Jordan Visa For UAE Residents

Jordan is a Middle Eastern nation that is officially referred to as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In addition to Saudi Arabia to the east and south, Israel and Palestine to the West, Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, and Saudi Arabia to the east and south are its neighbours. Amman, the capital of Jordan, is home to a population of about 10 million.

Jordan offers a fascinating and educational experience. The nation’s historical gems, like the antiquity of Petra and the admirably preserved Roman ruins of Jerash, serve as a testament to its rich past. Exploring the breathtaking Wadi Rum desert and the magnificent Dead Sea offers exceptional natural wonders. Jordan’s friendly people, delectable cuisine, and traditional music and dance all reflect the country’s warm and welcoming culture. The dynamic and cosmopolitan side of Jordanian life can be seen by immersing oneself in the lively markets of Amman or exploring the bustling streets of Aqaba. Jordan also provides opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure. There is something for every nature lover, from hiking in the picturesque valleys of the Dana Biosphere Reserve to diving in the vibrant coral reefs of the Red Sea. UAE citizens do not need a visa to enter Jordan and may stay there for up to 30 days. However, if they intend to stay in Jordan, foreign nationals living in the UAE who are not eligible for visa-free entry must apply for the appropriate Jordan visa. Discover more about Jordan visa for UAE residents.

Jordan visa for UAE residents

UAE citizens do not need a visa to enter Jordan or extend their stay beyond 30 days. Foreign nationals living in the UAE who are not entitled to visa-free entry into Jordan, however, must apply for the appropriate Jordanian visa if they intend to stay there. The Jordan visa is available for nationals of the countries that qualify. Visitors must have a valid passport with a minimum six-month validity and a confirmed onward or return ticket in order to obtain this visa. Residents of the UAE may apply for a single entry visa at the port of entry, which grants them a 30-day stay. In order to enter Jordan for a period of time longer than that permitted by a Jordan visa on arrival, UAE residents must apply for a Jordan Standard Visa at the Jordanian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Reasons to Visit Jordan

Swimming in the Dead Sea

At least once in your life, you should take a bath in the Dead Sea! This enormous body of water is the most salty in the entire world, and for good reason—it makes you feel weightless. Swimming in your body is nearly impossible because it floats by nature. The place to go from Jordan is Sweimah, which is a location north of the Dead Sea. There, you have the option of swimming on the public beach or the private beaches owned by the hotels.

Look into the wadis.

The word “Wadi” in Arabic means “valley.” These valleys in Jordan have sand dunes, natural pools, and lush vegetation. They resemble canyons. For instance, there are 500 different plant species in the Dana Nature Reserve in Wadi al Ghuweir, including pistachio, pine, and cypress trees. The mineral-rich hot springs in other wadis, like Hammamat Ma’in, are well known for being good for the skin.

Friendly People

Simply put, Jordanians’ friendly demeanour will make your soul happy. The friendliness of everyone, whether they are a bus driver, a tour guide, or even a complete stranger on the street, will surprise you. In this country, it seems like everyone genuinely wants to help others and is friendly. Few people here discuss religion, and relations between people are cordial. The entire country exudes an air of friendliness and warmth.


It wasn’t until the early 19th century that the magnificent city of Petra became known to the West. Everyone is compelled to take pictures of “The Treasury,” the most ornate facade in all of Petra. The place is so magnificent that everyone gasps in awe. This famous archaeological site is situated in the desert of southwest Jordan. It has a number of amazing tombs and temples that were hewn out of pink sandstone cliffs. Because of this, it also goes by the name “Rose City.”

It’s secure

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this country has a crime rate of 0.072%. You will feel welcomed and at home thanks to the helpful and friendly locals. No matter where you go, you will only find positive stories about Jordan’s charitable King and Queen.

Amazing Foodie Delights

Without a doubt, Jordan is a vegetarian’s dream, but there is also vegetarian food available everywhere. Their national dish, “Mansaf,” is made up of rice and lamb that has been cooked in yoghurt. Dinnertime in Jordan is not just a time for eating but also for socialising. People eat and converse while seated for extended periods of time during evening meals. These meals feature some of the most amazing cuisines around.

