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Buckle up for an adventurous journey across western Georgia that is sure to spark your spirit of adventure! Imagine leaving your accommodation in Kutaisi early in the morning for a quick excursion into the heart of Georgia’s breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating cultural history. The adventure begins with a visit to the breathtaking Okatse Canyon. Adrenaline rushes through your veins as you travel down the gravity-defying skywalk, bringing you to a platform dangling above the abyss below. This is a meeting place with nature’s magnificent workmanship, carved by the colourful Okatse River. Your next visit to the Martvili Canyons opens up a world of splendour. While a boat journey along the Abasha River offers a special viewpoint of this natural wonder, ancient limestone stairways beckon. Also, if you’re feeling extremely daring, explore the underwater worlds. But what about the showpiece? The mysterious Prometheus Cave is a maze-like underworld decorated with works of nature.

However, there’s still more! Add an extra day to your vacation to explore the charm of the Black Sea shoreline. The gem of the coast, Batumi, welcomes you to see how history and modernity can coexist. You are greeted by the famous Batumi Boulevard, which combines the sea with art. The quirky Alphabet Tower and the entrancing Ali and Nino artwork are only appetisers. Take your trip to the next level with a cable car ride for breathtaking panoramic vistas. A sensory treat that gives your travels flavour is the bustling fish market, where you should also indulge in regional cuisines. Get ready to be enthralled, challenged, and transformed as you travel through breathtaking canyons, visit caverns that whisper the earth’s secrets, and take in Georgia’s proudly displayed coastal charm. This is an odyssey that will be etched in your memory for years, not just a trip.

Experience a captivating journey with Tripfinder through Georgia’s coastal charm, exploring hidden caves and canyons, and immersing yourself in the earth’s secrets. This odyssey will leave a lasting impression on your memory for years to come.


Key Highlights

  • Explore Kutaisi 
  • Chance to Visit Batumi: Discover the Black Sea Coast and Feel the Sand
  • Taste Adjarian cuisine.
  • See Nino and Ali’s sculpture
  • Visit the century-old Batumi Boulevard.


Package Includes

  • Flight Ticket: Wizz Air AUH
  • 7 kg hand carry
  • Accommodation
  • 3N: Stay at a hotel or similar
  • Double/Twin Room
  • Breakfast
  • Sightseeing
  • Prometheus Cave entrance ticket
  • Martvili Canyon entrance ticket
  • Okatse Canyon entrance ticket
  • Travel Insurance 



Departure Date Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Seats Book
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Departure Date
Adultد.إ 1,899.00
Singleد.إ 2,499.00
Child (6 - 11yr)د.إ 1,790.00
Child (2 - 5yr)د.إ 1,590.00
Infantد.إ 600.00



Arrive in Kutaisi, be met and greeted by a representative, and get a transfer to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for leisure. Overnight at a hotel in Kutaisi


Breakfast in a hotel. Enjoy hotel transportation from Kutaisi to the stunning canyons of Okatse and Martvili. Investigate the Prometheus Cave and the deserted Tskaltubo Soviet Sanatoriums.


Visit the most impressive canyons in Georgia on a day trip from Kutaisi. Your hotel room will be picked up before the trip starts. West of Kutaisi City is where Martvili, the town’s primary destination, is situated. You may see picturesque towns with lovely yards and lanes next to the road.


You will arrive at the tourist centre for the canyon after an hour of travelling. A boat rides through a canyon and a pass to the magnificent waterfalls are options. The canyon’s hues are astounding because of the way the light changes as it passes through a gorge. 

Finally, proceed to the mysterious Prometheus Cave, your final stop. Walk through a maze of underground passages while listening to classical music.


OKATSE CANYON: The Okatse River’s turquoise waters excavated Okatse Canyon, a deep, wooded chasm where bits of granite escarpment may be seen poking through the thick undergrowth. The primary draw at this location is the recently constructed skywalk, which winds between the trees along the canyon’s edge and ends on a platform that hangs freely over the depths. This is definitely not for individuals who are afraid of heights! Reaching the canyon requires a 2.5-kilometre (40-minute) largely downhill walk from the parking lot. The skywalk itself is 1 kilometre long and may be seen slowly over 20 to 30 minutes, pausing along the route to snap photographs and enjoy the canyon view. If you don’t feel like walking, there will be a large number of 4WD taxi drivers waiting at the parking lot to provide you with a ride to and from the beginning of the skywalk for a price.


MARTVILI CANYON: Martvili Canyon is located 45 kilometres from Kutaisi, so see a region of Georgia that was formerly a Dadiani bathing area before exploring the Black Sea. The town of Inchkhuri is where the Martvili Canyon Visitor Centre is situated. Starting from the tourist centre, a 700-metre circular hiking track travels through Dadiani’s mediaeval promenade. There are two bridges, three viewing platforms, and a 30-step limestone ancient stairway. You have the option to travel 300 metres (one way) by boat along the Abasha and take in the breathtaking canyon views here. You have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy diving and discover stunning locations beneath the ocean here. Canyon welcomes weekend guests as well, so pack your rucksack with your hiking gear and take advantage of your holiday in Western Georgia.


