Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents

Estonia is a large country in Europe. It only has 1.3 million residents and a size roughly comparable to the Netherlands in terms of territory. In Estonia, a forest or a lake is rarely farther than a 30-minute drive. The area is quite orderly, relaxed, and safe. According to the World Health Organisation, Estonia has the best overall air quality in the world. Along with maintaining a clean environment, Estonia places a high priority on natural and organic food. You’ll always be aware of what you’re eating as a result, and you’ll also be in good health. It would still take a lifetime to experience everything this country has to offer in terms of its museums, theatres, concerts, festivals, markets, and beaches, despite its size. You will require a visa to enter Estonia if you reside in the United Arab Emirates and intend to travel there. This article outlines the procedures for applying for an Estonia tourist visa for UAE residents.

Estonia Tourist Visa for UAE Residents 

You will need to show some documents at the Estonian port of entry if you are a UAE resident travelling to Estonia. These files include:

  • A valid passport or other travel authorisation issued within the last ten years, valid for a minimum of three more months after the date you intend to leave Schengen.
  • A visa if you are required to have one for Estonia. 
  • A round-trip ticket to and from Estonia. You must demonstrate that you have no illegal intentions of staying in Estonia.
  • Confirmation of lodging in Estonia, a document that serves as proof of your accommodations while visiting Estonia.
  • A document that serves as proof of your accommodations while visiting Estonia and adequate financial resources for the duration of your trip to Estonia. 
  • You must demonstrate to the Republic of Estonia that you have at least 100 euros available for each day you intend to spend there.
  • The minimum coverage amount for medical emergencies under travel insurance is €30,000 for the entire Schengen region.

Required Documents for Applying a Tourist Visa to Estonia from Dubai, UAE:

Estonia Tourist Visa Made Easy: Your Simple Guide

  1. Passport: Your home country passport needs to be valid for at least six months. Ensure the new passport has a minimum of 3 blank pages. If you have an old passport, submit it as well.
  2. Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by the Embassy of Estonia. It should be in English or Estonian, signed, and dated by you. If you’re below 18, both parents need to sign.
  3. Valid UAE Residency: Provide a copy of your Emirates ID and the stamped residency visa, valid for at least three months beyond your visa expiry or intended journey end.
  4. Photocopies: Submit copies of the passport’s personal data and signature pages, UAE residence permit/visa, and any previous Schengen visas.
  5. Personal Photographs: Include two recent color photographs.
  6. Covering Letter: Write a letter stating your travel intention and details of family members traveling (if applicable).
  7. Financial Proof: Provide stamped and signed personal bank statements for the last three months, showing regular income. For business owners or partners, submit the company’s bank statement and a letter from the bank confirming your signatory status. Retired persons should show proof of pension or regular income.
  8. Medical Insurance: Obtain overseas travel insurance valid for the entire visa period and covering all Schengen countries. Minimum coverage should be 30,000 €, including repatriation.
  9. No Objection Letter (NOC): If employed, get a letter from your local employer/sponsor, including details about your position, employment start date, salary, and expected date to resume duties. Attach a valid trade license copy for investors/partners. For dependents, include the sponsor’s valid passport copy and UAE residence visa with the cover letter.
  10. Travel Documents: Present confirmed return flight tickets, hotel reservation, and a day-wise travel plan (itinerary).

Additional Documents based on your situation:

  • For Company Owners: Company Trade License Copy.
  • For Students: School/College/Institute ID Card.
  • For Retirees: Proof of retirement like a pension book or statement.
  • For Minors: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the non-accompanying parent.
  • Visiting Friends/Relatives: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof; Address proof.
  • Sponsored Individuals: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit; Updated bank statement of the last 6 months.
  • Business Visa: Invitation letter from the host company stating the trip’s purpose and business details.

 Reasons to Visit Estonia

Digital society 

In just 20 years, Estonia has made significant technological advancements and is now among the top countries in the world. There are some of the fastest broadband speeds available in the entire country. Nevertheless, the ubiquitous wireless Internet is even more significant. The vast majority of daily tasks are completed digitally in Estonia. Government services, such as online banking, e-schools, and digital prescriptions, run smoothly and effectively.

Easy to get around 

Due to its small size, Estonia is the ideal destination for travellers who want to explore everything the country has to offer. Villages and cities like Värska, Tartu, Viljandi, and Haapsalu are excellent day trips from the capital because they are close to public transport.

Island life 

The ideal vacation spot is Estonia, which has about 2000 islands, the majority of which are deserted. The isolation of these islands has preserved Estonians’ traditional way of life before the modern era, allowing visitors to experience it. Visits to the islands of Hiiumaa, Kihnu, and Saaremaa are popular with both visitors and locals.

Unique history 

Estonia has a unique history due to its past as part of the Soviet Union, Swedish, Russian, and German occupations. It has a thriving culture and stunning architecture, particularly in the capital city of Tallinn, which is one of Northern Europe’s best-preserved mediaeval cities. Estonia is a must-see destination for those who love history.

