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Ghana is a country in West Africa that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea, Togo, Burkina Faso, and the Ivory Coast. Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, gained its independence from Britain in 1957 and was the first nation in sub-Saharan Africa to renounce colonial rule. With a long, stunning coastline, Ghana can lay claim to some of the world’s most popular and stunning beaches, including Busua and Dixcove. There are a few spas in the area, but one of the best ways to relax is to lie on the beaches. There are many beaches where you can go to sunbathe, unwind with a book in your hand, or even organise a picnic for your family. There are many additional attractions to hold your interest. Many abandoned European forts that resemble the havens for African slaves are open for tours, including Cape Coast Castle. The national parks in the area are the best locations to enjoy nature. Here, you can stroll through the rainforest while admiring the view. Before departing, UAE citizens who intend to travel to Ghana must apply for a Ghana visit visa from UAE.

Ghana visit visa from UAE.

Before packing your bags, make sure you have a visa if you plan to travel to Ghana this summer. The 30-day stay and 90-day validity periods for a tourist visa for Ghana. It is subject to approval by the consulate. To allow for adequate processing time, it is advised to apply for your Ghana visit visa from the UAE well in advance of your intended travel dates. Additionally, be sure to check the Ghana Consulate General on the United Arab Emirates official website for any new requirements or information.

Reasons to visit Ghana 

Tranquil country

Ghana may be the only country in Africa with a long history of enduring democracy and a thriving economy. As a result, the area is a safe place to travel in any weather. With little crime and no insurgency, the country is very welcoming to tourists. Even in the midst of elections, the country is serene!


Ghana offers a wide variety of fascinating historical sites and museums to explore. If you want to make Cape Coast your final destination, it is suggested that you make a stop there. Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle are two castle museums that were stopped along the transatlantic slave trade route. Even though it might be uncomfortable to consider, a tour of these strongholds will educate you about the past as you are shown slave ships, dungeons, old cannons, and secret chambers while hearing tales from the past. Other forts exist as well, such as Fort Victoria and Fort William, which served as watchtowers to protect the city from Ashanti attacks in the nineteenth century.


Saving money is always a good idea, regardless of your financial situation, especially when travelling abroad. But in Ghana, nothing is ever free; even using a portable toilet costs money. You will almost always pay less than you would at home for the same things. A dorm bed will cost approximately 500 rupees, whereas a trip on the neighbourhood bus (tro-tro) will cost less than 100 rupees.

Welcoming locals

Unquestionably, Ghanaians are the most giving people you will ever meet. The locals are curious to talk to you, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. Locals would stop their cars or come out from their market stalls to talk to you if you were jogging at six in the morning. Remember that greetings are very important in Ghana. Be courteous and reciprocate the locals’ customary wave. The term “Obroni” (foreigner), which is frequently used to yell at visitors, will frequently be heard. It may seem rude at first, but the locals are just trying to get to know you.


Ghana has some stunning beaches, and visitors can often enjoy local musicians, drummers, and artists who add a cultural flair to the usual plodding experience. It will be fun to chat with the artists and enjoy the songs the fishermen sang as they brought in their catch. Even without these distinctive inhabitants, Ghana’s beaches provide a serene and lovely retreat from the busier city streets.


Ethnic cuisine is almost always available when travelling, but the ingredients are frequently the same as those you are used to eating at home. You won’t be familiar with some Ghanaian foods, though, like the meals made with roots called fu-fu, banku, and kenkey. They also have a rich, fiery peanut base in many of their soups, which you will quickly grow to love.

Crafts and arts

Ghanaian culture makes extensive use of ceramics, woven textiles, beads, and woven clothing. As you look through the paintings, you’ll undoubtedly notice some symbols and images that appear frequently. You can learn a lot about cultural ideas and attitudes from these images. Numerous statues and carved masks are also present, each with a different meaning.

Top destinations to visit in Ghana 

Kakum National Park 

Kakum National Park  | Ghana Visit Visa From UAE
The revered Kakum National Park, known as the nation’s park, is a destination that every traveller should see. It is 145 square metres in size and is located on the shore of the Central Region of Ghana, which is the southernmost region of Ghana. A significant number of endangered species, particularly mammals like elephants and antelopes, are also found in the park. The park also features a suspended canopy walk that is 30 metres above the ground. The canopy walk can be a little frightening the first few times you do it, but if you have an adventurous spirit, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can take in the beauty of the surroundings and get a view of the trees.

