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In the heart of the Caucasus, where the crossroads of history, culture, and nature converge, lies a journey of captivating allure and boundless exploration. Welcome to an itinerary meticulously curated to encapsulate the essence of Georgia—a land that straddles the realms of antiquity and innovation, tradition and modernity. 

As you step foot into the labyrinthine streets of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital beckons with its architectural tapestry—a kaleidoscope of eras, cultures, and influences. Traverse the pathways that echo with stories of conquerors and traders, poets and visionaries. Feel the heartbeat of a city that has stood the test of time, where cobblestones bear witness to the footsteps of centuries past.

From the vibrant cityscape, the journey ascends to the heights of Kazbegi, a realm where mountains rise like giants and myths intertwine with reality. In the shadow of Mount Kazbegi, embrace the serenity of the Gergeti Trinity Church—a rustic gem perched amidst the grandeur of nature. The ascent to this sacred sanctuary becomes a pilgrimage of the soul, a dance between the earthly and the ethereal.

Venture deeper into the tapestry, where the Dashbashi Canyon and Okatse Canyon invite you to marvel at nature’s sculptural artistry. The landscapes, revealing canyons that defy imagination and caves that echo with the whispers of ages past. Traverse suspended bridges, stand at the precipice of chasms, and let the wind carry your spirit across realms where reality melds with wonder.

In Kutaisi, a city steeped in the whispers of centuries, you’re beckoned to unfurl the tapestry of Prometheus Cave, a world hidden beneath the surface, where nature’s alchemy weaves wonders of stone. A subterranean symphony unfolds—a dance of stalactites and stalagmites that form living sculptures, each drip and droplet a note in a composition as old as time. Venture into the heart of this realm and feel the hush of awe as waterfalls cascade, a liquid melody that echoes in the darkness, and the walls themselves seem to whisper secrets long held.

But as all adventures find their curtain call, you embark on a new journey, homeward bound, carrying with you not just memories, but the very essence of a land that has touched countless souls before yours. The narratives woven within this itinerary become more than mere words—they’re lanterns guiding you through the layers of Georgia, a pilgrimage that transcends sightseeing and transforms into a voyage of the spirit, where every step is an echo of the footsteps that came before, and every discovery is a conversation with time itself.

Eid Al Adha Special Georgia Tour Package from Sharjah 2024

15-June-2024 to 18-June-2024- From Sharjah Air Arabia

Dept Dest Flight Time Time
Sharjah Tblisi G9291 08:10 11:25
Tblisi Sharjah G9294 17:30 20:35



Departure Date Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Seats Book
15-June-2024 د.إ 2,899.00 د.إ 3,399.00 د.إ 2,799.00 د.إ 2,699.00 د.إ 690.00 30
Departure Date15-June-2024
Adultد.إ 2,899.00
Singleد.إ 3,399.00
Child (6 - 11yr)د.إ 2,799.00
Child (2 - 5yr)د.إ 2,699.00
Infantد.إ 690.00



Upon your arrival in Tbilisi, a city suspended betwixt Europe and Asia, you’ll be met with a welcoming embrace by our representative. As you are whisked away to your lodgings, brace yourself to embark on a journey of exploration that promises to unravel the enigmatic layers of this alluring European gem.


Tbilisi, a city of perpetual allure, offers itself to you like an intricate tapestry woven with threads of the original architecture and boundless natural splendor. Here, time seems to fold upon itself, and as you traverse its narrow streets, you’ll come upon balconies that have borne witness to generations past, secret-laden patios, and venerable ancient churches that stand as sentinels of history.


Perched within the astonishingly diverse Caucasian realm, Georgia beckons you to experience its inimitable charm. Tbilisi, the veritable heart of Georgian culture, bears testament to a storied past, a mosaic of history, and an architectural tapestry that holds within its embrace both the echoes of tradition and the whispers of modernity.


Behold, as you land in Tbilisi, the fabric of time begins to unravel, leaving you suspended in a place that seems both familiar and foreign. Italian courtyards, intricately designed architecture, and dwellings that seem to have grown organically from the very slopes of the mountains—they all converge in a harmonious dance, creating a tableau of beauty that defies conventional boundaries.


