safety rules in any country, they will come in handy if you are in an unknown land and that too for the first time.

The next matter of concern in Georgia is its dogs. Street dogs are in high population in Georgia, and there are more than 50,000 street dogs in Tbilisi alone. City dogs are friendly towards people but can be aggressive toward each other. If you watch closely, you can find that many dogs carry a plastic marker on their ears, which indicates that they are vaccinated and neutered. Shepherd dogs found in hilly areas are even more aggressive; they will go to any extent to protect their flocks. If you encounter them on your way to hiking, keep a distance from them. Don’t shy away from getting help if you are in such a situation. Often shepherds will be there in the vicinity whom you can reach out to for help.

And if you are a solo female traveller, there are also certain things you need to remember before starting your trip to Georgia. Don’t go for solo mountain hiking. Always be in groups. Take the back seat while travelling in taxis. Don’t forget to lock the doors at night, especially when staying in guest houses in rural areas. Try to avoid shared accommodations as they offer the least privacy to their guests.

Currency of Georgia

Lari is the official currency of Georgia, abbreviated as GEL. Their coins are termed tetri. 100 tetri= 1 lari. In circulation, you can find 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 lari banknotes. Coins in circulation are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 tetri. Even though some shops display their prices in Euros or USD, you can make payments only through lari and tetri. So you need to carry only that currency with you during your stay in Georgia.

Exchange rates fluctuate based on the tourist season. It is at an all-time high during summers and may dip during winters. It is better to confirm on the national bank website of Georgia before going for currency exchange. Most of the shops and restaurants in the cities of Georgia accept debit and credit cards. But when you move to rural areas, cash is always king. It is the same case with street vendors. But most of the towns have ATMs. So you need not have to worry if you run out of cash. But it would be a good idea to carry cash with you while visiting rural areas. Some ATMs in Georgia even have the provision to withdraw Euros and USD. But you may have to pay some additional money. Still, it is affordable as you can avoid the long queues in the airport to exchange money.

Etiquette in Georgia!Georgia for tourism

Though Georgians are conservative in many ways, they are open-minded toward tourists. There are no unspoken rules or social stigma to follow. But still, there are certain things that you need to be aware of while mingling with the local Georgian people.

  • Greet your neighbours. If you are staying in shared accommodation, remember to wish your fellow mate. Otherwise, it is considered impolite.
  • Don’t feel wrong with their stony expressions. It is uncommon in Georgia to say greetings like Thank You, sorry, etc., especially among shopkeepers and drivers. So if you exchange such greetings, they may not reciprocate you. So don’t feel bad about it. It’s their nature.
  • While travelling in public transport, remember to vacate your seat for elderly or pregnant women.
  • Don’t throw your leftover bread in waste bins in Georgia. Bread is treated as sacred there. If you want to throw it, put it in a plastic bag and tie it outside the container.
  • Don’t bargain at the shops and restaurants of Georgia. Bargaining at the markets is ok, but you must do it respectfully.
  • No one will judge you if you leave some food in the restaurants of Georgia. But try to avoid food wastage.
  • Be within your limits while discussing sensitive topics like politics in public with your friends or strangers. You can talk politics, but don’t be the first person to raise the subject.
  • If you are staying at a guesthouse and someone offers you a drink with which you are not very comfortable, you can refuse it politely.

The next etiquette you must remember while staying in Georgia is visiting the orthodox churches there. Churches play a vital role in modern Georgian society. Visitors to churches and monasteries must follow specific dress codes and behavioural rules. While visiting orthodox places in Georgia, women must keep their heads covered along with their shoulders and knees. In some areas, long skirts are preferred over pants. Men can come with an uncovered head but must cover their shoulders and knees. Most religious places rent out headscarves and skirts. But rural monasteries and churches don’t. It is better to dress occasionally and carry a lightweight scarf with you on your visit to such places.

Georgia for tourism! Georgian Cuisines

Georgia is a paradise for food lovers. Whether you live to eat or eat to live, Georgia will undoubtedly satisfy your tastebuds. Maybe your desire to visit Georgia is because of its food culture and the Georgian feast named Supra.

Georgian cuisine is inspired by its mountains and is heavenly. Its every part is lip-smacking and fills both your heart and stomach.

Georgians use organically grown vegetables and spices in almost all their dishes. They prefer non-veg over vegetarian dishes; some of their signature dishes are listed below.

  • Khinkali: It is the only soup dumpling in Georgia and is made out of beef, cumin, aged cheese, and mushroom.
  • Khachapuri: It is a traditional Georgia dish with two famous varieties- Imeretian Khachapuri and Adjaruli Khachapuri. Imeretian Khachapuri is a simple bread layered with cheese, whereas Adjaruli Khachapuri is boat-shaped bread served with butter and egg. When you go to rural areas, you can find more varieties of Khachapuris.
  • Kharcho with Elarji: It is a beef stew rich in walnuts and spices. Don’t forget to order Elarji(cheesy cornmeal) and Ghomi sticks( fried cornmeal batons).
  • Lobio: The simple, flavourful, stewed kidney beans come in a clay pot.
  • Shkmeruli: It is basically chicken cooked in a reasonable amount of garlic sauce.
  • Chvishtari: It is a deep-fried patty made out of cheesy cornmeal. It is stringy, amazing, and mouthwatering.
  • Borano: An extravaganza of melted cheese smothered on melted butter.
  • Gebjalia: It is a Megrelian dish and is a cheese roll served in cheesy yoghurt sauce with a mint topping.
  • Apkhazura: They are meatballs made of beef or pork and pomegranate, wrapped in caul fat.
  • Tatara/ Pelamushi: It is a soft version of Churchkhela. It is a dessert made out of grape juice.

