Why Georgia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Do you want to know a new place to travel to in Europe that is not only affordable but also a unique nation? The answer to your question is Georgia. Georgia, which is situated at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, provides a wonderful fusion of the two cultures. It embraces both the traditional way of life and burgeoning modernism.

You’ll have more than enough reasons to put Georgia on your travel itinerary after reading this piece. It will also force you to view this unusual location in a different light. Georgia was formerly only popular with thrifty backpackers, but a wide range of tourists are now aware of it. With breathtaking mountain vistas, strenuous hiking paths, reasonably priced ski areas, breathtaking frescoed churches, delectable cuisine, and hospitable residents, Georgia offers year-round enjoyment for everybody.

Discover the reasons Georgia should be on your list of places to visit for a vacation.

 A Unique Nation

Georgia is a unique nation in every genuine sense. This country is amazing for a variety of reasons, including its unique geographic position, magnificent architecture, delicious cuisine inspired by both western and eastern cultures, language, winemaking techniques, and rich cultural legacy. Georgia, which spans both Europe and Asia, embraces its distinctiveness to the fullest. The tallest mountain range in Europe and the highest-inhabited mountain settlement are found in this Caucasian nation. Every aspect of this small nation is remarkable, including its distinctive architectural treasures, which include old monasteries and Orthodox churches; the pristine black sea town of Batumi; the cave city of Uplistsikhe; the qvevri wines of the Kakheti region; the distinctive Georgian language; and their wonderfully chaotic yet modern capital city, Tbilisi.

Amazing mountain hikes can be found in Georgia, which is a key highlight of any Georgia tour package from Dubai.

Amazing mountain hikes can be found in Georgia.

Georgia, which shares borders with both Europe and Asia, is known for its breathtaking mountain scenery and extensive network of strenuous hiking paths. The Caucasus mountain range, known for Mount Kazbegi, is the most well-known. Another well-liked destination for hikers is the northwest’s Svaneti Region, which features untamed scenery and mediaeval settlements, notably the historic Svan Towers. Consideration should also be given to the isolated Tusheti Region in the northeast, which offers a variety of heart-stopping climbs, historic towns, and immaculate mountains. These hikes are some of the best things to do in Georgia.

One of Europe’s Highest Mountain Settlements

The village of Bochorna, the highest continuously inhabited town in Europe at 7,694 feet, is situated deep within the Caucasian highlands, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. This location is in Georgia’s Tusheti region. Furthermore, one of this country’s most isolated areas is the Tusheti region. It’s just not simple to go to the highest settlement, given its unique position. For eight months of the year, the road leading to this isolated location is covered with snow. Because of this, it is unreachable to outsiders. You only have four months to enjoy the calmness of the location, which appears to be an unreal corner in the cloud.

Cosmopolitan Tbilisi.

The capital city of Georgia will attract you if you enjoy seeing new places and different cities throughout the world. The quirky city of Tbilisi is a mashup of modern and traditional elements. It is the most vibrant area of the city, celebrating a bohemian, modern viewpoint in Fabrika, showcasing the traditional way of life in old Tbilisi as you go down those small alleyways with cobblestone streets, and shouting loudly about its history via its historic architecture. A Georgia trip from Dubai would not be complete without visiting Tbilisi.

Despite not being a member, EU flags are flown everywhere throughout the capital of Georgia, highlighting the country’s Western attitude. Even without these, though, Tbilisi has a very European vibe, with many pedestrianised areas and a thriving café culture that make touring the city enjoyable. With so many pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs to select from, the nightlife is also thriving. The Old Town, Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, the striking Bridge of Peace, Narikala Fortress, and Metekhi Cathedral are just a few of the many ancient locations to explore.

Numerous locations have a religious theme, highlighting the nation’s deep Christian heritage. The printing machine that Georgian-born Joseph Stalin used to create left-wing propaganda is a point of attraction for anybody interested in Georgia’s Communist past. Situated in the city’s otherwise unremarkable basement sits this rusted machine, together with a modest museum devoted to Soviet history. Considering that Stalin would go on to command the USSR for almost 30 years, his modest beginnings producing pamphlets in this dimly lit basement bunker seem all the more remarkable. Although Georgia’s current government tends to dissociate itself from its Soviet history, a number of interesting Communist buildings still stand, such as the Tbilisi Circus, the Wedding Palace, and the distinctive “Brutalist” Bank of Georgia.

