Spain Tourist Visa From The UAE 

One of the two nations on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has coastlines that run along both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and southeast, respectively. The Kingdom of Spain has just under 50 million people. The second largest city in Spain after Madrid is Barcelona, which serves as Catalonia’s regional capital. Although Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Occitan are also acknowledged as official languages, Spanish is the nation’s official tongue. Spain is well known for its cuisine, siesta, Flamenco dance and music, bullfights, horses, wines, fruits, arts, literature, and vegetables, as well as for its architecture, Moorish heritage, Mediterranean beaches, islands, and football.

It is important to know about Spain’s tourist visa from the UAE if you are looking to travel to this wonderful nation. A category C short-stay visa for tourists is issued to individuals travelling to Spain for leisure or tourism. Before starting your Iberian journey, make sure you have the proper documentation so you can enter Spain legally and enjoy your trip to the fullest. However, UAE nationals don’t need a tourist visa to enter Spain if they’re travelling there for leisure purposes only, and their stay won’t last longer than 90 days in a 180-day period.

Spain tourist visa from UAE

UAE citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter Spain if they are only travelling there for leisure, and their stay won’t last longer than 90 days in a 180-day period. The 90-day entry, however, is only valid if the UAE national:

  • Does not travel to Spain specifically for medical care.
  • You have no intention of working there.
  • Participate in any event, such as a wedding.

Only UAE citizens visiting for leisure are eligible for the 90-day visa-free entry. A visa is necessary for any of the aforementioned justifications. Any other visits to Spain from the UAE necessitate a Schengen visa.

Required Documents for Applying a Tourist Visa to Spain from Dubai, UAE:

Spain Tourist Visa Made Easy: Your Simple Guide

  1. Passport: Your home country passport needs to be valid for at least six months. Ensure the new passport has a minimum of 3 blank pages. If you have an old passport, submit it as well.
  2. Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by the Embassy of Spain. It should be in English or Spanish, signed, and dated by you. If you’re below 18, both parents need to sign.
  3. Valid UAE Residency: Provide a copy of your Emirates ID and the stamped residency visa, valid for at least three months beyond your visa expiry or intended journey end.
  4. Photocopies: Submit copies of the passport’s personal data and signature pages, UAE residence permit/visa, and any previous Schengen visas.
  5. Personal Photographs: Include two recent color photographs.
  6. Covering Letter: Write a letter stating your travel intention and details of family members traveling (if applicable).
  7. Financial Proof: Provide stamped and signed personal bank statements for the last three months, showing regular income. For business owners or partners, submit the company’s bank statement and a letter from the bank confirming your signatory status. Retired persons should show proof of pension or regular income.
  8. Medical Insurance: Obtain overseas travel insurance valid for the entire visa period and covering all Schengen countries. Minimum coverage should be 30,000 €, including repatriation.
  9. No Objection Letter (NOC): If employed, get a letter from your local employer/sponsor, including details about your position, employment start date, salary, and expected date to resume duties. Attach a valid trade license copy for investors/partners. For dependents, include the sponsor’s valid passport copy and UAE residence visa with the cover letter.
  10. Travel Documents: Present confirmed return flight tickets, hotel reservation, and a day-wise travel plan (itinerary).

Additional Documents based on your situation:

  • For Company Owners: Company Trade License Copy.
  • For Students: School/College/Institute ID Card.
  • For Retirees: Proof of retirement like a pension book or statement.
  • For Minors: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the non-accompanying parent.
  • Visiting Friends/Relatives: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof; Address proof.
  • Sponsored Individuals: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit; Updated bank statement of the last 6 months.
  • Business Visa: Invitation letter from the host company stating the trip’s purpose and business details.

Reasons to visit Spain 

Amazing architecture

If you need an excuse to visit Spain, look no further than its stunning architecture. And not just one famous building or even one particular style, but amazing examples of many different architectural types can be found all over the nation. Antoni Gaudi, the founder of the Catalan Modernist movement, is responsible for the most well-known ones. Although two of his most well-known buildings, the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo, are in Barcelona, some of his other creations can be found all over Spain. A few of the must-sees include the Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral, the Baroque-style Cathedral in Granada, and the Gothic-style Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See in Seville.

Art lovers’ paradise

Whether it’s history, art, or something more obscure, there are probably museums in Spain that are dedicated to what interests you. Although every country has a museum, Spain stands out from the rest, as one might expect from a country that gave the world both Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. You can learn more about these two visionaries at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and the Dali Museum-Theatre in Figueres, Catalonia. Art lovers will also enjoy the Valencia Modern Art Institute and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, in addition to the Guggenheim Museum’s Bilbao branch.


