UK Tourist Visa From Dubai, UAE

What is UK- United Kingdom Tourist Visa? How to apply for a UK visit visa for UAE residents?

A UK Tourist Visa, officially known as a Standard Visitor Visa, allows UAE Residents to enter the UK for tourism, visiting friends and family, attending business meetings, and participating in certain short-term courses or conferences. This visa typically allows stays of up to 6 months (In a single stay).

The United Kingdom (UK), which is made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, has long been one of the most well-liked travel destinations in Europe. The country’s diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage play a significant role in its appeal. The best places to visit in the UK include everything from its many world-class art galleries, museums, historical landmarks, natural beauty, and vibrant cities to its beautifully preserved country estates and castles. But one of the best things about a trip to the UK is how simple it is to see this fascinating and varied nation. You can base yourself in cities like London or Liverpool and simply take a train, bus, or ferry to explore other areas thanks to the UK’s size, which could easily fit into the state of Texas (with room to spare). A short bus ride or tour will get you to one of the country’s most well-known sights, Stonehenge, from the lovely town of Salisbury, which is only accessible by train from the nation’s capital in 90 minutes. A one-hour train ride will take you right into the middle of either of the Scottish cities of Glasgow or Edinburgh if you want to travel between them.    

UK Tourist Visa- Visit Visa to United Kingdom 

You are able to travel to the UK with a tourist visa if you reside in the UAE. Travellers from Dubai and the UAE can now enter the UK without any strict entry requirements, including the need to show a typical short-term visitor visa. This can involve going to see friends or family, going on excursions, going to cultural events, or doing other fun things. It’s a good idea to plan your trip in advance and do some research on the locations you want to visit in order to make the most of your UK tourist visa for UAE residents. London, Edinburgh, the Lake District, the Cotswolds, and many other places are well-liked vacation spots. When visiting the UK, it’s important to respect local laws and customs. Additionally, you must be aware of safety concerns and take the necessary precautions, such as locking up your valuables and staying in well-lit areas at night. In general, a UK tourist visa can provide an amazing opportunity to travel to the country and experience its rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

 Learn about the requirements for a UK tourist visa for UAE and Dubai residents, how to apply, the necessary paperwork, other requirements, and the cost of the visa.

How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa from Dubai?

Below are the steps to apply for a tourist visa to the UK from Dubai. Team Tripfinder will take care of the end-to-end UK Tourist visa application process when you apply with us, from filling out the application form to uploading the required documents with the visa application Centre.


  1. Determine Your Eligibility: Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. You must demonstrate that you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit, have enough funds to support yourself during your stay, and do not intend to work or engage in any prohibited activities.
  2. Complete the Online Application: Visit the official UK government website to complete the online visa application form. You’ll need to create an account and follow the instructions provided.
  3. Book an Appointment: After filling out the application form online, you will need to book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre (VFS) in Dubai. During your appointment, you will submit your biometrics (fingerprints and photographs).
  4. Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, including:
    • Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of departure from the UK.
    • Visa Application Form: Printed and signed.
    • Passport-Sized Photographs: Usually, two recent passport-sized photos.
    • Proof of Accommodation: Details of where you will stay in the UK.
    • Travel Itinerary: Details of your flight bookings.
    • Proof of Financial Means: Bank statements or financial sponsor details.
    • Letter of Invitation: If visiting friends or family, a letter of invitation from your host.
    • Travel Insurance: Proof of comprehensive travel insurance covering your entire stay in the UK.
  1. Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the visa application fee, which can vary depending on the type and duration of your visit. Fees can be paid online during the application process.
  2. Attend the Visa Appointment: On the scheduled date, attend your appointment at the VAC, where you will submit your documents and biometric data.
  3. Wait for Processing: The processing time for a UK Tourist Visa can vary, but it usually takes around 15 working days. You can opt for priority processing for faster results.
  4. Receive the Visa Decision: Once your application is processed, you will receive a notification regarding the visa decision. If approved, you will receive a visa vignette in your passport indicating the dates of your permitted stay in the UK.
  5. Arrival in the UK: Upon arrival in the UK, be prepared to show your visa and supporting documents to immigration authorities.

Which documents required for UK visitor visa?