Less crowded 

You are probably already aware of how crowded and crammed popular European cities like Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, or Vienna can get if you’ve ever been there during the summer. However, you won’t have to worry about that if you travel to Estonia because even the “touristy” city of Tallinn is less crowded than many other European capitals. You might even be the only person there once you leave the city’s centre.

Natural beauty 

As technologically and economically advanced as Estonia is, one might assume that it wouldn’t be very green or abundant in nature, but, believe it or not, Estonia is one of the greenest countries in the world. With roughly half of the country covered in forests, anyone who loves the outdoors can enjoy Estonia’s pristine natural beauty.

Fresh Food 

When Estonia was named the most organic country in the world, you only needed to choose which Estonian superfoods you were going to eat first. Even in the woods, you can find fresh, healthy food in Estonia. Forests are full of blueberries, mushrooms, and cloudberries, and rivers, lakes, and the ocean are home to some of the best seafood, including salmon and sea trout.

Top Destinations to Visit in Estonia


Tallinn is the most popular place to visit in Estonia, with Toompea, a hill that retains a historic atmosphere due to cobblestone streets and 15th-century buildings. From the top of Toompea, visitors can view the Old City, which includes shops on Viru Street, the 14th-century Town Hall, and the 19th-century Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.


Tartu  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Tartu is the intellectual hub of the country due to the University of Tartu, and it is the oldest city in the nation. Its centre is lined with classically designed 18th-century buildings, many of which have been put to innovative use. One of the coolest attractions in Tartu is the soup neighbourhood, which has streets named after soup ingredients and old wooden houses next to the Emajgi River.

 Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa is a popular national park in Estonia, located an hour’s drive from the capital. Viru Raba, or Viru Bog, is a must-see part of the park, with trees poking out of the swampy ground. There is a 5-kilometre (3-mile) boardwalk that is usually dry to explore the scenery. Sagadi Village is located in the middle of the park, where visitors can tour Sagadi Manor and learn more about the culture and history of the region.


Saaremaa  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Saaremaa is the largest Estonian island located in the Baltic Sea. It has an 8,000-year-old history and was ruled by Danes, Swedes, Germans, and Russians. Today, most visitors spend their time in Kuressaare, where they can explore the mediaeval castle and its grounds. The Srve Peninsula is a scenic destination to explore, with hiking, sightseeing, birdwatching, and photography being popular activities.


Parnu  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Parnu is a coastal resort city located between the Parnu River and the Gulf of Riga. It is known as the summer capital due to its beach, which boasts fine white sand and gorgeous dunes. The beach promenade runs along the shore and provides a traditional coastal resort feel. Even after the sun sets, lighting along the promenade ensures people are still walking and enjoying the coastal scenery. Vee Park is a popular indoor water park in Parnu.

Narva Castle

Narva Castle  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
The city of Narva is the easternmost destination in the European Union and was heavily bombed during WWII. The historic Narva Castle, also known as Hermann Castle, was built in the 13th century by the Danes as a residence for the Danish King’s vice-regent. Inside the castle are the Narva Museum and a collection of handicraft workshops. The castle tower overlooks the Ivangorod castle on the Russian side of the river.


Hiiuma  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Hiiumaa is an island in Estonia, located off the coast and in the Baltic Sea. It is popular with surfers, sailors, and hikers and boasts many interesting lighthouses, including the 19th-century Tahkuna Lighthouse and the 15th-century Kpu Lighthouse. The Tahkuna Lighthouse is the tallest in the country, while the Kpu Lighthouse is one of the oldest on the planet.

 Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Rakvere is a city in northern Estonia that has been home to humans for nearly 1,500 years. It is home to Rakvere Castle, which was built in the 16th century and has become a mediaeval theme park. Visitors can watch knights polishing their armour, see an alchemist’s workshop, and tour the ancient wine cellar. In the Shenkenberg Tavern, visitors can dine on classic mediaeval dishes. Visiting the castle is an unforgettable way to bring history to life.

Soomaa National Park

Sooma National Park  | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Soomaa National Park is a peat bog formed by glacier melt 10,000 years ago. It is cut by several rivers, and canoeing is the best way to explore it. Canoeing is especially popular in the spring, when water levels rise substantially, making it the only way to get around. Locals call this the fifth season.


Viljandi | Estonia Tourist Visa For UAE Residents
Viljandi is a small city in southern Estonia with a rich history of nearly 2,600 years. It is home to the 16th-century ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle, as well as the annual folk music festival, which attracts up to 20,000 visitors in July. The festival features dozens of concerts in every venue, making it the largest music festival in the country.

Estonia is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, mediaeval buildings, and contemporary, tech-savvy culture. The nation provides a variety of activities for visitors, including touring Tallinn’s old town, going on hikes through the woods, and going to the country’s beaches. Along with its numerous natural and cultural attractions, Estonia is also known as “e-Estonia” for its cutting-edge digital infrastructure and its thriving tech scene. Visitors can see this for themselves by utilising the nation’s cutting-edge e-government services and touring its tech hubs. Overall, tourists seeking a blend of history, nature, and modernity will find Estonia to be a distinctive and exciting destination.


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