Visiting Dubai During Ramadan? Will Ramadan have an impact on tourists? FAQs about Ramadan for visitors to Dubai

This comprehensive guide to Ramadan in Dubai will tell you everything you need to know if you’re a visitor planning to travel there during the holy month.

Dubai has a diverse landscape, a vibrant Emirati culture, and illustrious examples of contemporary civilisation. Dubai, one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world, is renowned for its friendliness towards visitors. Whatever the season, there is a ton to see and do in Dubai, the “city of gold” and “land of dreams.” It’s full of diverse experiences, from the evergreen Middle Eastern deserts to a sci-fi museum of the future. Will these experiences change during Ramadan since we are in a city that is rich in Emirati culture? This is a typical query from visitors to Dubai during Ramadan. If you intend to purchase travel tickets to the wonderful city of Dubai during the holy month, Tripfinder outlines some potential concerns and provides solutions.

What attire is acceptable in the UAE during Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy and spiritual month. Therefore, it is required that everyone, including non-Muslims, dress modestly in order to uphold Islam’s culture of modesty. Both men and women must wear modest clothing, covering their shoulders, torsos, and knees. Swimwear is permitted, but only on the beach, in hotel pools, etc. In the UAE, it is forbidden to wear swimwear or a bikini outside or in a hotel during Ramadan.

Is it permitted to eat in public during Ramadan in UAE?

In the month of Ramadan, from dawn until dusk, it is strictly forbidden to consume food, drink liquids, or chew gum in public. This is done to support and honour those who will fast throughout the month. Make sure to take your breaks at work in designated areas that aren’t visible to other employees. The Attorney General’s Decision No. 119 of 2019 states that you could be fined up to Dh 2000 for eating or drinking in public. So avoid consuming in public during the holy month.

Can loud music be played during Ramadan in the UAE?

While listening to music privately in your home or car is acceptable, it is not permitted to do so in public during Ramadan because doing so is disrespectful to the sanctity and spirit of the month and to those who are fasting.

Are clubs open in the United Arab Emirates during Ramadan?

Ramadan will not affect the availability of any bars or restaurants, but there will be limitations on loud music and live performances.

Are public spaces like malls going to be open during Ramadan in UAE? 

Shopping centres, malls, and public places will be open as usual during Ramadan. To accommodate those fasting until sundown, malls and shopping centres typically stay open until the early hours of the morning (up until 1:00 AM). The times might change between malls.

Will Ramadan have an impact on travellers and visitors to the nation?

During regular business hours, the city’s malls, shopping centres, and tourist attractions will all be open and active. As a result, you won’t have any trouble shopping or sightseeing in Dubai during Ramadan. (Actually, keep an eye out for some fantastic Ramadan deals!). However, you will need to use caution when it comes to eating, drinking, and having a good time in the city. Additionally, there are limitations on the type of clothing that is permitted in the city. These rules were implemented to honour Ramadan’s joyful spirit, and they will almost certainly be changed once the holy month is over.

What is possible to help my Muslim friends or colleagues who are fasting?

There are many ways to participate in the lovely spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, even if you are not fasting:

  • You might try to fast alongside Muslim friends or coworkers to keep them company while engaging in a spiritual act. As a result, you may be able to empathise with them and gain a better understanding of them.
  • You could abstain from eating and drinking in front of your fasting friends or coworkers to encourage them and make it easier on them.
  • The holy month of Ramadan revolves heavily around zakat or almsgiving. If you really want to participate and support the message, you could help the unfortunate by making a donation, no matter how small, as charity is a good and secular goal.
  • Don’t forget to accept all of the Iftar invitations! You are welcome to participate in the fast-breaking ceremony with your Muslim friends or coworkers because fasting is very much about community. In fact, lend your support to the Iftar by bringing a snack of your own!

Dubai is a place that never lets you down. Every season offers something unique to everyone. A few customs and rules need to be observed while visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, even though Ramadan and Eid in the region are spectacular.


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