In the coming days, you’ll traverse these storied streets, unraveling tales of old and forging new connections with the essence of Tbilisi. Prepare to be enraptured by the whispered secrets of hidden corners and the steadfast echoes of historical narratives that resonate through each cobblestone-paved avenue. This journey is a dance through time, a promenade of architectural wonders, and an immersion into the rich tapestry of a city that refuses to be bound by the ordinary.


Things to do in Tbilisi:


Guided Landmarks Tour: Explore Tbilisi’s iconic monuments and sites with a knowledgeable guide, unraveling its rich history and contemporary charm.


Narikhala Fortress: Ascend via cable car to Narikhala Fortress for breathtaking views that sweep over the old district and Mtkvari River.


Metekhi Church: Enjoy stunning vistas of the city and river from the serene vantage point of Metekhi Church.


Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba): Witness the spiritual heart of Georgia at the impressive Holy Trinity Cathedral, while nearby, the modern Bridge of Peace stands as a testament to Tbilisi’s harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.


Highlights of the Day 


In the heart of this intriguing city, Holy Trinity Cathedral stands as one of the grandest orthodox sanctuaries on Earth. Its vastness is a hymn to devotion, a soaring testament that seems to reach towards the infinite. Nearby, a sentinel atop an elevated cliff, the Metekhi Church gazes over the Mtkvari River, a silent observer of time’s ceaseless flow. These are the first destinations on a journey of whispers and echoes, places that beckon the lens of a camera to capture their ethereal charm.


With the sun’s ascent, embark on a cable car, a modern chariot, ascending to the Narikala Fortress. From this ancient perch, time takes flight, and a panorama unveils—a living tapestry of terracotta tiles and gray stone, a city in constant metamorphosis. The fortress, its walls steeped in stories, stands sentinel between the allure of sulphur baths and the lush embrace of Tbilisi’s botanical gardens.


Descend, winding through pathways, as history clings like mist to the district of Sulphur bath houses. Amidst this maze, a lone mosque emerges, a mosaic of harmonious coexistence against a backdrop of cobbled tales. Here, the city’s heartbeat is palpable, a rhythm that carries through every narrow alleyway.


The Sharden area beckons, a district of narrow streets bearing the footprints of ages. Cafés echo with the mirth of companionship, wine tasting bars invite convivial conversations, and souvenir shops house the tactile remnants of days gone by. Inhale the air, heavy with the weight of stories, as the living past entwines with the present.

Pause before the venerable Sioni Cathedral, a whispered sanctuary of faith. And then, Anchiskhati Basilica, standing with the weight of ages. The clock tower of the Rezo Gabriadze Theatre is an ode to time itself, marking the dance of minutes and hours as history unfurls.


Cross the Bridge of Peace, an embrace of modernity spanning history’s flowing river. In Rike Park, modernity meets antiquity, a paradox of serenity. Here, the Open Air Museum of Ethnography welcomes, offering a glimpse—a living model of Georgia, a mosaic of tradition and diversity.


Then, to Mtskheta—a city nestled among rocky mountains, a confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. A cradle of antiquity, its historical monuments are etched into the tapestry of UNESCO’s World Heritage. A mere breath from Tbilisi, Mtskheta resonates as a “Second Jerusalem,” a trove of faith, history, and culture. The past whispers across its streets, a symphony of stories echoing through the ages.


At the heart of this enigma stands the Svetithkhoveli Cathedral, a living testament to devotion. Its very name, “the Living Pillar,” resonates with the echoes of legends and faith. Christ’s Robe, it is said, lies beneath its stones, a relic that transcends time. Treasures and relics, carriers of centuries, line the cathedral’s halls.


As the day fades, retreat to your haven, for the journey continues in dreams. Tbilisi and Mtskheta, intertwined, two cities echoing through time, a symphony of faith, history, and the ceaseless dance of life.



n the hush of dawn on the second day, a new chapter unfolds—a journey to the heart of Kazbegi, a realm where the mountains sing ancient songs and myths twine like ivy. A feast of exploration awaits, where the spirit of adventure mingles with the breathtaking grandeur of nature.


Break your fast, for the road beckons. Kazbegi, a realm renowned for ice-clad peaks and mountaineering reveries, extends its embrace to all who dare to venture. Mkinvartsveri, the third-highest Georgian sentinel, stands cloaked in myths and the whispers of tradition. From the pulse of Tbilisi, a journey of 2.5 hours unfurls, a path leading to Kazbegi’s enchantment.


