Sri Lanka Tourist Visa (e-Visa) From Dubai

You can apply for a tourist visa (e-visa) to Sri-Lanka from Dubai (or any other part of the United Arab Emirates) with Tripfinder. Are you craving to explore pristine beaches, lush green landscapes, ancient ruins, and vibrant cultural traditions? Look no further than Sri Lanka, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. If you’re a resident of Dubai with a desire to immerse yourself in the wonders of Sri Lanka, obtaining a tourist visa is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. Talk to our visa experts today and start your Sri Lanka tourist visa (e-visa) application process from Dubai.

Sri Lanka (e-Visa) Tourist Visa from Dubai

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa Types: Sri Lanka offers various tourist visas to cater to different travel needs. The most common type is the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA-Also known as the Sri Lankan e-Tourist Visa). This online visa allows tourists to visit Sri Lanka for tourism, leisure, or short-term business purposes. The ETA is generally valid for 30 days, with the option to extend the stay once in Sri Lanka if needed.

Application Process:

  1. Online Application: Start by completing the online application for the Sri Lanka ETA. Provide accurate and up-to-date information, including personal details, travel plans, and passport information.
  2. Supporting Documents: While the ETA is an online process, it is recommended to carry the following documents with you during your trip:
    • Valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity beyond your intended stay.
    • Return flight tickets or proof of onward travel.
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during the visit.
    • Confirmed accommodation details in Sri Lanka.
    • Travel itinerary outlining your planned activities.
  3. ETA (Sri Lanka e-Tourist Visa) Approval: After submitting your application and paying the required fees, you will receive an electronic approval for your ETA via email (Sri Lanka e-Tourist Visa). This approval should be printed and carried with you during your journey to Sri Lanka.
  4. Immigration Check: Upon arrival at Sri Lanka’s airport, proceed to the immigration counter, where your ETA (Sri Lanka e-Tourist Visa) approval will be verified. Ensure your passport, ETA approval, and supporting documents are readily available

Key Points to Consider:

  • Apply for the Sri Lanka ETA well before your travel dates to allow for processing time.
  • Double-check the accuracy of all information provided in the application to avoid any issues or delays.
  • Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity beyond your intended stay in Sri Lanka.
  • Comply with the conditions of the ETA, including adhering to the maximum stay limit and not engaging in any unauthorized activities.

Sri Lanka is a well-liked travel destination that draws visitors from all over the world. It is one of the most culturally rich regions and is rich in myth, folklore, and history. Despite its small size, Sri Lanka is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as numerous national parks, verdant tea estates, sacred sites, and, of course, beaches.

As there are many attractions packed into a small area of land, a traveller might enjoy riding the waves in the morning and admiring the green-covered mountains in the evening. Sun-kissed beaches, heart-pounding adventure activities, marathon wildlife viewing, and pilgrimages to some of the world’s oldest temples are just a few of the vacation experiences Sri Lanka has to offer. Sri Lanka is known for its smiles and friendliness, in addition to its spicy cuisine, unusual fruits, and variety of local sweets. Being the hub of so many diverse cultures, Sri Lankan life is marked by celebrations all the time, which is a recipe for fun and relaxation. 

If you are planning to travel to the destination, information related to Sri Lanka visa from UAE can be gathered through this article. You do not need to return to your home country to apply for a Sri Lanka visa if you are a resident of the UAE. By utilising the online ETA portal made available to them, the Sri Lankan government has made it incredibly simple for residents to apply for visas directly from their base in the UAE.

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa for UAE Citizens

UAE citizens must obtain visas in order to enter Sri Lanka, just like foreign travellers. The application process is online-based and surprisingly simple, which is good news. You can apply for an online electronic travel authorisation that takes up to 72 hours to process unless you’re applying for a long-stay visa that might need a lot of paperwork. For UAE citizens who wish to travel briefly to Sri Lanka, a visit visa is required. Despite the fact that it is intended for visits with family and friends, you may also use it for travel or business. You can stay for 30 days, and it is valid for 180 days from the issue date.

Reasons to visit Sri Lanka 

Picturesque beaches

The coastline of Sri Lanka is one of the most undeveloped in all of Asia, featuring countless pristine sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal-clear waters. Mirissa is the place to go for peaceful sunbathing, while Unawatuna is the place to go for beach parties. For those addicted to excitement, Bentota, which offers water sports, is the place to be.

