Most haunted places in Kerala: Are you ready to get spooked?

Kerala, also known as “God’s own country,” draws tourists with its lush landscape, backwaters, and a variety of other features. Every nook and cranny of Kerala produces a spring of varied sights thanks to its extraordinary socio-cultural foundation. Are Kerala’s sights all breathtaking? Kerala has a few strange and unsettling locations. Where do the earliest horror stories come from?  Tripfinder can help you read through the most haunted places in Kerala.

Lakkidi Gateway

The quickest way to cross the Thamarassery Pass is through the Lakkidi Gateway, which is located in Kerala’s Wayanad region. The discovery of this route, however, is what has transformed the door into one of Kerala’s most terrifying locations.

The Story: In the past, a British professional used the assistance of a man by the name of Karinthandan to find Lakkidi and then claimed credit for finding the route himself, killing Karinthandan in the process. Following that, numerous explorers passing the new route revealed the spirit of Karinthandan’s meandering. The forsaken soul was exiled and tied to a tree after a cleric was summoned. Amazingly, the chain has grown along with the tree that people believe to be the spirit that hasn’t been freed yet.

The Scary Aspect: Around dusk, trespassers have heard the horrifying screams.

Bonacaud Bungalow

Bonacaud Bungalow is currently one of the spookiest homes in Kerala if real ghost stories are to be believed. This rickety house transforms into a horrible place after dark, making it one of Kerala’s creepiest locations.

The Story: The home was praised for its expansive tea estates under British law. It is rumoured that the owner’s young children perished in mysterious circumstances one fateful night. The couple exited the episode and returned to London. 

The Scary Aspect: The frightening part is that some have reported hearing a childish soul meandering around the house constantly. At midnight, a child’s screams and the sound of breaking glass can be heard. The terrifying child’s ghost has also been heard speaking while roaming the area.

Trichur Woodland 

trichur woodland | haunted place in kerala

Things to do in Kerala include outdoor activities like trekking and going on a wilderness safari. If you enjoy hiking and the outdoors, you probably already know about Kerala’s Trichur Forest if you are a fan of the natural world. Even though it is a wonderful location, after the sun sets, it takes on a sinister appearance.

The Story: Unknown

The Scary Aspect: Those who travel here in search of a daring encounter have witnessed paranormal activity. The ghost of a young child who died in this wilderness at the age of seven is said to be perpetually ambling through the open without harming anyone. In the morning, the soul leaves, leaving the location a haven for hikers.

Sabarimala Temple

sabarimala temple | haunted place in kerala

The ancient Sabarimala temple, which houses the Sree Ayyappa deity, is the subject of numerous legends. Although it’s simple to dismiss it as Kerala’s scariest location, given that it’s a deeply revered temple, there have been some mysterious and supernatural occurrences there.

The Story: According to legend, Lord Ayyappa vanquished a demon in this location.

The Scary Aspect:  On the same date every year, the evil soul tries to enter the sacred space but is stopped by Lord Ayyappa. The battle ends with the destruction of the hidden soul, and to confirm this, there is a fire in the sky that witnesses swear they have seen.


kariavattom | haunted place in kerala

In Kerala, Kariavattom Grounds Street is another spooky location. According to legend, the lake in the area is called Hymavathi Lake, after the young woman who ended it all there.

The Story: Unknown

The Scary Aspect Witnesses have reported seeing a ghost that is twice as large as an average person roaming the streets.

Perandoor Canal

perandoor canal | haunted place in kerala

If you want to have a ghostly encounter, you should go to Perandoor Canal, one of Kerala’s most eerie locations. Locals acknowledge that Mathai’s soul has left a mysterious mark on this canal.

The Story: According to legend, Vadhuthala Mathai mistreated a woman and was executed by hanging close to this canal at the whim of Lord Raja Edappally.

The Scary Aspect:  Near this canal, locals have reported experiencing a number of paranormal activities.

Crying Ghost in Kolam

crying ghost in kollam | haunted place in kerala

The sound of a child crying in your new home is undoubtedly terrifying. When all was said and done, this occurred to a couple who moved into a Kolam home. Every day the strange sound grew louder until finally they called the cleric who had captured the lost soul. Undoubtedly, it is one of Kerala’s most terrifying locations.

The Story: Unknown

The Scary Aspects: Terrifying child’s cries

Morris Bungalow

morris bunglow  | haunted place in kerala

In Kerala, one of the most enigmatic locations in Morris Home. The opulent bungalow, which had an Englishman living with it during the British occupation of India, is thought to have been abandoned by Morris after a disagreement with his father. Since then, the house has gained a reputation for its erratic workouts.

The Story: The legend goes that the opulent cabin was once home to Englishman Morris, who ended everything. Since then, the house has become notorious for strange exercises.

The Scary Aspect: An evil spirit inhabiting a cabin

You may visit these most haunted places in Kerala if you are ready to get spooked and have an adventurous soul. 


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