The air grows crisper as the altitude ascends. Like a sentinel, Kazbegi Mountain holds court over this landscape of dreams. With each step, the layers of myth and reverence intertwine, a symphony of the ages echoing through the valleys.


At the heart of it all, the church atop Mt. Kazbeg is a silent witness to the grandeur of creation. From its vantage point, behold vistas that steal breaths and cradle souls. Stepantsminda, a charming haven in this wilderness, extends an open hand to weary travelers. Guesthouses line the streets, each a doorway to hospitality. Locals, with hearts as warm as hearths, welcome you as kin, embracing you in their fold.


So tread lightly, for you walk on stories older than time, on mountains that scrape the heavens, on a journey where the spirit of Kazbegi enfolds you like a timeless hymn.


Things to do:


Embrace Nature’s Grandeur: Surrender to the embrace of Kazbegi’s astounding natural beauty, where vistas unfold like pages from a celestial book, and every corner is a masterpiece of wonder.


Gaze Upon Georgian Majesty: Set your sights upon the third highest Georgian mountain, a titan that pierces the heavens, its peak a silent sentinel bearing witness to time’s passage.


Immerse in Myth and Tradition: Venture to a place enshrouded in myths and religious traditions, where echoes of antiquity reverberate through the very stones, and the past is woven into the present.


Ananuri Castle Complex: Traverse the halls of history as you pass by the Ananuri Castle Complex, its stones whispering tales of ages gone by, a fortress guarding the secrets of time.


Jhinvali Water Reservoir: Let your gaze dance upon the Jhinvali water reservoir, a mirror reflecting the sky’s endless expanse, a tranquil haven amidst the rugged landscape.


Gudauri Ski Resort: Cast a fleeting glance at the Gudauri ski resort, where slopes cradle the joys of winter’s embrace, a canvas for exhilarating adventures.


Stepantsminda’s Whispers: Wander through the enchanting Stepantsminda, where each street is a thread woven into the fabric of hospitality, a sanctuary amidst nature’s grand tapestry.


Dariali Gorge Exploration: Traverse the rugged beauty of Dariali Gorge, where time and nature have carved a symphony of rock and river, a testament to the earth’s eternal dance.


Highlights of the Day 


Amidst the rugged embrace of nature, a rustic gem beckons — Gergeti Trinity Church, a sanctuary nestled in the arms of mountains. Our journey’s vehicle shifts, a four-wheel drive that becomes our steed to ascend the heights, where the church perches at an altitude of 2170 meters. Here, amid the thin air and panoramic splendor, we are privy to the breathtaking majesty of Mt. Kazbegi, a titan of stone and snow that commands the sky.


Continuing on, the Georgian Military Highway stretches ahead, a ribbon of adventure and wonder. We pass through the enigma of Dariali Gorge, a cleft carved by time itself, a passageway connecting the realms of Russia and Georgia. Eighteen kilometers of vertiginous beauty unfurls, cliffs that reach for the heavens, a cascade of medieval watchtowers that stand as echoes of history. Waterfalls glisten like nature’s jewels, a symphony of wildness sings in the wind. A road unlike any other, where each twist and turn is a testament to the earth’s grandeur.


And as we traverse, the steep valleys that cradle the gorge’s edges become a haven for bird watchers. Eagles soar, hawks dance upon the currents, and the mighty griffon vultures nest amid rocky nooks, an orchestra of wings amidst the rocky outcrops.

The day wanes, and the journey returns us to Tbilisi, where our lodging awaits. Here, we rest, our senses still alive with the wonders of Gergeti and the Dariali Gorge. The memories, etched in our minds like ancient engravings, will accompany us into the night’s embrace.


As the sun rises on Day 3, a canvas of leisure stretches before you, an opportunity to embrace the wonders of Tsalka and Dashbashi Canyon. Breakfast at the hotel is the prelude to a day of choices—where you may opt to embark on a captivating journey or allow time to unfold at its own pace.