  1. Visa Application Form Application for UK Visa form duly completed.
  2. Photograph One recent Photograph according to UKVI guidelines.
  3. Home Country Passport with Minimum six month validity: Original and 1 photocopy of passport (Note: Passports validity shall extend at least 90 days after the intended date of departure from the territory Issued less than 10 years ago, should have at least 2 free pages (face to face).
  4. Valid UAE Residence Visa (Evidence of your permission to be in the country where you are applying, if you are not a national of that country -6 Months Valid).
  5. Schengen, USA, UK Visa Photocopy (Previous Schengen, USA, UK visa).
  6. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Local Sponsor or Employer. It should mention: Name and designation of the applicant, Name and designation of the managerial signatory, Applicant’s monthly salary, Start of employment date, No objection on travel to the UK,
    Note: The owner of the company would require a letter as well. Along with the Trade License copy.
  7. Itinerary (Evidence of arrangements made. Such as: tour details/flight details/letter of invitation/evidence of
    sponsor’s immigration status in the UK).
  8. Proof of Adequate Financial Means (Evidence of the monthly income stated on application form. Such as:
    Bank statements 06 months / bank books / bank letter / balance certificate / tax returns / crop receipts
    Note: Bank Statement should be on a bank letter head, or photocopies with original bank stamp. Online statements are
    not accepted.
  9. Evidence of Assets -Evidence of assets like property or land. Such as: Property deed / mortgage statements / tenancy agreements / accountant’s letters / land registration documents.
  10. Flight Itinerary: Copy of confirmed Flight Booking.
  11. Translated Birth Certificate: A minor traveling accompanied or unaccompanied should have a consent letter signed by both parents. Original or certified copy of the birth certificate, translated in English and duly legalized. A copy of parents Passports. A minor traveling with only one of the parents, then the other parent is asked will be asked to sign a consent letter in person at the Consulate General. Original and or certified copies will be returned upon request.
  12. Marital Status: Evidence of your marital status, such as: marriage certificate / civil partnership certificate / divorce certificate / death certificate.
  13. Letter of Invitation (If any)-Evidence of arrangements made. Such as: tour details/flight details/letter of invitation/evidence of sponsor’s immigration status in the UK.
  14. Travel Insurance– Proof of comprehensive travel insurance covering your entire stay in the UK.

Do residents of Dubai and the UAE require a tourist visa to visit the UK?

Travellers from the UAE to the UK must have a valid visa document for entry to the UK, as the UAE does not fall under the category of countries eligible for visa-free services upon arrival in the UK. Depending on why you are entering, a different type of visa may be required.

Residents of the UAE will require one of these two visas for travel: Electronic Visa Waiver or Standard Visitor Visa

All visitors from the UAE will soon need the UK Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in addition to the EVW in order to enter. The ETA is not a visa, so UAE citizens who wish to enter the UK will still be eligible for the EVW, but they must have an ETA.

Electronic Visa Waiver

The United Kingdom Electronic Visa Waiver is a quick, digital substitute for the standard visit visa. It enables qualified visitors to enter the UK without a visa as long as they’re doing so for travel, business, education, or medical treatment. It makes sure that all required security checks are completed before travel. An Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) allows qualified visitors to stay in the UK for up to six (6) months, but it cannot be used to engage in employment, matrimony, or civil partnerships there.

Standard Visitor Visa

Residents of the UAE and Dubai may apply for a Standard Visitor Visa or a UK Tourist Visa if they intend to stay in the UK for more than six months for tourism, business, study, or other reasons.

The UK tourist visa processing time

You will typically receive a decision on your visa within 25 working days of submitting your online application, proving your identity, and providing your supporting documents. In line with this normalisation, the processing times for priority and super-priority visas have also decreased. More information about the wait times for visa decisions is available here. Please be aware that you will receive a letter or email with the outcome of your application. It will be clear from this what you should do next.


UK tourist visa cost from the UAE and Dubai:

Residents of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates who are travelling to the UK and applying for either a Standard Visitor Visa or a UK Tourist Visa will be required to pay the following fees, depending on the type of visa: 

  • 06 Month UK Tourist Multiple Entry Visa– Standard Visitor Visa : AED 950.00
  • 2-year UK Tourist Visa– long-term Standard Visitor Visa (6 months per visit): AED 2850.00
  • 5-year long-term UK Tourist Visa-standard visitor visa (6 months per visit): AED 4300.00
  • 10-year long-term UK Tourist Visa– Standard Visitor Visa (6 months per visit): AED 5490.00

Reasons to visit the UK


A Long History

The UK has a long and fascinating history that spans thousands of years, from the prehistoric Stonehenge stone circles to the numerous mediaeval castles and churches that dot the landscape. At the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, visitors can tour historic structures like Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court and see the remains of Roman baths, in addition to learning about the industrial revolution.

