Dubai Visit Visa Extension-30/60/90 Days

Extend your Tourist visa in Dubai with 30/60/90 Days Dubai Visit Visa Extension services from Tripfinder which starts at Dh 950.

Are you fascinated by the dazzling charm of Dubai and wish to extend your stay in this iconic city? Our Dubai Visit Visa Extension service is designed to cater to your desire for an extended exploration of the vibrant Dubai. Whether you’re here for leisure or business, our service ensures your Dubai experience continues seamlessly.

Amidst a world abuzz with the thrill of travel, Dubai stands as an enchanting oasis that lures travellers with the allure of opulence and marvel. As the sun casts its radiant glow upon the glistening skyscrapers and desert sands, many find themselves reluctant to bid farewell to this modern masterpiece. For those in search of an extended sojourn in this captivating emirate, comprehending the intricacies of the visa extension process becomes paramount.

Picture this: an extra stretch of days unfurls before you like a magic carpet,Dubai offers an online visa extension option through the GDRFA website. allowing for those unhurried escapades you thought were but a distant mirage. Extending your visa in Dubai allows you to delve beyond the city’s surface, unveiling its concealed gems that frequently escape the casual observer. Whether you’re strolling through lively marketplaces, relishing the fragrant Emirati delicacies, or engaging in the city’s dynamic cultural panorama, this is your moment to plunge into a profound exploration.

About Dubai visa extension

In Dubai, the visa extension offers visitors an excellent opportunity to prolong their stay and delve deeper into the city’s attractions. This streamlined process enables travellers to immerse themselves fully in Dubai’s culturally diverse tapestry and dynamic urban landscape. It allows for a greater amount of time to discover the city’s numerous attractions and engage in meaningful interactions.

Extending one’s visa in Dubai involves a procedural endeavour, where individuals must adhere to specific guidelines and provide the necessary documentation. This ensures compliance with the regulations set forth by the United Arab Emirates authorities. Through the acquisition of a visa extension, travellers can elevate their Dubai experience by engaging in cultural events, indulging in leisure activities, and fostering meaningful connections with the local community.

Consider extending your stay in Dubai to enrich the depth of your travel encounter. Just as one would carefully craft the closing passages of a compelling story, the visa extension provides an opportunity to extend the tale of your Dubai journey.

This opportunity provides an exceptional experience to further delve into the complex fabric of the city’s cultural abundance and awe-inspiring architectural marvels, fostering an encounter that resonates long after bidding farewell to its captivating landscapes.

Types of Dubai Tourist Visa Extension Services by Tripfinder

Tailored to your travel needs, Tripfinder Dubai offers different types of extensions:

  • 30-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Inside Country Extension: Ideal for those seeking an additional month of exploration without exiting the country. This is an easy way to extend your stay in Dubai within couple of hours. 
  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air: This is for those whose original 30 days Tourist visa cannot be extended inside the country. 30-day Dubai Tourist visa extension by Air allows you to extend your stay by travelling to the nearest airport (Cities in Saudi, Oman, Bahrain etc) and returning to Dubai with a New 30 Days Tourist Visa.
  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Road: This is the cheapest option available in the market, where you travel to Oman by road (By Bus/Car) and return to Dubai on the same day with a new 30-day visit visa.
  • 60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension Air: Perfect for immersing yourself deeper into Dubai’s culture and experiences. With our 60 Days Dubai visa change by Air Service, you can extend your stay in Dubai for another 60 Days by travelling to the nearest country by Air. 
  •  60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Road: This visa extension service by road allows you to extend your Dubai visa by travelling to Oman by bus or car and returning to Dubai with a new 60-day tourist visa. The 60-day visa extension by road includes Oman Tourist visas, transfers, and accommodation in Oman if needed.
  • 90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air: This 90 day Visa change by Air allows you to extend your Dubai tourist visa for another 90 days by travelling to the nearest country with our Fly Dubai Visa Change option. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to extend your Dubai tourist visa. 

To Extend your visit visa call us now on +971 56 745 5698

Dubai Visit Visa Extension Cost: 30/60/90 Days Tourist Visa

Understanding the associated costs is pivotal When extending your stay in Dubai’s captivating embrace. Dubai Visit Visa Extension costs can vary based on factors like the duration of the extension, the type of visa, and any additional services you require. Whether you want to extend your stay by 30 days or indulge in a 90-day extension, our transparent approach ensures you’re well-informed about the expenses involved. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of Dubai Visit Visa Extension costs, ensuring your extended stay is as enriching for your wallet as it is for your experiences.

