Sea World Abu Dhabi Opened With The Mysteries Of The Marine World

There are 8 realms in the park, each with its own attractions, including waterfalls, rollercoasters, and underwater shopping. The park, which offers up-close animal encounters and expeditions, has over 100 animal experiences and presentations. 

Abu Dhabi: Man has the chance to plunge into the enigmatic ocean’s depths thanks to Sea World Abu Dhabi. On May 23, Sea World Abu Dhabi officially opened to the public. The marine life theme park on Yas Island will present a “One Ocean” narrative that explores the connections between life on Earth and the ocean. Since then, it has been bursting with breathtaking sights. There are eight zones in total spread across the five indoor levels of this marine life theme park. The park, which offers up-close animal encounters and expeditions, has over 100 animal experiences and presentations, according to its website. More than 35 interactive attractions and rides, live actors and performances, 17 dining establishments, 13 shops, and roaming entertainment from all spheres will be found at SeaWorld.

The 183,000-square-metre park was developed by Miral and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, a company based in the US. More than 100,000 marine animals, including 150 different species of birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals, will be able to live there in a dynamic habitat. A large multi-species aquarium with more than 25 million litres of water will be located in the park’s Endless Ocean realm. Modern technology and animal habitats were used in the design of every section of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Additionally, it has the state-of-the-art technology and the tools necessary to adhere to the strictest standards for animal welfare.


The journey of the guests begins in the Abu Dhabi Ocean realm, where they are transported to the Arabian Gulf’s rocky shores to learn more about the country’s long-standing tradition of pearl diving and trading. Visitors to Abu Dhabi Ocean will be able to have close encounters with local wildlife in the emirate and surrounding area. This area has a number of dining options, including the signature Arabic restaurant Matbakh Ummi, as well as shops in a souk that pay homage to Abu Dhabi’s history and its close ties to the Arabian Gulf.

The park-wide interactive game S.E.A. Guardian, which is available at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, will also be available to visitors for the first time at Abu Dhabi Ocean. Two distinct realms in the Polar Ocean realm transport visitors from the icy wastes of Antarctica to the lush, biodiverse tundra of the Arctic, illuminating how these unique and extreme environments of the Polar Ocean form an important chapter of the One Ocean story. Visitors can take in the vibrant Juhani village and harbour, which depict life at the North Pole and feature walruses exploring their dynamic, cutting-edge habitats in these worlds. The coldest of all realms will also mimic the polar regions of our planet, providing a habitat that is ideal for creatures like penguins and walruses. Visitors can take an immersive ride, indulge in dining options, peruse retail establishments, and visit a sizable research vessel filled with entertaining interactive ways to learn more about these various regions and their inhabitants in the Polar Ocean realm.

Small is BIG and important when exploring the micro-oceanic realm. The ocean tides will sweep visitors away, making them feel as small as plankton. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the smaller marvels of the ocean in this world, which features a riot of colour and an immersive design that emphasises the critical function of the ocean’s tiniest marine life. Family-friendly rides, kid-friendly play areas, zany characters and performers, an amusing retail space, and dynamic experiments that take young explorers on an unforgettable educational journey are all featured at MicroOcean. The realm of the Endless Ocean extends beyond the tiny oceanic wonders. The largest multi-species aquarium in the world is located there, along with gorgeous observation decks and the Endless Vista, a 20-meter viewing window in a sea cave. Within its magnificent habitat, there will be over 68,000 creatures, including sharks,  eels, rays, and manta rays. Delicious dining options are available at Endless Ocean, including one fine dining establishment with mesmerising aquarium views and one retail location. The largest realm at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Tropical Ocean, will also delight visitors with its rainbow of colours, dancing waterfalls, and clear lagoon. Visitors can see dolphins, flamingos, and exotic birds like toucans in the lush rainforest aviary at Tropical Ocean. A thrilling roller coaster ride, as well as shops and delectable dining options with both above- and underwater viewing areas, are also available at Tropical Ocean.

A secret cove with sea lions in nests can be found in the Rocky Point realm, which is modelled after the untamed Pacific Northwest of the United States. Rocky Point will also have dynamic sea lion habitats with a climate resembling the Pacific Northwest, which will be less chilly than the Arctic and Antarctic. A snack shop with a boardwalk theme is also present in this realm. The Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Centre on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, a dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation, and return centre, is next to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. This facility plays a crucial role in the UAE and the wider region’s efforts to conserve marine life by acting as a knowledge hub for advanced marine science. In February 2023, Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue officially opened.


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