UAE 30-Day eVisa for GCC Residents: How to Apply

Travellers from all over the world have long coveted the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a vacation spot. It is a distinctive and alluring location to visit thanks to its magnificent buildings, opulent resorts, and rich cultural past. You may apply for a 30-day eVisa online if you live in one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations and wish to travel to the UAE for pleasure or business.

Residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) may now easily get a 30-day eVisa for the UAE, allowing them to take advantage of the nation’s attractions without having to deal with the burden of conventional visa applications. The specifics of how GCC citizens can apply for a UAE 30-day eVisa and set out on an unforgettable adventure are covered in this article. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP)’s (official online services platform, eVisa application is accessible to inhabitants of the GCC.

Importance of the UAE 30-Day eVisa

The UAE is a popular vacation destination due to its advantageous location, strong economy, and alluring tourism attractions. The 30-day eVisa option, designed especially for GCC citizens, provides a practical method to experience the UAE’s richness without having to go through the time-consuming visa application procedure of the past. This eVisa is an electronic entry visa that enables qualified GCC citizens to travel to the UAE for a brief period of time, making it the best option for journeys for pleasure, business, or to see family and friends.

GCC Residents’ Eligibility Requirements

Understanding the qualifying requirements is essential before submitting an application for the UAE 30-day eVisa. Only nationals of the GCC, which consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, are eligible for this eVisa. Travellers must have a current passport from their home country and fulfil the entrance conditions established by the UAE government.

Documents required for GCC citizens to apply for an eVisa

• A valid residency permit issued by one of the GCC nations, with a minimum three-month validity period.
• A copy of a current passport that has been valid for at least six months.
• A passport-sized, coloured photograph.

The passport photo must adhere to all ICP rules and specifications before being uploaded. When requesting a family member’s visa, such as if you are travelling with your partner or children, you must present proof of kinship. Some nationalities could additionally be asked to present a national ID card from their own country. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the supplementary papers needed may change based on the information you supplied in your application.


• Request Fees: Dh100
• Issue Fees: Dh100
• Smart Service Fee: Dh100
• E-Service Fee: Dh28
• ICP Fees: Dh22
Total: Dh350

How to submit an application online

1. In order to access the ICP Smart Service Platform’s eVisa application online, you must have a UAE Pass account, which serves as the country’s digital identification for all residents, tourists, and citizens.

For information on setting up a UAE Pass account for travellers to the UAE, go here.

2. Go to the website and scroll down to the login section to use your UAE Pass account, email, and password.

3. After that, you’ll be sent to a dashboard for yourself.

4. After that, select the ICP division of the destination emirate, such as the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

5. Next, perform a service search for “Issue Entry Permit For GCC Resident.”

6. Press the ‘Start Service’ button.

7. Based on the data supplied in the application form, complete the application and upload the necessary papers.

8. A transaction number or request number will then be given to you, which you may use to check on the progress of your visa application.

How to track UAE visa applications online

1. Go to on the web. 
2. In the ‘Quick Search’ field on the website’s front page, enter the 15-digit request number. 
3. When you choose the ‘Inquiry’ option, the ICP system will show you the status of your application.

When will you get the eVisa?

Once accepted, the issuance of a visit visa will take between two and five working days. An eVisa will be sent to the email address you provided on the application form.

Benefits of a  UAE 30-Day eVisa

For citizens of the GCC, choosing the UAE 30-day eVisa has various benefits:

Convenience: The online application procedure saves time and effort by eliminating the need to physically visit an embassy or consulate.

Time-effective: The processing of conventional visa applications might take days or weeks. Typically, the eVisa procedure is quicker, enabling you to have your permission in a few business days.

Accessibility: The eVisa platform is available around the clock, giving you the freedom to apply when it’s most convenient for you.

Multiple Entry: The UAE 30-day eVisa permits numerous entrances during the time of validity, making it appropriate for visitors with diverse plans while they are there.

Paperless Process: Since the eVisa is electronically connected to your passport, less physical paperwork is required.


The 30-day eVisa for GCC citizens simplifies the procedure for travelling to this fascinating nation. GCC nationals may enjoy the UAE’s distinctive fusion of modernity and tradition thanks to a streamlined application process, quicker processing timeframes, and the freedom to visit a variety of attractions. By following the instructions and fulfilling the requirements, you may obtain your UAE eVisa and depart on an unforgettable trip without the hassles of conventional visa applications. So prepare to travel to the United Arab Emirates and pack your things.



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