Norway Visit Visa From UAE

Norway, a country in northern Europe, occupies the majority of the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula. The majority of the people in the country reside in Oslo, the country’s capital, and the area immediately south of it. Around 50,000 islands are dispersed along Norway’s heavily indented coastline, and about two-thirds of the country is made up of mountains. The Vikings’ former home, Norway, has been displaying the grit and bravery of the past through its distinctive culture. Norway is well known for having breathtaking northern lights, earning the nickname “land of the midnight sun.” The most seductive aspect of Norway has always been its skies. The glistening “lights” that appear in the middle of the night have drawn a large number of tourists from all over the world. It’s picturesque fjords and extraordinary lakes make it an even more wonderful place for tourists to travel to.In order to travel to Norway, residents of the United Arab Emirates must first obtain a tourist visa. The process of obtaining a Norway visa from the UAE might seem difficult, but with the right knowledge and planning, you can handle it without any trouble.

Norway visa from UAE

If you want to travel to Norway from the United Arab Emirates, you must apply for a tourist visa at a Norwegian embassy or visa centre at least 15 days before departure. Whether you need one depends on whether you are travelling from the UAE to Norway. For brief stays in Norway, citizens of some nations are not required to obtain visas; however, citizens of other nations must do so. To find out if you need a visa based on your nationality and the reason for your visit, visit the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s website. If a visa is necessary, you can start the application process.

Required Documents for Applying a Tourist Visa to Norway from Dubai, UAE:

Norway Tourist Visa Made Easy: Your Simple Guide

  1. Passport: Your home country passport needs to be valid for at least six months. Ensure the new passport has a minimum of 3 blank pages. If you have an old passport, submit it as well.
  2. Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by the Embassy of Norway. It should be in English or Norwegian, signed, and dated by you. If you’re below 18, both parents need to sign.
  3. Valid UAE Residency: Provide a copy of your Emirates ID and the stamped residency visa, valid for at least three months beyond your visa expiry or intended journey end.
  4. Photocopies: Submit copies of the passport’s personal data and signature pages, UAE residence permit/visa, and any previous Schengen visas.
  5. Personal Photographs: Include two recent color photographs.
  6. Covering Letter: Write a letter stating your travel intention and details of family members traveling (if applicable).
  7. Financial Proof: Provide stamped and signed personal bank statements for the last three months, showing regular income. For business owners or partners, submit the company’s bank statement and a letter from the bank confirming your signatory status. Retired persons should show proof of pension or regular income.
  8. Medical Insurance: Obtain overseas travel insurance valid for the entire visa period and covering all Schengen countries. Minimum coverage should be 30,000 €, including repatriation.
  9. No Objection Letter (NOC): If employed, get a letter from your local employer/sponsor, including details about your position, employment start date, salary, and expected date to resume duties. Attach a valid trade license copy for investors/partners. For dependents, include the sponsor’s valid passport copy and UAE residence visa with the cover letter.
  10. Travel Documents: Present confirmed return flight tickets, hotel reservation, and a day-wise travel plan (itinerary).

Additional Documents based on your situation:

  • For Company Owners: Company Trade License Copy.
  • For Students: School/College/Institute ID Card.
  • For Retirees: Proof of retirement like a pension book or statement.
  • For Minors: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the non-accompanying parent.
  • Visiting Friends/Relatives: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof; Address proof.
  • Sponsored Individuals: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit; Updated bank statement of the last 6 months.
  • Business Visa: Invitation letter from the host company stating the trip’s purpose and business details.

Reasons to Visit Norway


There are mountains everywhere in Norway, and you can usually reach one by car in three hours. The most breathtaking views can be found while strolling along fjords, white sand beaches, and other mountain ranges in the distance in Northern Norway. On Tromso, there are up to 1000 hiking trails, including those on the island itself, in the Kvalya and Sommary highlands, and in the Lyngen Alps.


All over Norway, there are fjords, but did you know that the well-known Geiranger and Hardanger fjords are quite different from the fjords in Northern Norway? Both will offer you breathtaking views of mountains rising from the water’s edge as well as amazing opportunities to see wildlife. All year long, fjord excursions are offered in the north and in Tromso, and the experience is always one-of-a-kind.