Fabulous Scenery

The UK has some of the world’s most spectacular and diverse landscapes, from the rocky beaches of Cornwall and Wales to the Cotswolds’ rolling hills and the Scottish Highlands’ breathtaking peaks. Visitors have a variety of options, including hiking through breathtaking countryside, taking scenic drives along winding roads, or simply unwinding and savouring the beauty of nature.

Cities with a lot of energy

The UK is home to some of the most interesting and dynamic cities in the world, including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Liverpool. Every city has its own unique personality and charm, with a wide range of attractions, museums, and cultural events to enjoy. Visitors have access to world-class restaurants, vibrant markets, historic neighbourhoods, and entertainment venues.

Cultural interactions

The UK is renowned for its illustrious literary history, vibrant theatre scene, and top-notch museums. Priceless works of art can be found at the National Gallery, the Royal Shakespeare Company puts on plays, and famous authors’ homes, like those of Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, and Charles Dickens, are open to visitors. If you love art, you should visit all of these locations in the United Kingdom.

Festivals and events

The UK hosts a wide range of festivals and events all year, from the Notting Hill Carnival to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Visitors can partake in customs and festivities that are still practiced today, such as the Highland Games in Scotland, or go to renowned music festivals like Glastonbury or the Proms.

Sporting events and outdoor adventures

The UK is a fantastic location for sports fans and outdoor adventurers. A Premier League football game can be seen, golf can be played at one of the many championship courses, and surfing can be practiced on the beaches of Cornwall or Wales. Outdoor enthusiasts can go hiking, biking, or rock climbing in some of the world’s most breathtaking and untamed landscapes.

Delightful cuisine

Fresh, regionally-sourced ingredients and traditional recipes have received renewed attention in recent years in the UK, where there has been a culinary revolution. Visitors can sample local delicacies like haggis in Scotland, fish and chips in London, or Cornish pasties in Cornwall, or they can dine at Michelin-starred establishments and sample international cuisine.


Because the United Kingdom is a relatively small country, getting from one place to another is easy. Travellers have the option of renting a car and exploring at their own pace or utilising the extensive public transportation system, which consists of trains, buses, and ferries.

Friendly People

Visitors are always welcome to benefit from the kindness and hospitality of the British people, who are always eager to impart their knowledge and love of their homeland. Whether you’re chatting with locals in a pub or getting advice from a tourist information office, you’re sure to run into kind and accommodating people who will make your trip even more enjoyable.


Top destinations to visit in the UK 



London, the capital of the UK, is a popular tourist destination and the location of well-known landmarks like Big Ben, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. It also has a long history, a thriving nightlife, and top-notch museums. 


Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, is known for its magnificent mediaeval architecture, a magnificent castle, and vibrant festivals, including the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This ancient building in Wiltshire, England, is one of the most well-known prehistoric sites in the entire world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lake District

The Lake District is a part of northwest England that is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty. It is made up of lakes, mountains, and valleys. It’s a popular spot for outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping.


The main draws of this charming city in the southwest of England are its Georgian architecture, natural hot springs, and Roman Baths.


Liverpool is well-known for its prestigious football teams, museums, and rich musical history, which includes the Beatles. Liverpool is a bustling city in the northwest of England.


This historic city in the north of England is known for its exquisite mediaeval architecture, which includes the well-known York Minster Cathedral and its charming little streets and alleyways.

The Cotswolds

This region of exceptional natural beauty in southern England is well-known for its quaint towns, gentle hills, and picturesque landscapes.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are a rough and stunning area of Scotland that is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, which include mountains, lochs, and glens. It’s a well-liked location for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

The Jurassic Coast

Located on the south coast of England, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its breathtaking cliffs, beaches, and rock formations, including the well-known Durdle Door.

The UK attracts UAE residents with its fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, energetic cities, diverse culture, and welcoming citizens. Visit historical structures such as Stonehenge and mediaeval castles and churches. Enjoy the variety of landscapes, from the rocky coastlines to the rolling hills and the lovely countryside. Learn about some of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Liverpool. Theatres, museums, and literary history will allow you to immerse yourself in the arts and cultural scene fully. Enjoy festivals, sports, and outdoor activities all year long. Discover the culinary delights, from local favourites to top-notch cuisine. The UK is a reachable and welcoming location with a good public transport system and welcoming locals for UAE residents. 

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