  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Road: Dh 9,00/-
  • 30-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Inside Country Extension: Dh 1,000/-
  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air: Dh 1,200/-
  • 60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Road: Dh 1,100/-
  • 60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air from Fujairah: Dh 1199/-
  • 60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air (Jazeera): Dh 1,300/-
  • 60-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air (Fly Dubai): Dh 1,400/-
  • 90-Days Dubai Tourist Visa Extension by Air (Fly Dubai): Dh 1,850/-
Documents required for Dubai visa extensions:
  • Passport Copy: A clear and legible copy of the passport containing your personal details, photograph, and passport number.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: Typically, two passport-sized color photographs that adhere to standard passport photo specifications.
  • Original Tourist Visa Copy: This is a photocopy of the original tourist visa that was granted to you upon your initial entry into Dubai.
  • Visa Application Form: A completed visa extension application form (will be provided and submitted by Tripfinder)
General Guidelines for All Visa Extensions:
  • Valid Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of the visa extension.
  • Clean Criminal Record: It’s crucial to maintain a clean criminal record. Any criminal history might affect your eligibility for a visa extension.
  • Proof of Financial Capability: While not always explicitly mentioned, having proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during the extended stay can be beneficial.
Online Dubai Visit Visa Application Process:
  • Scanned Copies: For online applications, scanned copies of these documents are usually required to be uploaded. Make sure they are clear and legible.
  • Digital Passport Photo: In the case of online applications, a digital passport-sized photo meeting the specified criteria is often needed for uploading.
  • Payment Details: If applying online, you’ll require valid credit or debit card details for paying the visa extension fee electronically.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements might vary, and it’s advisable to double-check the official sources, such as the GDRFA website or the relevant travel agency, for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding required documents for your particular visa extension type.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Visit Visa Extension

1.Is there a limit on the total duration of stay through visa extensions?Yes, there are maximum limits for the total duration of stay through visa extensions. Tourist visa holders can stay for a maximum of 90 days, while business visa holders can stay for a maximum of 90 to 180 days, depending on the specific category.


2.Is there a difference in extension procedures for different nationalities?
The general procedures for visa extensions are consistent, but requirements might vary depending on your nationality and the diplomatic relations between your country and the UAE.


3.How can I check the status of my visa extension application?
If you applied online, you can often check the status of your application through the official GDRFA website using your application reference number.


4.Is there a specific timeframe within which I should apply for a visa extension?
Yes, it’s important to apply for a visa extension within the validity period of your current visa. Applying after your visa has expired could result in penalties and complications.


5.Can I apply for a visa extension online?
Yes, Dubai offers an online visa extension option through the GDRFA website. You can talk to any of the Tripfinder consultants and they will assist you with the extension. You’ll need to send the documents to our whats app or email, and pay the extension fee online.


6.Can I extend my visa more than twice?
The number of extensions you can apply for depends on the type of visa. Tourist visas can be extended twice, and business visas can also be extended twice. However, this is subject to change based on UAE’s immigration policies.


7.What happens if I overstay my visa in Dubai?
Overstaying your visa in Dubai comes with penalties. You’ll be fined AED 50 per day of overstay. Furthermore, there exists a potential risk of deportation from the UAE, which could lead to potential legal repercussions.


8.Can I extend visit visa in Dubai?
Yes, you can extend your Dubai visit visa under certain conditions.


9.How much is 1 month visit visa extension in Dubai?
Prices may vary, but our service offers competitive rates for this extension.


10.Can I extend my visit visa for extra 10 days in Dubai?
Yes, a 10-day extension is possible in certain cases.


11.How can I extend my 30-day tourist visa in Dubai?
Our service streamlines the process for your convenience.


12.Is 3 months visit visa extendable in UAE?
Yes, you can extend a 3-month visit visa.


13.What is the grace period for 30-day tourist visa in Dubai?
The grace period typically allows a few days beyond the visa’s expiration.


14.How many days can you stay in UAE after my visit visa expires?
You should take action before your visa expires to avoid overstaying.


15.How long can I stay in Dubai after my visa expires?
It’s recommended to address your visa status promptly to avoid penalties.


16.How much is the fine for late visit visa in UAE?
Penalties vary based on the duration of overstaying.


17.What are the new rules for visit visa overstay in UAE?
Staying beyond the visa’s validity may result in fines or bans.


18.How much is one day overstay in UAE?

Fines can accumulate daily, so it’s best to extend or exit before your visa expires. You’ll be fined AED 50 per day of overstay.

In Conclusion, while the process of extending a Dubai visa might seem intricate, following the established procedures, ensuring complete documentation, and fulfilling payment requirements can lead to a smooth and successful visa extension experience. Patience is key, as processing times can vary. By adhering to these guidelines, travelers can navigate the Dubai visa extension process with confidence and ease. Talk to our travel consultants today, To extend your Dubai Tourist Visa you can send the documents to our whats app number +971 56 745 5698 or you can send the documents to our email


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