30/60 Days Visa Change by Bus

Dubai to Oman Same day visa change! Tourist Visa extension service by Bus.

Now you can extend your Dubai Tourist visa by travelling to Oman on a private bus and change your visa to a new one from your nearly expired tourist visa or expired UAE residency visa.

Dubai is a dream vacation for many because of its breathtaking architecture, dynamic culture, and endless prospects. Still, it might be a difficult undertaking to navigate the processes and criteria for a visa. Fortunately, Dubai 60 day Visa Change by Bus is a novel way that the city-state has made the procedure of changing a visitor’s visa easier.

How does Tripfinder’s Oman visa Change by bus it work?

Dubai Visa Change by Bus offers a thorough and effective service, making the visa change procedure simpler. Here’s how it functions:

1. Booking the by Bus Visa Change Package: Licensing travel agents or internet sites are the places where tourists may reserve a Dubai Visa Change by Bus package. These packages usually cover 30 or 60 Days UAE tourist visa, Dubai to Oman border fee, One day accommodation (If any delay in getting visa approval), same day return to Dubai (If your visa approves within evening 4 pm), Dubai to Oman Bus charges (Private Bus).

2. Departure and Arrival: Travellers board the bus that will transport them in luxury to the border or immigration facility on the specified day. The buses are furnished with every convenience required to provide a comfortable ride.

3. Visa Processing: Travelers are helped by travel agency staff to complete the required documentation for visa processing upon arrival at the specified border or immigration center. They offer help and guidance throughout the process to guarantee a seamless transfer for individuals. The travelllers need to inform Tripfinder’s visa consultant after obtaining an exit stamp from Dubai Oman border immigration. Your new visa (typed and in ready stage for applying) will posted for approval.

4. Departing and Back in Dubai: The bus departs from Oman by 6 Pm and those with new tourist visa can travel back to Dubai on the same day. After completing the visa modification procedure, visitors leave the immigration or border area and return to Dubai. After that, the buses take them back to their starting point or designated drop-off locations, guaranteeing a smooth return trip.

Dubai to Oman By Bus Change : Visa Extension by Bus Price:

There are multiple options when it comes Visa Change by Bus from Dubai, here are some of the options and the cost of by bus visa change.

  • 30 Days Single Entry Visa change by Bus – AED 900
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry by Bus visa change- AED 1150
  • 60 Days Single Entry Tourist visa change by Bus: AED 1070
  • 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa change by Bus: AED 1360
  • 90 Days Single Entry Dubai visa change by Bus: AED 1850 (Same day return not guaranteed for 90 Days visa change package by bus as the approval takes upto 2 days)

B2B- Border to Border – By Bus visa Change next Schedules.

  • 17- April -2024 – 01 Seat
  • 21-April-2024- 09 Seats
  • 22-April-2024- 10 Seats
  • 23-April-2024- 08 Seats
  • 24-April-2024- 10 Seats
  • 28-May-2024- 10 Seats
  • 29-May-2024- 10 Seats
  • 30-May-2024- 10 Seats
  • 01-June-2024- 10 Seats

30/60 Days Dubai to Oman Visa change by bus Inclusions:

  • Dubai to Oman Bus transfer
  • Same day return guarantee (if your visa is approved before 4 pm)
  • Dubai to Oman border fee
  • 10 Days Oman visa
  • One night accommodation if any delay in getting the visa
  • 30/60 Days New UAE, Dubai Touirsit visa

Documents Required for Visa Change by Bus:

  • A colourful passport-sized photograph. First and last pages of a passport in colour copies.
  • Old Visa copy / Residency cancellation copy
  • Passport copy : Front and Back end page
  • The passport needs to be valid for at least six months.
  • The given documents can’t be expired or unclear.
  • Copy of the guarantor’s visa and passport.
  • A copy of the guarantor’s Emirates ID.