There is a wonderful fusion of modern and ancient elements in Tbilisi. In addition to having some of the hippest cafes in the city, Abanotubani, the spa area, offers a classic vibe with its sulphur bathhouses. A vacation in an ultra-luxurious hotel like Stamba is promised, but staying in a classic Georgian home with a hanging balcony will take you back in time. While the eye-catching new city sites with their bizarre constructions will allow you to experience a vacation in Europe in a capital city, the Dry Market flea market will show you Tbilisi’s less upscale side. To make the most of your Georgia holidays from Dubai, be sure to spend ample time exploring Tbilisi.

All things considered, Tbilisi is among the most fascinating capital cities for travellers. There is enough room in Tbilisi for everyone to have an immersive travel experience, regardless of how many people are travelling alone, on a tight budget, or in luxury. In addition to the traditional way of life, the city’s growing modernity and magnificent architectural treasures support a strong gastronomic culture.

Warm Hospitality

Georgia is known for its warm welcome. The people of Georgia cherish their visitors and are incredibly hospitable. The Georgians like having lengthy discussions with their visitors. They frequently discuss their past and rich cultural heritage. It’s wonderful to learn about their nation through their stories. The most fascinating aspect of their hospitality is that they always bring you their traditional fare, which is nothing short of a gourmet experience. Anticipate a supra—a lavish Georgian feast where you will be served like a king or queen. They like feeding their visitors, and if you live in a Georgian home, you are obligated to partake in a feast that has been carefully prepared for you.

Georgians have a love for wine. If it is empty, they will simply keep pouring into your glass. Remember to sample the “Chacha,” a locally produced beverage created from leftover grave pulp that contains over 60% alcohol. Therefore, if you are tasting chacha for the first time, take it slowly. They are also quite courteous. A buddy of yours who is from Georgia will go above and beyond to show you around the nation. The Georgians are also of great assistance. If you run into any difficulties while visiting their nation, you may always get in touch with the locals. Due to their Western outlook, a lot of Georgians could be particularly eager to practice their English and engage in conversation about current events.

 A Budget-Friendly Destination

Georgia is a very affordable country in comparison to other European nations like France and Italy. It’s a great nation for hikers as well. For those on a tight budget, Tbilisi, the capital city, has some of the cutest hostels. Fabrika is one of the bustling areas of the capital city. It is the centre of several really hip cafés, an artist studio, the largest hostel in the area, an open courtyard where you can hang out with friends, and some really interesting events. The ideal location to meet other travellers is here. Georgia offers a first-rate road transport network. Public transit is an option for getting from one place to another, particularly in Batumi and Tbilisi. This makes Georgian holidays from Dubai a cost-effective option.

The most convenient way to go about Georgia is in a marsrutka van. The cost of the ticket is really reasonable. A shared cab is an additional option that isn’t too expensive. It is entirely dependent on where you are going. When compared to other European nations, tourist destinations like museums, galleries, and protected areas are reasonably priced. However, opera and ballet tickets tend to be a little more expensive. You have to visit Tbilisi. The price differs among bathhouses. That is, however, generally speaking, an upscale activity for a budget traveller.

A Variety of Unique Destinations

Georgia has a vast range of places, which is another fascinating feature of the state. Georgia has everything you might ever desire to see, including cave towns, beaches, historical sites, ski resorts, and mountain valleys. The Kakheti area is a perfect spot for wine enthusiasts to tour vineyards and wineries and observe the traditional methods used to make Georgian wine. You have to partake in the winter adventure activities in Kazbegi if you’re an adrenaline fanatic. You may have a lot of fun being adventurous, from skiing to snowshoeing, paragliding, and snowmobiling. The Caucasian country offers you the opportunity to see the black sea if you’re a beach lover who appreciates quiet, unspoiled beaches. Black Sea beaches are abundant in areas like Adjara, Batumi, Samegrelo, and Guria for those who enjoy the beach. A cave settlement called David Gareja, Uplistsikhe, Vardzia, must be on the itinerary of everyone who enjoys visiting historically significant locations of archaeological significance. A Georgia trip from Dubai allows visitors to experience these diverse and unique destinations.

 Gelati Monastery

One of the most important religious structures in Georgia, this monastery complex is classified by UNESCO. Come admire its amazing paintings. Approximately 6 hours by rail from Tbilisi, it is situated in a lovely forested environment 8 kilometres northeast of Kutaisi and was founded in 1106. The Gelati Monastery is not only a religious site but also a cultural and historical gem that offers visitors a glimpse into Georgia’s rich past. The monastery’s stunning architecture and beautiful surroundings make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the country’s heritage.

Georgia has hot summers.