Should you choose to indulge your sense of adventure, a tour awaits, beginning at 10:00 am, emanating from the heart of your lodging. The destination is one of nature’s hidden treasures, Dashbashi Canyon, a realm of raw beauty, a canvas painted with waterfalls and caves. A marvel awaits—a 240-meter-long glass bridge suspended over the abyss, a “diamond-shaped” bar at its heart. Here, panoramic views stretch to the horizon, where nature’s artwork is unveiled in all its splendor. The bridge, a daring feat of engineering, houses a multi-level bar at its zenith, a pinnacle that claims the title of the world’s largest and tallest hanging structure, an accolade that has earned its place in the annals of Guinness World Records.


The adventure doesn’t stop there. A zip line beckons, a thrilling ride across the canyon, a dance with the winds that whisper through the landscape. And as you explore, you’ll find a cliff swing, an invitation to sway amidst the breathtaking expanse.


The Dashbashi Canyon, a testament to nature’s artistry, bears witness to the passage of the Ktsia River, a hidden treasure trove of biodiversity. At altitudes ranging from 1,110 to 1,448 meters above sea level, this haven is distinguished by its rarity, its very existence a gift.


The Dashbashi waterfall adds its charm to the tableau, a hidden paradise that beckons with its idyllic allure. The walking distance is a mere whisper, a short journey that invites all to partake in its beauty, a haven accessible to even the most casual traveler.


And as you stand upon the 240-meter-long Diamond bridge, suspended in harmony with the landscape, a world of sensations unfolds. A 360-degree view envelops you, promising an adventure that will linger in memory. The heart of the bridge houses a Diamond 360⁰ Cafe, an audacious addition to the Guinness Book of Records, a lofty restaurant suspended in mid-air. 


A journey into the canyon, a bicycle zip line beneath the glass bridge, awaits the intrepid. A 1.5 km trail beckons, leading to the canyon’s heart, to the river that carries its stories. 


As the day wanes, return to your abode in Tbilisi, your senses alive with the memories of Tsalka and Dashbashi Canyon. The tales of this day, etched in your soul, will accompany you as you seek the solace of sleep.


As Day 4 dawns, a symphony of leisure beckons, a canvas upon which you may craft your own adventure. Breakfast at the hotel is a prelude to a day ripe with possibilities. The clock strikes 9:00 AM, and an adventure unfurls—an invitation to explore, to embrace the allure of Kutaisi.


The journey commences, a 10-hour odyssey that emanates from the very heart of your lodging. The destination: Okatse Canyon, a European marvel that stretches for hundreds of meters, a chasm that delves deep into the earth’s embrace. An extraordinary 700-meter walkway extends on the edge of a 100-meter abyss, a dance between earth and sky, culminating in a viewing platform that seems to suspend reality itself. Here, suspended over the void, panoramic views extend before you, a vista that demands to be captured in photographs, a tableau that encapsulates the magnificence of Georgia. The canyon, a testament to nature’s artistry, beckons you to bear witness to its grandeur, to understand why this land is deemed magnificent.


The journey continues, leading you to Prometheus Cave, a labyrinth of wonders formed in the Sataphlia-Tskaltubo karst massif. Eleven kilometers of secrets, of halls and galleries, of passages carved by time and water. Imagine descending 80 meters below the surface, beneath the very skin of the earth, and standing in the presence of underground wonders. Stalactites and stalagmites, nature’s handcrafted masterpieces, adorn the cave’s interior, each formation a whisper of time, a testament to the earth’s slow dance.


Prometheus Cave, a name etched in Georgia’s identity, offers more than the eye can behold. Walk through its length, 1420 meters of subterranean magic, a realm where fairytale and reality converge. Traverse its halls, and for a moment, believe in the existence of the mystical. A boat tour upon its hidden river adds an element of enchantment, as the cave’s very walls whisper secrets only they have heard.


And as the day fades, as the echo of your footsteps lingers in the cave’s depths, return to the comfort of your abode in Tbilisi. The magic of Kutaisi, of Okatse Canyon and Prometheus Cave, is etched in your soul—a symphony of nature’s grandeur and the stories it tells.




As the final chapter unfolds on Day 5, savor a farewell breakfast before bidding adieu to the hotel. With bags packed and memories intact, check-out marks the close of this memorable journey.


As the day progresses, wings of flight await to carry you back home. With the echoes of Georgia’s beauty in your heart, you embark on the journey homeward, the landscapes and experiences forever etched in your mind. The adventure concludes, but the stories and moments will continue to live on, a cherished part of your journey through time.



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