A survey finds that Indian families prefer Goa as a domestic travel destination and Dubai as the preferred international destination

For Indian families who wish to travel domestically, Goa is the most popularly searched location, and Dubai (UAE) is the most searched international destination.

According to search data from a digital travel platform, the top five domestic destinations are the states or cities of Goa, Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Pondicherry, and Jaipur, while Dubai, Singapore, the Maldives, Bali (Indonesia), and Phuket (Thailand) top the international search rankings.

In addition to Dubai, the search data shows that Southeast Asian countries are also preferred by Indian families for their international trips. These places are attractive because they have a tropical climate, stunning beaches, and a variety of family-friendly hotels and activities that make travelling with kids easier. City stays are common for domestic travel, but each of the best locations has something special to offer that families can enjoy together. The vibrant beaches of Goa, the popular tourist destinations of Delhi, NCR, and Mumbai, the serene beauty of Pondicherry, and the history and culture of Jaipur are just a few of the attractions drawing Indian families.

These places mentioned above are in line with Agoda’s Family Travel Trend Survey, which surveyed more than 14,000 family travellers from 12 different countries and found that the top 3 family attractions were seeing landmarks, hanging out at the beach, and enjoying themselves at theme or amusement parks.

“Families are taking advantage of the school breaks to spend quality time on trips together. And Agoda’s data shows that when travelling, Indians are choosing beach destinations for family travel abroad,”  said Krishna Rathi, Country Director of Agoda India.


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