In the summer, temperatures in Georgia’s lower regions might soar into the late 30s°C, but there’s always relief from the heat in the state’s more mountainous regions. If you wish to escape the hottest months, think about travelling in late spring or early fall. The UK’s wintertime temperatures are similar, with cold and damp conditions that might not be ideal for outdoor exploration. Consider visiting Georgia during the milder seasons to fully enjoy all that the country has to offer without extreme weather conditions affecting your trip.

Georgia is only less than 4 hours away by air.

Georgia is only less than 4 hours away by air from Dubai, making it an ideal destination for a quick and exciting getaway. The easiest and fastest way to get from Dubai to Georgia is via air; thus, that’s the recommended alternative. There are several airlines that provide flights that connect Georgia with Dubai. Flying with Emirates, which offers direct flights from Dubai to Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi, is one well-liked option. Alternatively, you might take a connecting trip with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul or with Qatar Airways via Doha. These airlines guarantee a comfortable flight with a variety of facilities on board by offering consistent and dependable services. To choose the best alternative based on trip plans and personal preferences, it is advised to examine the flight schedules and pricing in advance. By comparing the different options, travellers can ensure they select the most convenient and cost-effective flight for their journey. Additionally, checking for any special promotions or discounts may help save money on the ticket price.

Georgia has easy, low-cost transportation.

By UAE standards, trains and minibuses are inexpensive and can transport you to most regions of the nation. But cabs are also quite affordable, so for many tourists, this could be the simpler choice. Be advised that practically every car you encounter will have some sort of minor accident damage and that Georgians drive in a highly “assertive” manner. Rear bumpers in complete condition are quite rare! If you choose to hire a car, use extreme caution. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with local driving customs and rules before getting behind the wheel in Georgia. Additionally, having comprehensive insurance coverage for your rental car is highly advisable due to the prevalence of minor accidents on the roads. With a Georgia tour package from Dubai, you can easily explore the country using its affordable and convenient transportation options.

The food is flavorful and filling.

This is the perfect spot to be if you are a food adventurer who travels to other nations to find the best places to eat. Georgia astonished me on my first day of arrival with a wide variety of traditional Georgian food. With its diverse local cuisine, Georgia can take you on a culinary journey, from appetisers to sweets. It includes salad, bread, meat dishes, and the best wine. Their food has a delicious flavour and a soothing aroma that will stay on your tongue for hours. Georgia holidays from Dubai offer a perfect opportunity to explore the rich culinary traditions of this unique country. Georgian food is often important and based around seasonal, fresh vegetables. The following dishes are a must-try:

  • Khachapuri: A traditional snack in Georgia, this bread is stuffed with cheese. Though there are regional variations nationwide, the Adjarian khachapuri—a boat-shaped dish stuffed with cheese, butter, and a raw egg—is a staple.
  • Khinkali: Khinkali are Georgian dumplings that are frequently stuffed with herbs and seasoned meat (beef or pig). Typically, they are eaten with their tops twisted by hand.
  • Badrijani Nigvzit: Herbs, vinegar, and garlic are used to flavour fried eggplant slices that are filled with a walnut mixture. This is an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Satsivi is a classic Georgian meal made with chicken or turkey in a rich sauce made with walnuts. Cold is the standard serving temperature.
  • Churchkhela: A classic confection prepared by tying walnuts on a thread, periodically dipping them in fruit syrup or sweetened grape juice, and then allowing them to dry. These treats are not to be confused with sausages; they are reddish-brown!
  • Lobio is a filling, traditional Georgian dish prepared with kidney beans, garlic, onions, and seasonings. served either cold or hot.

A very affordable place for accommodation and food

Georgia is an absolute paradise for budget travellers. Dorm beds in hostels may be found for as little as £5 per night, while high-quality hotel and Airbnb accommodations can be reserved for between £25 and £50 per night. Food prices are likewise low, with quick snacks like khachapuri (mentioned above) costing only a pound or two. A decent dinner in a restaurant might cost between £5 and £10, while you can spend much more in a healthful setting. Additional cost savings can be achieved by booking an Airbnb that has cooking amenities. Overall, Georgia offers a fantastic value for travellers looking to explore on a budget without sacrificing comfort or quality. With its affordable accommodations and low food prices, visitors can stretch their money further and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

 Unique Architectural Wonders 

Some of the outstanding architectural marvels may be seen in Georgia. Georgia is a prime example of a singular architectural gem, whether it is found in the magnificent architectural designs of the Orthodox churches, historic monasteries, contemporary structures in the capital city, or the high-end design hotels. Likewise, several of the nation’s surviving structures still have Soviet architectural styles. They are easily recognisable because of their unique design.