Northern lights 

You have to go to Norway to see the Northern Lights. If you travel to northern Norway between late August and late April, you should have a great chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis with a guide who will take you to the best viewing spots, go snowmobiling, or go on a cruise to see the northern lights. You have a number of options for where to see the Northern Lights, whether you want to be in or near a city, a small village, or the middle of the wilderness.

Midnight Sun 

Norway is frequently referred to as the “Land of the Midnight Sun,” and for good reason. From late May to late July, the sun never sets in northern Norway, allowing for nonstop daylight. People in Northern Norway enjoy outdoor activities like boat trips, fishing, and simply relaxing with friends and family, in addition to going on hikes under the midnight sun.

Watching whales 

Norway’s whale watching season is open all year long, though in different locations, as the whales follow the herring in the fjords. Therefore, it is best to confirm the location of your annual meeting. If you want to see the magnificent humpback and killer whales in their natural habitat, it’s customary to make a guided trip reservation.


Many Norwegians enjoy skiing, and they do it both in the winter and the summer. You can take pleasure in downhill skiing while travelling from the highest point to the ocean in the ski resorts of Narvik and Tromso Alpinpark. If you go cross-country skiing in or around Tromso, you’ll probably see a lot of locals on the trails in Kvalya and Tromsdalen, near Prestvannet. Summer skiing is especially popular in the Lyngen Alps, and skiers from all over the world are familiar with Lyngen ski touring.

Top Places to Visit in Norway


Oslo | Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Visit Visa from UAE"
The capital of Norway is Oslo. The heritage, culture, and traditions of the Vikings are well-known in this city. Nearby, there are many international museums with breathtaking scenery. There are many places to go for walks and hiking trails in this city. In the forests, lakes, and numerous other places close to the city, hiking is possible. This city has a thriving nightlife.


Bergen | Norway Visit Visa From UAE
On Norway’s southwest coast is the city of Bergen, which takes pride in its lovely wharves, charming neighbourhoods, and deep fjords. Because of its pastoral beauty and nearby mountain ranges, Bergen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The second-largest city in Norway, Bergen, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unparalleled beauty. Bergen’s picturesque surroundings, which include fjords and mountains and earned the city the name “city of seven mountains,”  add to its appeal. Due to its charming old-fashioned towns, the city has a rural appeal in addition to its natural beauty. While you’re there, take advantage of the chance to explore the historic town of Bryggen.


Drammen | Norway
Drammen is a well-known tourist destination in Norway that provides a variety of thrilling activities like biking, skiing, and ravine treks. It is located west of the Oslofjord. The city is bordered by the stunning Drammenselva River, which is well-known for its salmon fishing. This urban-feeling city is a hub for shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars.


Tromso | Norway Visit Visa From UAE
A significant cultural hub is the Norwegian city of Tromso, which is located just above the Arctic Circle. Due to its reputation as one of the best locations to see the Northern Lights, Tromso is a well-liked travel destination all year. Tromso is well known for the numerous centuries-old wooden houses that are scattered throughout the city and giving it a simple, vintage appeal. The stunning skyline, punctuated for the majority of the year by the aurora, is dominated by the stained glass tower of the famous Arctic Cathedral.


Sarpsborg takes pride in its distinctively Scandinavian beauty, which is only enhanced by the area’s numerous imposing mediaeval buildings. Norway’s largest river, the Glomma, borders Sarpsborg on one side. The Sharps waterfall, the city’s most well-known landmark, must unquestionably be seen while in Sarpsborg. The largest waterfall in all of Europe, the Sharps, is breathtaking and imposing in its size and splendour. One of the best ways to experience the charm of the quaint mediaeval town is to go to the Borgarsyssel Museum, which is close to the ruins of the mediaeval St. Nicholas Church. While visiting Sarpsborg, thrill-seekers can test their mettle at activities like high-roping, trampolining, mountain climbing, etc.


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