Relax and enjoy yourself in the all-new Sleep n’ Fly Sleeping Pod Service, recently launched at Doha’s Hamad International Airport

Have you spent the whole flight crammed into your airline seats? Do you want to take a quick nap before your connecting flight? Then the Sleep Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport (Transit Area) is your solution. It offers world-class FlexiSuite Sleep Pods as well as YAWN Double and Bunk Cabins, some of which include a pull-out kids’ bed for an additional fee. 

You can make use of various facilities at Sleep ‘n Fly. Try out their state-of-the-art FlexiSuite Pods if you are travelling alone. Choose the YAWN Double Cabins for double or single usage if you are travelling with your partner. The YAWN Bunk Cabins are designed for people who want more privacy while travelling together. The peaceful retreat in the transit and duty-free area has a capacity for 107 passengers. 

The “Igloo” is a second-generation Sleep Pod that has been a success in many airports since 2013. Because of its incredibly attractive design and high comfort online, their “Igloo” is the ideal temporary resting solution for airport transit. This pod is equipped with an airline first-class flat-bed seat as well as excellent functionality in terms of features. 

Where is Sleep ‘n Fly 

Sleep ‘n Fly is located on the airside of Doha Hamad Airport, next to the terminal. To find it, though, you must know what to search for because it is hidden. When you’re in the middle of the terminal, opposite the enormous teddy bear, turn right and go just below the big screen, where you can see in the image below (“Your Journey Starts Now”), in the same general direction as the Al Safwa Lounge. You can find the “Sleep Lounge” sign when you turn along the corridor with a lot of luggage trolleys next to the Al Safwa Lounge entrance. Simply proceed down that hall, and you will come to the public restrooms at the end of it (you can use these restrooms as well if you’re visiting Sleep ‘n Fly, as the facility lacks toilets). The entrance to Sleep ‘n Fly will then be visible when you turn right. 

Sleep ‘n Fly Doha pricing and Priority Pass perks

Individual nap pods are available at Sleep ‘n Fly, providing you with a quiet space to relax. With Priority Pass, you can access Sleep ‘n Fly at the Doha Airport, and your friend can have their pod if you hold a Priority Pass membership that allows you to have guest privileges. On each visit, you can spend two or three hours in a single FlexiSuites nap pod, as specified on the Priority Pass website. 

● A two-hour stay is available between 10 p.m. and 12 p.m. 

● A three-hour stay is available between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. 

Rates were (all in USD): 

● $145 for a FlexiSuite Pod (with bedding included) 

● $231 for a YAWN Bunk Cabin 

● $239 for a YAWN Double Cabin 

● $262 for a YAWN Double Cabin with a child’s bed 

● $312 for a YAWN Family Bunk Cabin


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