The Gergeti Trinity Church, one of the oldest monasteries on a mountain in Kazbegi, is among the best illustrations of distinctive architecture. Georgia’s most famous church, Trinity Church, was constructed in the fourteenth century and is perched on a hilltop with Kazbek Mountain as a backdrop. Furthermore, this is the nation’s most photographed Orthodox church and a significant landmark. Vari Monastery is situated in Mtskheta and was constructed in the sixth century. The most intriguing thing about this mediaeval Georgian church is perhaps how well it has endured the ages while maintaining its beauty. One of the most alluring aspects of this exceptional architectural gem is its spectacular hilltop setting.

The most fascinating thing about these historic cathedrals and monasteries, though, is that they are situated in incredibly picturesque settings, far from any cities or towns. The majority of these historic buildings are perched on mountains, offering breathtaking views. Don’t miss Vardzia and David Gareja, two remarkably genuine cave monasteries in Georgia. Europe and Asia both had an effect on the patterns and designs of Georgian homes. Traditional Georgian residences are recognisable by their lace-patterned hanging balconies. You have to take a walking tour of the historic centre of Tbilisi to catch a glimpse of the classic Georgian architecture. Sighnaghi is a stunning hill town located in the country’s Kakheti region and is home to some of the greatest architectural works of art.

Oldest Winemaking Country

Georgia has a long history of producing wine, dating back to 8,000 years, and is often regarded as the home of winemaking. Good wine is widely available, with takeaway bottles priced at around £3. Along with coastal regions like Adjara and Abkhazia, important wine-growing regions include Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, and Kvemo Svaneti. Numerous wine excursions, many departing from Tbilisi, provide an opportunity to see how this magnificent drink is created, and there’s enough wine tasting to do!

Don’t miss a trip to the Kakheti area of Georgia. There is a winery in practically every home. The oldest nation that produces wine is Georgia. They have 8,000 years of wine-making experience. The fact that Georgian wine is still made using traditional methods is the greatest aspect of the process. Since Qvevri winemaking is done across Georgia, their method is unique worldwide. An egg-shaped ceramic jar called a Qvevri is used to make, age, and store wine. The vineyard tour in the Georgian area of Kakheti allows you to witness the complete process. Here are a few suggestions I have for wine enthusiasts:.


  • Classic Saperavi
  • Budeshuri Saperavi
  • Otshanuri Sapere


  • Rkatsiteli
  • Mtsvane
  • Chinebuli/Chinuri
  • Qisi
  • Tsolikouri
  • Tsitsqa

 Enjoying many beaches

It’s not necessary to abandon your yearly beach party just because you’re in Georgia. Numerous vibrant resorts can be found along the Black Sea coast of the country, such as Sarpi Beach, which is popular for its tranquilly and natural beauty; Ureki Beach, which is well-known for its magnetic sand; Kvariati Beach, which is known for its clear waters and picturesque surroundings; and Batumi Beach, which is situated next to the bustling city of Batumi. These beaches offer a perfect setting for relaxation and fun under the sun, with various water sports and activities available to enjoy. Make sure to also try some of Georgia’s delicious white wines, such as Rkatsiteli or Tsolikouri, to complete your beach experience.

Winter sports trips are rewarding and cost-effective.

The winter sports scene in Georgia is becoming less and less of a mystery. With day lift passes beginning at just £12, it provides slopes for every skill level and is incredibly economical. The lifts themselves are functional, even if they aren’t as modern as their French or Austrian equivalents. Additionally, the après-ski is purse-friendly.

Top ski resorts in Georgia:

  • Gudauri, the international resort for all skill levels
  • Mestia, a remote freerider mecca
  • Goderdzi: relaxed tree skiing, lots of powder for the intermediate freerider.
  • Bakuriani is child- and family-friendly with an upbeat holiday scene, frequented by locals.

 Perfect Destination for Solo And Slow Travel

Georgia’s safety record makes it an ideal destination for relaxed travel, making it one of the best reasons to visit. Georgia is a small nation that you may explore at your own speed. It is a great place for lone travellers and backpackers alike since, in contrast to other European nations, it is very reasonably priced. Georgia offers everything you need to have a very unforgettable vacation. Georgia can take you on an experience unlike any other, whether you are an adventure seeker, history aficionado, lover of architecture, or city inhabitant. They have whatever you can think of. It’s a traveller’s paradise, with a wide range of conveniently accessible sites, excellent public transportation, and reasonably priced hotels and hostels. The best Georgia tours provide an excellent opportunity for solo travellers to immerse themselves in the rich culture and stunning landscapes of this beautiful country.


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