GCC citizens of all professions can now apply for a visa online through Qatar’s Hayya Portal, which has been relaunched.

Tourists of all nations can quickly and easily request an admission permit.

Dubai: Visit Qatar, the nation’s official tourism website, has announced that all nationalities can now quickly and simply apply for a 30-day tourist visa to Qatar using the Hayya Portal. Visit Qatar said on Sunday, April 16, that the Hayya Portal is now the nation’s official website for obtaining travel visas.

A tourist visa can now be obtained through the portal by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens of all occupations, it was also revealed. Therefore, if you are not qualified for a visa on arrival in Qatar, you can apply for the visa online in a few simple steps using the Hayya Portal, which can be accessed at hayya.qa, or the ‘Hayya’ app, which is accessible for Android, Apple, and Huawei devices.

Here are all the details.

Five additional travel visas for Qatar

The Hayya Portal accepts applications for the following five visas:

1. Tourist Visa (A1): Hayya Tourist Entry is for anyone who wants to visit friends or relatives or go to Qatar for tourism-related reasons.

2. The GCC Resident Visa (A2) is available to all GCC citizens.

3. Visa with ETA (A3): You can apply for entry with ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) if you have a valid visa or are a resident of the US, UK, Canada, Schengen, Australia, or New Zealand.

4. For GCC nationals who wish to travel with a companion, an A4 visa is required.

5. “Hayya with Me” (c): International Hayya Card holders who visited Qatar during the FIFA World Cup may extend an invitation to up to three members of their family or friends. A non-resident Hayya Card holder has three voucher codes that they can give to friends or family, according to Hayya Portal. Once they have the code, the user can use the portal to apply for a tourist visa to Qatar and use the voucher to avoid paying a processing charge.

The card is now valid through January 24, 2024.

Eligibility requirements for UAE citizens travelling to Qatar 

For eligibility purposes, UAE citizens must meet the following criteria before applying for a visa through the portal:

• Must have been legally residing in Qatar for at least three months as of the date of entry.

A confirmed reservation is required.

• Must possess a return ticket.

• The guest must depart from their own country.

• The title of the position must correspond to the profession listed on the residence visa.

Required documents for the GCC resident visa for Qatar

The following documents are required for submission by all GCC citizens, including UAE expats:

• A valid residence permit copy
• A valid passport copy
• A passport photo taken within 12 months

How to use the Hayya Portal to apply for a Qatar GCC Resident Visa

Step 1: Register for a Hayya account.

Go to https://hayya.qa/en/ and click on “Apply for Hayya” on the Hayya Portal.
• Click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account if you don’t already have one.
• Simply type your email address and click the “Send Verification Code” button. Create a password and enter the verification given to your email.
• You will be required to login using your new account information when the account has been created.
• Refresh the page, then select “Apply for Hayya.”

Step 2: Fill in the application.

There are four types of visas:

• The type of visa you want to apply for and the reason for your trip will initially be asked for by the system. Choose the ‘GCC Resident Visa (A2)’ category. You may.

Then choose one of the choices.

• Leisure
• Sports Event
• Job Seeker
• Business Meeting
• Wedding Party
• Shopping
• Medical Care
• Heritage Tourism
• Friend Visit
• Convention Participation
• Event participation

Alternately, you can select “others” and then enter a description of your visit.

2. Upload the required documents

• Upload your passport photo; it must adhere to certain specifications, including not exceeding 2MB in size, being taken no more than 12 months prior to upload, and only containing JPEG or JPG files.

• Upload a copy of your current passport that clearly shows the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). The passport copy should also be in color. The MRZ, which is made up of two rows of 44 characters each, can be found on the passport identification page. The MRZ is located at the foot of the entity page. Only JPEG or JPG photos may be submitted, and the copy’s size must not exceed 2MB.
• Click the ‘Save’ button once you’ve finished.

Next, upload a copy of your passport. The Hayya portal system will automatically fill in your full name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiration date, gender, nationality, and country of passport issue.
• Choose the ‘Normal’ passport type.
• Select the ‘Validate User’ button.

3. Add your residency details.

• Choose your country of birth, then one of the GCC nations for your country of residency.
• Indicate whether you’ve had a different nationality.

4. Mention your job title.

Next, choose your career from the 200 options in the drop-down menu. If you still can’t find your profession, type “Others” and manually enter your profession. Applicants must confirm that the job title matches the one shown on their residency card in order to enter Qatar, according to the Hayya Portal.

Next, attach a copy of your GCC resident permit or UAE residence visa.

5. Add your accommodations information.

The Hayya Portal states that visitors have two choices:

• Staying with family or friends: To do this, a Qatari citizen with an ID must register their home on Hayya. Make sure your host has added you to their Hayya guest list.
• To reserve lodging, you must input your hotel or furnished apartment reservation. The Hayya Portal states that all candidates must have a confirmed reservation.

6. Add your contact details.

• Type in your cellphone number, emergency number, and the name of your emergency contact.

Step 3: Submit the application and make the required payment.

• Click ‘Review and Submit’ once you have finished filling out the application.
• The “terms and conditions” are accepted.
• The ‘Submit’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons should be clicked.
• After that, you will see a pop-up stating that your application was filed successfully and giving you an “entry reference number” for further use.
• The Hayya Portal will then send you a payment request. Pay the required amount of QAR100 (Dh100.49).

Step 4: Receive your Hayya Card

The entrance visa will be sent to you through email, but you can also access it via the Hayya app or website by selecting “My Hayya” from the app’s home page or “My Hayya” from the website, hayya.qa. The approval of the application by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) might take anywhere between two and five working days, according to the Hayya Portal call centre.

Qatar entry visa for family

You are allowed to bring your family along, but they must all be GCC citizens, and each of their application forms must be submitted separately, according to the Hayya Portal. The dependent must file a separate tourist entrance application if they are not a GCC resident.

Can GCC citizens still enter Qatar with a visa upon arrival?

If they are citizens of one of the 95 countries eligible for visas on arrival, GCC residents in certain professions may also be able to obtain one.

If they have a hotel reservation made through the Discover Qatar website, www.discoverqatar.qa, nationals of India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iran, and Thailand are only eligible for a visa on arrival and are only permitted to stay in the country for 30 days.

Entry-permit fee for Hayya

The cost of a visa is 100 QAR (Dh100.49). It must be paid once your visa has been granted. The payment is not transferable.


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