New bus service between the UAE and Oman: What you need to know about prices, tickets, and visa requirements

For some tourists, the complete trip’s price—including tickets and immigration fees—is less than Dh200.

UAE citizens have long been enthralled by the unique appeal of Oman’s Musandam, which is known for its craggy mountains, pristine waterways, and colorful culture. It’s without a doubt one of the most well-liked locations in the winter for people eager to get away from the rush of city life.

This year, a new bus route from Ras Al Khaimah makes travel simpler. On October 6, the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) will launch a public transport service to the Oman Governorate of Musandam.  However, UAE citizens and visitors must be aware of the need for a visa in addition to other necessary travel documents before starting this cross-border journey.


The following conditions are applicable to UAE citizens using the Ras Al Khaimah-Musandam bus service, according to a contact centre representative from RAKTA:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months
  • Emirates ID (valid for at least six months).

The spokesperson replied, “Residents of the UAE can get a visa at the Oman border for admission into Oman.

Visitors from the UAE holding single-entry visas:

  • Before leaving, a visit visa for Oman is required.
  • While in Oman, a visa application must be made, and it must be approved before beginning the return journey, in order to enter the UAE.

For travellers with visas for several visits:

  • Before leaving, a visa for Oman is necessary.
  • A multiple-entry visa can make re-entry easier. However, in order to enter Oman, their passport must be valid for six months.

Fees, visa costs

Residents leaving the UAE must pay the departure charge of Dh36 at the border. At the Oman border, Dh50 will get you an Oman visa.

Visitors from the UAE with single-entry or multiple-entry visas must additionally pay the departure charge.

Bus fares and services

The trip takes around three hours and leaves at eight in the morning and six in the evening on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The cost of the one-way trip is Dh50.

Total cost of the trip

A total of Dh136 will be paid by bus passengers up until the final Musandam stop. For locals, the sole fee for the return trip is the bus price.

How to book tickets

There are several ways for locals and visitors to reserve seats: 

Through the official website of the RAKTA
RAKBUS application 
At the bus station 
On board the bus 


The service departs from Ras Al Khaimah’s main bus terminal (Al Dhait South) and makes two stops there: Al Rams and the Shaam neighbourhood.

The service in Musandam will have stops at Tibaat, Wilayat of Bukha, Harf, and the Qada region, beginning and ending at Wilayat of Khasab.

Travelling from other emirates to RAK

Through RAKTA’s intercity routes, one may take a bus to Ras Al Khaimah from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, and Al Ain. The tickets may be purchased at the bus stops in different emirates, on board, through the RAKTA website and mobile applications, or online.


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