Key Features of our Private bus visa change Service:

  • All-Inclusive Service: The package usually takes care of everything, from transportation to visa processing, to make sure the client has a hassle-free trip.
  • Pick-up and Drop-off: To relieve clients of any transportation concerns, easy pick-up and drop-off services are offered at designated sites on a shared basis (SIC).
  • Oman Visa: As part of the package, an Oman visa is provided, which makes crossing the border easier.
  • 30-Day, 60-Day UAE Visa: Following the visa modification procedure, customers are given a 60-day UAE visa, which enables them to remain in the nation for an extended amount of time.
  • Transparent Border Fees: Since all border fees are covered in the package, the client won’t be surprised by any additional expenses.

Why choose the Visa Change Package on the Dubai to Oman Bus?

This package provides a convenient option for anyone wishing to prolong their stay in the United Arab Emirates. Clients can easily go through the procedure of changing their visitation visa for the UAE if all necessary preparations are made.

The Experience of Changing an Oman Visa by Bus: A lot of foreigners residing in neighbouring nations frequently have to change their Oman visa via bus. This procedure entails taking a bus to a neighbouring nation (Oman), waiting for their UAE tourist visa to be accepted, and then returning home with their visa status updated.

Budget-Friendly Option: The ability to change a visa from Dubai to Oman via bus is a lifeline for many tourists on a low budget. Taking a bus to the closest border, obtaining the required stamps, and then travelling back might be a more economical and efficient option than purchasing pricey airfare. To guarantee a seamless transfer, it is crucial to understand the particular visa requirements for each of the two participating nations.

The Attractive Route: Getting to see the countryside and immerse yourself in the local way of life is one of the unanticipated advantages of changing your UAE visa by bus. Travelling this route frequently passes through charming little villages and verdant countryside, providing a distinctive viewpoint that flying would not provide. It’s an opportunity to fully engage with the voyage, turning the Oman visa application procedure into an experience in and of itself.

Being well-prepared is essential, even if the idea of an Oman border run may appear simple at first. Before leaving, passengers should verify the bus timetables, make sure they have all the required paperwork, and pay any overstay fines. Being well-prepared may be the difference between a trouble-free day and one full of obstacles.

Tripfinder’s 60-day visa change by bus service

Get this incredible visa change bundle from Tripfinder by renewing your visa immediately via bus services. This incredible bus package for changing your visa is offered at a reasonable price. Use the package a few days before your departure date since we need to apply for your Dubai visa, which will take four to five business days. Once the Oman visa has been granted, your bus transportation to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will be scheduled. So, after the new tourist visa is issued, the return trip may be planned. For travellers with tourist visas, Tripfinder offers bus packages for UAE visa changes. We will assist you in obtaining a bus package visa change. If there is a delay in obtaining the visa, the applicant can stay in the accommodations for a day.

Oman visa change by bus

This package is intended for those who wish to visit Oman while they wait for their UAE work or tourist visa to expire, or for those who want to renew their current tourist visa. The Oman visa change package is popular among Indians, Filipinos, and several other nations. The package must be used a few days before your departure date since we need to apply for your Oman visa, which will take one to two business days. We will arrange for your bus transportation to Oman after the visa for Oman is approved. The new tourist visa for the UAE will be granted that day, so make travel arrangements appropriately. Depending on availability, you can extend your Oman visa by leaving through either Khasab or Hatta.

Tripfinder’s team of professionals will advise you on the bundle to select. They are not charged more for a day’s stay in the accommodations in the extremely uncommon event that the visa is delayed. The package includes a 10-day visa for Oman, road transportation to Oman, a free one-day stay in Oman, and a 30- or 60-day tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates. Since the border has been open for the procedure, the Oman visa-changing package by road has been available. Included in this package are travel, lodging, transportation, and an Oman visa from Seaman Tours. In the unlikely event that your UAE visa is delayed, you will be permitted to remain in Oman.

Those who are prepared to wait for a job opportunity may also take advantage of this package. Give us a call if you would like further details. To expedite the process of obtaining your Oman visa and designate your preferred travel date, you may opt to pay AED 200 to block the package. Once the Oman visa is accepted, the remaining money may be made; a member of our team will get in contact.

Terms and Conditions

• Open Sunday through Wednesday.

• The request should be submitted seven to ten working days prior to the trip or the deadline, and a Dubai visa must be obtained before departing.

• If any passengers miss the boarding, we are not liable.

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