Stunning hiking trails 

The abundance of flora and fauna in Sri Lanka contributes to its unparalleled natural beauty. Nature lovers must visit the hills covered in rice fields, the misty mountains that rise into the sky, the tea estates, and the nature trails that pass through breathtaking scenery and waterfalls. Ella’s Demodara Rail Hike is a great option for first-time hikers, and the Knuckles Mountain Range, which is known as the country’s most picturesque hiking trail, is a good option for more experienced hikers.

Buddhism’s traditions

There has long been a presence of Buddhism in the country. There are many temples in Sri Lanka that are important historically. These ancient places of worship frequently have jaw-droppingly beautiful structures. The most well-known is the Temple of the Tooth, but other significant locations include the Ruwanwelisaya stupa and the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, two revered fig trees close to Anuradhapur.

Delicious cuisine

Having a distinctive cuisine seasoned with foreign spices is a blessing for Sri Lanka. Part of the well-known rice and curry spread is a potent and flavorful lentil curry served with rice and vegetables on the side. The fish curry is highly recommended by the locals. It’s also a must to try kottu, a popular Tamil street food that typically consists of chopped roti flatbread, salna, a hot sauce, eggs, meat, and vegetables.

National parks

Sri Lanka has 26 national parks, including two marine parks. The most notable, Yala National Park, is where the majority of leopards in the world can be found. Crocodiles and other reptiles, as well as 215 different bird species, can be found in the park. Along the park’s shoreline, sea turtles from five different classes also lay their eggs. Near Yala, in the Udawalawe National Park, are herds of elephants and other exotic animals.

Top destinations to visit in Sri Lanka 

Dambulla cave temple 

The capital of Norway is Oslo. The heritage, culture, and traditions of the Vikings are well-known in this city. Nearby, there are many international museums with breathtaking scenery. There are many places to go for walks and hiking trails in this city. In the forests, lakes, and numerous other places close to the city, hiking is possible. This city has a thriving nightlife.

Yala National Park 

Elephants swimming in streams and flailing their trunks around are common sights, as are leopards quietly nesting on tree branches. Birds of many different species can be found there. You could opt to take a safari drive or stroll through the lush, verdant forest on a nature trail. Some tourists camp out and enjoy a barbecue at Yala under the stars. Due to the abundance of things to see and do there, Yala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.


A major city in Sri Lanka called Galle is a one-stop location where you can take in all of the sights and sounds of the nation. One of Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist destinations is the Galle Fort. The Galle Fort neighbourhood offers a wide selection of eateries and cafes, along with wide cobblestone streets. Try your best to catch the sunset while you’re there. There are many different gift shops and art galleries to explore. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in Sri Lanka.

Arugam Bay 

Sri Lanka is the ideal location for water sports like windsurfing and speed boating, thanks to its 1600 miles of coastline. Arugam Bay features azure skies and slanting coconut trees. If you want to surf in waters that are as clear as the sky, Arugam Bay needs to be on your list of must-visit Sri Lankan tourist attractions. On the coast, it is located 320 kilometres southeast of Colombo. It’s the ideal place to sip coconut water, take in the jasmine scent, and let the southern sun tan your skin.


Another fascinating location is the Jaffna Fort. Tourists like to visit this fort, which is located in the middle of the city. If you’re in Jaffna, you must visit the Nagadipa Purana Vihara, a temple that can only be reached by boat. The temple is one of Sri Lanka’s most serene tourist attractions and a great place to practise meditation.

Nuwara Eliya 

One of Nuwara Eliya’s main draws is the tea gardens. Couples looking for a romantic getaway or anyone looking for a peaceful getaway will find it to be the perfect location. With its gloomy skies and verdant hills, Nuwara Eliya is a hilly wonderland and a wonderful addition to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

There are many interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka. There are numerous additional locations that tourists may want to take into consideration in addition to the well-known ones previously mentioned. Visitors to Sri Lanka can take in the vibrant city of Colombo, travel to historic sites like Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, scale the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, go on a safari in Yala National Park, tour tea plantations, and unwind on the country’s beaches. Along with these activities, the nation also provides surfing, white-water rafting, and trekking.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are among the many cultures and religions practised in Sri Lanka, which are reflected in the country’s architecture, celebrations, and cuisine. With a variety of dishes influenced by the various cultures that have settled in Sri Lanka over the years, the nation’s cuisine is another major draw for tourists. Overall, Sri Lanka provides visitors with a singular and unforgettable experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.


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