Wadi Rum

This remote desert wilderness in southern Jordan contains lovely sandstone mountains like the multi-domed Jebel Um Ishrin and natural arches like Burdah Rock Bridge. The extraordinary rocks and patterns on the caves in this area have been used as backdrops in numerous films that feature Earth life, such as “The Martians” and “The Transformers.” Numerous prehistoric inscriptions and carvings can be found all over the Khazali Canyon, in addition to other rocky caverns and vertical chasms.

Historic Heritage

Visitors are drawn to Jordan by its lengthy history and the heritage of the country’s tourist destinations. The area has a long history, dating back to the early rock ages and the very recent Roman Empire. The views of both the old and new Amman will be absolutely breathtaking. Jordan’s ruins are generally well-kept, and tour guides can help you fully understand the cities’ histories. The depth of this country’s history is illustrated by the abundance of historical sites.

The top destination to visit in Jordan


Jerash | Jordan Visa For UAE Residents
The ruins of Jerash, which are in the north of the country and 45 minutes from Amman, are one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Jordan. There are countless temples, plazas, theatres, and streets that you can explore. Despite the fact that the oldest ruins found here date back to 7,500 BC, the ancient city thrived under Roman rule from the first to the seventh centuries. They constructed many significant structures, including the Hippodrome and Hadrian’s Arch. If you want to fully understand everything you encounter, it is a good idea to travel with a guide. The Roman ruins are so large and extensive that you will definitely have a good time, even without explanations. While wandering around the Temple of Zeus and Oval Plaza and snapping photos of everything, you might end up taking one.

Desert Castles

Desert Castles | Jordan Visa For UAE Residents
The Desert Castles are a collection of fortified palaces and mosques found in the semi-arid regions of northeastern Jordan. They were constructed by the Umayyads in the seventh century and consisted of a mosque, a bathhouse, and other structures. The primary residence was frequently decorated with mosaics, frescoes, and reliefs. The frescoes and mosaics in Qasr Amra and Qasr Hallabat are especially stunning. Furthermore, Qasr Harana and Qasr Azraq are both strongly advised. T.E. Lawrence used this as his base during the Arab Revolt in the years 1917–1918.


Amman | Jordan Visa For UAE Residents
It’s lovely to spend a few days in Amman, the capital of Jordan. It has many quiet, peaceful neighbourhoods, and most of its top attractions are all within easy walking distance of one another. They include a crumbling citadel with Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad ruins still standing on its hilltop, as well as a number of historical sites dating back to antiquity. Rainbow Street, a well-known promenade, is home to trendy rooftop eateries, sidewalk cafes, and hip stores. Souk Mango is the more established shopping area. Amman is the ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the country because of its fascinating history, delectable cuisine, and variety of shopping options. It is also surprisingly calm and relatively easy to navigate.


If you’re interested in castles, Al-Karak is without a doubt worth a visit. The city of Al-Karak, also spelt Karak or Kerak, is situated in southern Jordan. Both its magnificent castle and sizable Christian population have earned it notoriety. Al-Citadel Karak’s of Kerak, which was once a Crusader stronghold and left in ruins for nearly 500 years, is situated. You can tour the castle to see the areas that have been repaired after some restoration work. The impressive collection in the Karak Archaeological Museum, which is housed on the castle’s lower level, provides additional insight into the region’s past.


On the Red Sea, Egypt and Saudi Arabia encircle the popular tourist destination of Aqaba, which is located close to Eilat in Israel. Two of the fascinating historical sites in this well-established port city are the Aqaba Fort from the sixteenth century and the gleaming white Sheik Zayed Mosque. The first purpose-built Christian church in history is thought to have been the ancient Aqaba Church, which was constructed in 300 AD. In addition to relaxing at opulent hotels, on the beach, or while receiving spa treatments at hammams, visitors can go snorkelling and scuba diving in the Red Sea. The coastal city provides sightseeing cruises as well, allowing tourists to take in the vibrant coral reefs and a variety of marine life.


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