Passenger ships are anticipated to launch in 2023, with a 200-kg baggage limit and a Dh440 ticket price

The goal is to launch the service before the end of the school year in December so that foreign nationals can travel without having to spend a fortune.

Travel for the Indian expat population living in the UAE is set to undergo a radical transformation in 2023 thanks to a game-changing passenger ship service. These expats frequently find that going to and from India is an expensive affair. They make up a sizeable portion of the population of the UAE. The innovative project, on the other hand, intends to significantly cut down on travel costs by offering a direct and affordable connection between the UAE and the scenic state of Kerala in southern India. Beyond the economical advantages, this sensible and environmentally sustainable travel option provides seamless connectivity, encourages cross-cultural interaction, and is expected to boost tourist and economic growth in both regions. The launch of this passenger ship service marks a significant turning point in travel between the UAE and India by providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and culturally stimulating experience. It’s a sign of the expanding interconnections between these two dynamic areas that provide locals, families, companies, and visitors alike the chance to engage more deeply and discover Kerala and the UAE’s diverse cultures.

A Budget-Friendly Travel Option

The UAE and Kerala, a state in southern India, may soon offer passenger ship service, giving Indian expats a simple and affordable means of transportation. The expected range for ticket costs for this passenger ship service is Dh442 (about Rs. 10,000–15,000) to Dh663 (around Rs. It depends on the length of the trip that is selected. This pricing structure will undoubtedly provide a cost-effective alternative to flying. especially for those who frequently commute between these two countries.

The passenger ship is expected to travel gently for three days between the UAE and India. It ensures a comfortable trip because of its roomy capacity to transport up to 1,250 passengers at once. There are currently two ports of call on the ship’s itinerary: Kochi and Beypore. Its path will be extended to include Vizhinjam as a third site.

Delegates from the Kerala government will meet with ministers from the Indian central government next week to discuss the project, according to YA Rahim, the president of the Indian Association Sharjah. Rahim stated that all that was still required was the central government’s consent. “On September 24, the delegation will convene. I fail to understand why anyone would have a problem with the initiative. By November, if we receive approval, we can begin the service trial run. The plan is to launch the service before the December break for students. We want to make sure that Indian expats in the UAE may visit their families without having to pay obscene airline fees,” he added.

Keralites have been requesting passenger ship service for some time now. However, for a variety of reasons, earlier efforts were unsuccessful. Here is all the information you require for the future project.

Provisions for Liberal Baggage on This UAE-India Ship

This service’s very generous baggage allowance is a distinguishing feature. During their trip, passengers are allowed to bring up to 200kg of personal items. For those who need to move large amounts of goods or personal products, this significant increase in baggage space is an enticing option compared to the usual flight restrictions. The Sharjah Indian Association and the prestigious private company Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited are jointly in charge of this large-scale initiative. The Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA) and the Keralan government both firmly support the plan. They are planning for operations to start before the December holiday break, which would be a key turning point for this project.

The upcoming start of this passenger ship service will mark a significant development in the relationship between the UAE and India. Numerous Indian expatriates living in the UAE would experience a revolution in travel when offered a cheap, hassle-free choice with a generous baggage allowance.

What will the price of the tickets be?

Depending on the length of the trip, the cost of a ticket on the passenger ship service will range from Dh442 (about Rs. 10,000) to Dh663 (around Rs. Prices will be on the higher end of the range when demand is at its highest.

What are the key features?

The journey between India and the UAE will take the passenger ship three days to complete. It has a maximum capacity of 1,250 passengers at once. During this voyage, passengers are allowed to bring up to 200kg of luggage. The planners claim that there will be a vast selection of culinary options and entertainment for the passengers on board.

Where will it sail?

Currently, the ship is scheduled to travel to Beypore and Kochi. Kochi, one of the most well-known cities in Kerala, is home to one of India’s biggest ports. On India’s southwest coast, in the city of Kozhikode, is the port of Beypore. Rahim claims that the pipeline has a third location. “We are planning to start a route to Vizhinjam as well,” he said. Once finished in December 2024, the Vizhinjam port, India’s first mega transhipment container facility, will be Kerala’s largest container port.

Who is leading this project?

This large-scale undertaking is being led by the Sharjah Indian Association in collaboration with Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited, a private company, and with the backing of the Keralan government and the Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA), a division of the Keralan government that deals with issues pertaining to non-resident Keralites.

How likely is it that the project will be realised?

Ahammad Devarkovil, the port minister for Kerala, charged in May that airlines exploit non-resident Keralites who wish to travel during the summer months. He had said that when opening a high-level meeting jointly organized by the Kerala Maritime Board (KMB) and Malabar Development Council (MDC) in Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram to discuss the passenger ship service project. “Many Malayalis have to set aside a huge amount of their hard-earned money to travel,” he had said.

According to Rahim, it is only a matter of time before the passenger ship becomes a reality with the cooperation of such influential parties.


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