When it comes to wines, there are more than 10,000 wine varieties available in Georgia. Wines are primarily cultivated in the Khaketi region, but you can find the wine industry in almost all parts of Georgia. Some must-try wines are Saperavi, amber, Kisi, Krakhuna, Khvanchkara, Otskhanuri Sapera, and Shavkapito.

Most Georgians fast throughout the year, especially at religious festivals, and some even fast two days a week, mainly on Wednesdays and Fridays, due to their spiritual practices. So most of the restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in Georgia keep the fast menu popularly known as Samarkhvo, which is made of animal-free products.

There is no breakfast or brunch culture in Georgia, and they usually have lunch at 2-3 pm and dinner at 9-10 pm. However, a few early morning cafes and breakfast corners are coming up in different parts of the country. Most restaurants will be open by midday and will continue to serve food till late at night. Do remember that smoking is banned in restaurants in Georgia.

Georgia for Tourism! Where to go in Georgia? Places to visit

Georgia is a beautiful country you can’t stop exploring, and you will be blindly stuck by its scenic beauty, landscapes, and culture. In Georgia, you can wake up in the mountains, drive through the dense forests and walk on the black sand magnetic beach by evening. Here are some of the top places you can visit in Georgia.


There is no need for a special introduction to Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi. It is the best place to start and end your Georgian exploration. Being the cultural and culinary hub of the country, you can easily spend a week exploring the streets and architecture of this old city. You will need at least two days full to understand the hook and corners of this city. And I can guarantee you that it will be a wonderful experience.


Kutaisi doesn’t usually fit on every traveller’s list; if it is there, it will be either their arrival or departure point. Kutaisi is the third biggest city in Georgia and has some hidden charms which can leave you astonished for years. It was the former capital of Georgia and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Europe. One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Gelati Monastery, is situated on the outskirts of Kutaisi, and it is, in fact, a cluster of beautiful monasteries and churches. You can easily spend a day or two in this peaceful city with wine bars and restaurants here and there.


Batumi, famous for its architectural buildings, bars, and casinos, is the biggest city on the black sea coast of Georgia. But apart from the architectural beauty, Batumi is also known for its history, tradition, food, wine, and street art. It has Georgia’s one of best national parks and the most impressive botanical garden.


Kakheti shares its borders with the Greater Caucasus in the north and Azerbaijan in the south. It is also known as Eastern Georgia. Here you can find Georgia’s iconic medieval monasteries and impressive mountaintop churches. The tradition of wine-making was started in Kakheti and, to date, is the most productive wine region of the country. Besides vineyards, they also have many national parks and valleys that attract tourists worldwide.

Caucasus Mountains

The country Georgia is greatly influenced by the mountains. From food to languages, everything is related to mountains. Georgia has two popular mountain ranges- the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. The most visited mountain destinations are Kazbegi and Svaneti.

Georgia for Tourism! Things to do in Georgia

Georgia for Tourism! One of the best all-year-round tourism destinations, Georgia has something to offer to every traveller who visits her. Both your mind and body will be satisfied after you visit Georgia. Apart from eating, drinking, and shopping, this beautiful country has many more things to do. Some of them are listed below.

  • You can go for a scrub down at Tbilisi Sulfur baths.
  • Sip wine from Kakheti.
  • Drive through the Georgian Military highway.
  • Visit a medieval cave monastery.
  • Go mountain hiking.
  • Explore the inside of the tower house of Ushuli, listed by UNESCO.
  • Swimming on Black sand beach.
  • Visit the partially inhabited spa town of Tskalbuto.
  • Visit the rural areas of Georgia.

If I start listing all the things you can do in Georgia, this article won’t be enough. In short, Georgia has everything that a tourist is looking for.


If you are looking for a peaceful, calm place to spend your vacation, there is no better choice than Georgia. Pack your bags, get ready to explore this small but mighty nation, and immerse yourself in its scenic beauty. Enjoy and live your life to the maximum.


Georgia for Tourism! How many days do you need in Georgia? For visiting Georgia for Tourism purposes!

You will need at least 10 to 14 days to explore Georgia in its full fledge. If you can spend more time, it will be better for you.

How much does it cost to visit Georgia from Dubai?

From Dubai, visiting Georgia will cost you around 1,500 AED per person. Different packages are available for different rates, and you can choose according to your convenience.

How much does it cost to visit Georgia from Sharjah?

From Sharjah to Georgia, it can cost you around 500 AED to 1500 AED depending upon your amenities.

How much does it cost to visit Georgia from Abu Dhabi?

You can visit Georgia from Abu Dhabi with around 130 AED to 250 AED based on your requirements.

Do I need a visa to enter Georgia?

UAE residents do not need a visa to enter Georgia, and you can stay in Georgia for around one year with a visa exemption policy.

When can we see snow in Georgia?

Winter season starts in Georgia by mid-September and extends till April. You can enjoy most of the snow in February.

Is Georgia a Schengen state?

No, Georgia is not a Schengen state.

Is Georgia worth visiting in winter?

Even though the winter in Georgia is not appealing compared to the other season, it is still worth visiting this beautiful land during winter.


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