Attending one of Spain’s numerous festivals will be a unique and unforgettable experience. The extreme ubiquity of Spanish festivals is just one of the many factors contributing to their fame. Throughout the year, each town typically hosts one or more unique festivals. Many of Spain’s festivals have religious origins, but some have turned into raucous celebrations as opposed to sacramental rituals.

Spanish cuisine

With tapas, Spain introduced the world to a new way of eating. The best way to enjoy tapas is to travel to Spain because tapas restaurants in the U.S. and other nations have used a lot of artistic licence with the dish. Sadly, the practice of Spanish pubs providing free tapas to patrons has all but vanished. There are still some places where tapas are offered for free, and many restaurants will keep bringing you new dishes as long as you order more drinks.

Variety of cultures

Visiting Spain’s regions, or autonomous communities, is akin to visiting several different countries at once because of their diversity. One of the best reasons to go to Spain is for this reason. Some people are bilingual in Spanish and their own native languages. The most widespread and distinctive dialects are Catalan and Basque, but other languages like Galician, Extremaduran, and Aragonese are also widely spoken in some areas.

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Barcelona is, without a doubt, the cultural hub of Spain. Antoni Gaud’s imaginative buildings, such as the Sagrada Familia Basilica and Park Güell, as well as establishments housing well-known painters, like the Picasso Museum, are scattered throughout the sprawling Catalan city.


In southern Spain, this charming Andalusian city is dripping with seductive romance. During the day, cobblestone streets are lined with horse-drawn carriages and outdoor cafes, and the plazas are decorated with soft colours. The popularity of flamenco dance increases at night. The Real Alcázar, the Plaza de Espaa, and the Catedral de Sevilla, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, are must-see sights in Seville, but you should also allow yourself to get lost there.


Madrid  | Spain Tourist Visa From UAE 
Madrid is a Spanish city that has mastered the art of making tourists happy. The city has a well-deserved reputation as a party city, but that isn’t the only thing the Spanish capital has going for it. In addition to gorgeous parks, incredible shopping, and some of the best art institutions in Europe, including the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, which are both widely regarded, Madrid is home to many vibrant, diverse neighbourhoods. A romantic getaway is made possible by the city’s magnificent architecture, which is best displayed in structures like the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor.


Granada  | Spain Tourist Visa From UAE 
The Arabic influence in Granada makes it distinct from the rest of Spain. Due to its past as a part of the Moorish Empire, Granada is now home to tapas bars, flamenco venues, Moroccan tea shops, and Arab bathhouses. This convergence allows you to simultaneously experience two different cultures. You should also schedule a time to visit the breathtaking nearby sights, such as the Alhambra, the caves painted white in the Sacromonte neighbourhood, and the snow-capped mountains in Sierra Nevada National Park.


Mallorca  | Spain Tourist Visa From UAE 
Spain’s greatest gift is, without a doubt, Mallorca. This idyllic island getaway offers visitors a range of outdoor activities, charming small towns, and sun-kissed beaches. Take advantage of the Beach de Muro and Cala Llombards’ crystal-clear waters before getting in your car and driving through the Serra de Tramuntana’s breathtaking mountains, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ibiza | Spain Tourist Visa From UAE 
Ibiza is a great place to put on your dancing shoes if you love to party. Many people suggest visiting this Spanish island during the height of the summer because it is so well-known for its exciting nightlife. But despite its reputation as a party island, Ibiza’s natural attractions will make it clear why this island stands out from others. The beaches in this area are so pristine and clear that you can see your feet stepping from the sand into the water.

Canary Islands 

Canary Islands  | Spain Tourist Visa From UAE 
This group of Spanish islands off the coast of northwest Africa is one of Spain’s top beach destinations. The Canary Islands, in addition to having stunning shorelines, are also home to a wealth of outdoor activities, including four national parks. In between hiking and relaxing on the beach, spend some time exploring the neighbourhoods of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the largest city on the archipelago, or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands.

Few countries in the world have as many attractions to choose from for tourists as Spain, with its World Heritage cities, sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches, delectable cuisine, and diverse culture. Due to Spain’s long and distinguished history of Catholic monarchy, Muslim caliphates, and New World conquistadors, one region may have an entirely different personality from another. Do not wait any longer if you intend to visit Spain.


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