Myanmar Visa For UAE Residents

The Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar is also referred to as Burma. It shares borders with Bangladesh to the north, China to the northeast, Laos to the east, Thailand to the west and northwest, and the Bay of Bengal to the southwest. The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, and Yangon is its biggest city. With mountains in the north, plains in the centre, and a lengthy coastline along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, Myanmar has a diverse geography. The nation has a rich cultural heritage, with numerous historic temples and pagodas, including Yangon’s renowned Shwedagon Pagoda. Numerous ethnic groups and languages are spoken in Burma, which has Burmese as its official language. Residents of the UAE must apply for a visa before departing for Myanmar. However, some UAE citizens are qualified to obtain a Myanmar visa via a streamlined procedure: online or at the airport. Before packing your bags, you must apply for a Myanmar visa for UAE residents.

Myanmar visa for UAE residents

If you live in the UAE and want to travel to Myanmar, you almost certainly need a visa. However, the Myanmar government makes the visa application process simpler by allowing UAE citizens to obtain a visa either online or upon arrival. As a result, rather than applying ahead of time, if you qualify for a Myanmar Visa On Arrival, you can simply pick one up at the airport before you travel there. Foreign nationals who intend to visit Myanmar for tourism or other recreational purposes are granted tourist visas. If you have a tourist visa, you are permitted to stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days. Depending on the type of visa you have, you may or may not be able to extend your stay in Myanmar. A Myanmar tourist visa cannot be extended as a result. However, if you have another type of visa that can be extended, like a business or employment visa, you can submit an application to the immigration services in Myanmar.

Reasons to Visit Myanmar

The temples

The country of Myanmar continues to exude an air of otherworldliness; it is glistening with a unique kind of magic that cannot be captured on camera. Experience it all, and let your spiritual senses tingle! Take a sunrise balloon ride above the magnificent pagodas of Bagan between the middle of October and the middle of March, when the winds are calmer. Even though this trip may be more expensive than others, it is totally worthwhile! Both ballooning over Bagan and ballooning over Asia are options. Before visiting a temple, invest in a lovely longyi, or Burmese sarong, and pack a bag for your shoes so you can walk barefoot like the locals.

Delicious Food

Similar to many of Myanmar’s delectable neighbours, this nation’s cuisine is a fusion of tastes, ingredients, and dishes that have combined to make it one of the most sought-after nations among foodies. Nangyi thoke is a popular main dish in Myanmar, but those looking for something different may prefer to try the country’s famous tea leaf salad, which is packed with nuts, tea leaves, and prawn sauce and is one of the most intriguing salads in the entire world. Depending on where visitors eat, meals can cost as little as 1,000 kyats.

Electric bikes riding in Bagan

Southeast Asian tourists are constantly looking for ways to get on a motorbike and explore, whether they are whizzing around the islands of Thailand or riding down the coast of Vietnam. Although there are plenty of motorbikes in Myanmar, the electric bicycles in Bagan are what truly distinguish this nation. Due to their reduced speed, these quiet bikes are not only safer than motorbikes but also better for the environment. In the ancient city of Bagan, drivers whiz between stunning temples and pagodas, making this a frequent highlight of tourists’ trips to Myanmar. In Bagan, renting an electric bicycle ought to cost between 3,000 and 5,000 kyats per day.

Beautiful pagodas 

The two most famous pagodas in Yangon are the Sule Pagoda and the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Sule Pagoda is estimated to be 2,000 years old and is a stunning structure with golden leaves and mirrors reflecting the sunlight during the day and being lit up after dark. The Shwedagon Pagoda is over 2,500 years old and is considered one of the holiest relics in the entire country. Visitors can spend a few hours meandering its holy grounds, taking photographs, and waiting for the sun to set to get some of the most amazing views.

Friendly locals

The people of Myanmar are the friendliest in the world. No local is unwelcoming of foreign travellers passing through the country, whether they are encountered in the heart of Yangon or in the jungle on the way to Inle Lake from Kalaw. Locals are known to rush over to visitors who even slightly appear lost in the hopes of lending a hand. Many residents will frequently approach tourists for the sole purpose of practising their English. Simply friendly Myanmarese people are looking to chat—no tricks or scams here.