Boti Falls 

Boti Falls | Ghana Visit Visa From UAE
Visitors from all over the country and the world are constantly attracted to waterfalls, and Boti Falls is no exception. A historic Ghanaian location is located in the Eastern Region, 17 kilometres northeast of Koforidua. Boti Falls in Ghana are an essential element. According to legend, the upper and lower falls of Boti Falls are represented by a male and a female, respectively. The community holds a mating ceremony because they believe that the two falls are mating, as evidenced by the increased water flow from the falls. When water is splashed continuously throughout the ritual, a rainbow frequently appears.

Lake Volta 

Lake Volta | Ghana Visit Visa From UAE
There are many tourist attractions in the Volta Region, such as mountains, waterfalls, and lakes, but overall, there aren’t many people who travel there. Lake Volta, the biggest man-made lake in the world, is located in this area. Lake Volta, which has an area of 8,502 square kilometres, surrounds the entire nation. The Akosombo Dam controls the noticeable lake, which is used for transportation. Additionally, it produces electricity for use by Ghanaians. Volta Lake’s tranquil surroundings allow you to unwind and let stress go.

Aburi Botanical Garden 

Aburi Botanical Garden | Ghana Visit Visa From UAE
Ghana benefits from a warmer climate due to its location in Africa, making Aburi Botanical Garden the most picturesque landmark in the nation. The gardens are located in Ghana’s Eastern Region, close to the town of Aburi, from which they derive their name. Aburi is located about 30 kilometres north of Accra. They were formally inaugurated in March 1890. The gardens cover 160 acres, of which three are used to construct the most fundamental infrastructure, and 157 are set aside for special purposes. Going on a soothing outing, like a trip to the Aburi Gardens, can help you release any tension you may be experiencing.

Labadi Beach 

labadi beach | Ghana Visit Visa From UAE
The La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and Labadi Beach Hotel maintain Labadi Beach, one of the busiest beaches on Ghana’s coast and also known to Ghanaians as La Pleasure Beach. If you’re in Accra on a business trip and looking for some leisurely activities to do in Ghana, it might be the perfect place for you to unwind. Many people gather at the beach on the weekends to have fun while playing games, riding horses, and dancing to loud music. If you want peace and quiet, Labadi Beach is best enjoyed during the week.

Wli Waterfalls 

Wli waterfalls
If you’re looking for a peaceful location to visit for a pleasant, relaxing time, a waterfall is an ideal landmark to see. The Volta Region of Ghana, home to the Agumatsa Falls, also referred to as the Wli Waterfalls, is reachable from Accra in about 5 hours by car. Wli Falls is the tallest waterfall in both Ghana and West Africa, and it is one of Ghana’s most picturesque locations. When you visit the Wli Waterfalls, you can engage in a variety of activities. You could decide to unwind by swimming or by watching the flow of the falls, for instance.

Lake Bosomtwe 

Late bosomtwe
The Ashanti Region of Ghana is home to a variety of tourist attractions that annually draw thousands of foreign visitors. Lake Bosomtwe, the only naturally occurring lake in Ghana, is situated in Kumasi, the region’s capital. The lake is between 70 and 74 metres deep and 49 square kilometres in size. Mountains encircle the lake, which serves as a habitat for various fish species. A meteorite strike in the town is said to have caused the lake to form.

In general, travelling to Ghana is a memorable and enriching experience that provides a distinctive blend of natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Every traveller can find something to enjoy in Ghana, from its dynamic cities to its breathtaking landscapes and welcoming people. The rich cultural heritage of Ghana is one of its attractions. The nation is renowned for its many different ethnic groups, each of which has its own customs, music, dance, and visual arts. A thorough understanding of the Ghanaian way of life can be gained by exploring the busy markets, going to traditional festivals, and interacting with the locals.

The historical sites in Ghana provide a fascinating look into the past. There are many historical sites in Ghana, from the slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina to the ancient trading posts of the Ashanti Kingdom. These locations highlight the resiliency and fortitude of the Ghanaian people while serving as a sombre reminder of the transatlantic slave trade. Ghana’s landscapes are absolutely breathtaking for nature lovers. The nation offers a wide variety of natural attractions, from the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic coast to the lush rainforests of Kakum National Park and the wildlife-rich savannahs of Mole National Park. Visitors can experience rare wildlife, go on exciting adventures, and take in the beauty of Ghana’s natural wonders by exploring these areas.

Ghana is also known for having friendly, hospitable people. Ghanaians are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, making sure that guests feel at home and at ease throughout their stay. Getting to know the locals, trying their food, and getting involved in community events all add to the immersion and authenticity of the experience.

In conclusion, a trip to Ghana promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with cultural exploration, historical discovery, and scenic beauty. Ghana offers a wealth of experiences that will leave a lasting impression, whether you are drawn to the energetic cities, historic sites, or breathtaking landscapes.


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