Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of our clients are important to Tripfinder Tours & Travels, and we take precautions to protect your financial and personal data. When you share personal information with us, we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to keep it secure and confidential because we think that your private information should remain just that—private. We are devoted to protecting the privacy of your personal information.

Our Privacy Statement

Tripfinder Tours & Travels is aware of how important privacy is to you and strives to make working with us as pleasant and secure as possible. This policy outlines Tripfinder Tours & Travels' operations, how it uses your personal data generally, and how it protects it when you visit our website.

The kind of personal data we gather and keep

Information or an opinion that identifies a person or makes them fairly identifiable is considered personal information. Typically, sensitive information about you, such as specifics about your race, political opinions, religion, or health, is not collected by Travel the World. When providing you with specialised services, we may need to collect some sensitive information, depending on the goods and services you want from us ( access requirements for a disability).

In order for us to offer you our services, we must collect a wide range of personal information from you. Which travel product you book with Tripfinder and the kind of product or service you select will determine the kind of personal information we ask for.

We might not be able to offer you the goods, services, or help you need if we are unable to gather personal information about you. These services require the gathering, use, or disclosure of your personal information.

The following categories of personal information are typically requested from you:

Other personal information may also be requested of you depending on the goods or services you select.






  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Passport information
  3. Credit Card information

Methods through which we gather your personal data.

We gather your personal data through the following methods:

  1. Written forms
  2. Telephone, mobile, or other messaging technologies
  3. Internet, including websites and social media
  4. In-person communication.
  5. By way of entry and subscription forms.
  6. Reservation forms and inquiries for more information
  7. Emails and response gadgets

Using the aforementioned techniques, we will gather your personal information periodically or on an as-needed basis throughout the information life cycle. When you purchase a product or service from us, modify that product, inquire about our products and services, or seek information about our services, for instance, we may gather personal information from you. In order to better serve you, we may merge or link personal information we currently have about you with the new personal information we gather.

We will collect personal information:

  1. Direct and written communication, telephone calls, or our online booking engine.
  2. From a group coordinator who is organising your trip ( If this is the case we request from the group leader that every member of the group has consented to them providing this Personal Information to us, in order for us to provide those products and services).
  3. From different people or groups (including related and third parties).

For additional information on the types of businesses we disclose to and collect personal data from, please refer to the section under "Parties to whom we disclose and collect your personal information."

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