Budget-friendly nation

Amazing nations and cities can be found all over Southeast Asia, but not every traveller will be able to afford to visit them all. People travelling on a tight budget will be relieved to learn that Myanmar is among the least expensive places to visit in terms of, well, everything. Whole meals can be purchased for 600 kyats, transportation is inexpensive, and lodging options won’t break the bank. For this reason alone, people who have overindulged in nearby nations and are looking to save some money should travel to Myanmar. The trinkets are also incredibly affordable.

Buzzing Markets

Myanmar’s markets are popular in Southeast Asia, with the Jade Market in Mandalay being a great example of this. Locals examine, cut, buy, sell, and trade this unique product without tourists. There are also a variety of food markets, where visitors can watch fish being sliced and diced in front of their eyes before being devoured by another local.

Buddhist Monasteries

The number of monasteries spread throughout Myanmar is undoubtedly a reflection of the large number of Theravada Buddhists who live there. Many of the friendliest monks can be found wandering the grounds of some of the most notable ones in Mandalay. Many of them are delighted to chat and converse with visitors about anything from their way of life as monks to US President Donald Trump.

The top destination to visit in Myanmar


Bagan | Myanmar visa for UAE residents
Bagan, the most well-known tourist destination in Myanmar, has more than 2,000 stupas scattered across the countryside. Since there aren’t many tourists there yet, don’t stay away for too long. The best time to experience Bagan’s magic is early in the morning when you can take a hot air balloon ride. You can also explore one of Baga’s local markets while riding a bicycle past the temples and shopping for lacquer products. If you’re in need of food, this region has a wide selection of Asian cuisines, including Burmese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Tibetan.


Yangon | Myanmar visa for UAE residents
Lake Inle is a charming location because of its magnificent temples, floating villages, and magnificent gardens. Since there are no highways nearby, the only means of transportation are wooden boats. Staying on Lake Inle is a fantastic way to fully experience lakeside life. Additional Lake Inle attractions worth visiting include the floating market in Ywama village and the lovely floating gardens in Nampan village.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake | Myanmar visa for UAE residents
Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city, is a charming but perplexing location with markets, monasteries, Indian temples, mosques, and pagodas perched on hillsides. The Kuthodaw Pagoda, Yankin Hill, Mandalay Royal Palace, and the Mandalay Marionettes are all situated there. Additional worthwhile sites include the Mahamuni Paya, the Shwe In Bin Kyaung monastery, and Ta Moke Shwe Gu Gyi. The Mandalay Royal Palace, which also houses Yankin Hill, Kuthodaw Pagoda, and the Mandalay Marionettes, is made up of forty different buildings. 

Mrauk U

Mrauk U
Mrauk U, formerly known as Mrohaung, is a deserted city with noteworthy archaeological significance. Its temples are comparable to those in Bagan, despite being smaller and made of stone rather than brick. These temple ruins were once part of a powerful Arakan kingdom and are now surrounded by still-inhabited rural communities, rice paddies, and a vast expanse of rolling countryside. After the First Anglo-Burmese War, it was moved to Sittwe, leaving Mrauk U behind. The city and its temples were largely abandoned after that and allowed to crumble into dust. Since Mrauk U is so remote and receives only 5,000 visitors annually, you’ll probably have the temples to yourself.


Bago | Myanmar visa for UAE residents
Bago, also known as Pegu, the former capital of the Mon Kingdom, will get a brand-new airport, which is scheduled to open in 2022. Bago’s charm lies in its authentic, untouristy atmosphere, which is characterised by the small number of hotels permitted to host foreign guests, as well as the presence of restaurants serving traditional curries and other typical Burmese cuisines. The local market is a fantastic location to experience Bago’s daily life. The Shwethalyaung statue of the enormous reclining Buddha and the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, also called the “Golden God Temple,” are two additional attractions in the region.


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