PROMETHEUS CAVE: Prometheus Cave is often referred to as Georgia’s calling card. The stalactite and stalagmite curtains that cover the entire enchanted cave are breathtaking. It will once again persuade you that the fairy world exists while you are there. The Prometheus Cave is situated in the Kumistavi River settlement in the Tskaltubo municipality. There are 22 halls in total, but only six of them are accessible to tourists. The 1420-metre length of the cave’s domain may be traversed on foot to access the halls and enjoy boat tours. At Prometheus Cave, you can see stalactites and stalagmites, two of nature’s most stunning formations and true masterpieces. You may expect to see hanging waterfalls when exploring the cave. Take a risk and spend your weekend in Western Georgia, a stunning and unique location.


TSKALTUBO SOVIET SANATORIUMS: Tskaltubo, an abandoned Georgian town, was once a popular spa resort known for its healing mineral waters and radon bath treatments. Located in western Georgia, it was accessible by a marshrutka ride from Kutaisi. Despite being abandoned, Tskaltubo’s sanatoriums and bathhouses are still in use, and some grand buildings are in ruins. Some bathhouses are still in use, and many hotels have been repurposed to house refugees from Abkhazia. Tskaltubo also has several hotels and guesthouses catering to visitors, and one of its most impressive hotels has been partially restored to its former glory. The town is a working town with a busy market and other services common in other Georgian settlements.


  • Look in astonishment at the water and rock formations that serve as landmarks near Martvili.
  • Take a free boat tour through the Martvili Canyons on the River Abasha.
  • To get to hanging bridges with a view of Okatse Canyon, take the woodland paths.
  • Explore Prometheus Cave’s ethereal chambers and karst structures.
  • Visit the Tskaltubo complex of sanatoriums, where you may see various artistic creations.


Stay at a hotel in Kutaisi.



After breakfast at the hotel, the day is free for leisure activities. You can choose to take a guided day excursion to experience the Georgian Black Sea coast. After sampling the regional food, explore the sand and stone beaches. Enjoy a hearty seafood meal while seeing both contemporary and vintage structures. 

Visitors may enjoy sand and stone beaches, historical forts, tea plantations, historic parks and gardens, mountain communities, and a unique culture along Georgia’s Black Sea coast. This day trip from Kutaisi takes you to the Guria and Adjara sections of the Black Sea coast, where you’ll see natural beauties, enjoy Adjarian cuisine, and see Batumi.


Georgia’s Black Sea region’s most visited tourist resort is Batumi. This city blends the architecture of several historical periods, faiths, and eras. The biggest tourist destination in the city is Batumi Boulevard. It currently spans 7 kilometres and is separated between the new and ancient parts under certain conditions. The previous years saw the addition of contemporary sculptures, unique seats, and fountains to an incredibly lovely park. Georgia’s upscale resorts are located in this region. The city is situated in a region with a subtropical climate. Every year, thousands of visitors, including those from Georgia and other countries, come here. The American Academy of Hospitality named Batumi the top travel destination of the year in 2012. Today, Batumi is undergoing a facelift. New hotels, tourist attractions, and sporting venues are being erected. There is a luxury retail mall gallery being built, complete with pools, a yacht club, and kid-friendly attractions. As a result, it is among Georgia’s top family resorts. Every year, the city hosts a large number of festivals and events from across the world.


With a tour from Megobari Tours Georgia, you will depart Kutaisi early in the day. Before continuing to explore the Dendrological Park with its tens of thousands of species of exotic flora, flamingo colonies, and bamboo forests, you will first make a stop at the magnetic sand beach with therapeutic characteristics. Continue along the verdant mountain route to Tsikhisdziri hamlet, where you may tour the cliff-top Petra castle from the sixth century. You will savour regional fare over lunch at a port fish market, where your chosen fresh seafood is cooked at a neighbourhood restaurant, before entering Batumi’s old town.


The Shekvetili Dendrology Park in Georgia offers a unique and diverse collection of plants, perfect for studying biodiversity. With 60 hectares of land, it features thousands of species of local and exotic flora. The park consists of two sections: 18 hectares dedicated to tree species endemic to Georgia, replanted from different regions, and 42 hectares featuring thousands of exotic woody plants imported from five continents. This unique collection showcases the diversity and beauty of woody plants from around the globe, offering immense medicinal, aesthetic, educational, and scientific values.


Petra Castle, located in the Ajarian village of Tsikhisdziri, is an impenetrable acropolis built on a rocky hill overlooking the Black Sea. Built over the ruins of an ancient Laz settlement in the 6th century, Justinian’s City attracted attention from the Sasanian Persians, leading to the Battle of Egrisi in the 6th century. This battle was part of the Lazic War, which Persia ultimately won. Today, the Petra Fortress Museum & Reserve preserves the remains of the fortress, including a 6th–7th-century basilica, a palace, an ancient bath, and ruined medical and military quarters. For those interested in European history, the ruins of Petra offer a fascinating visit.


  • Explore the Black Sea shoreline.
  • The magnetic sand is felt.
  • Obtain some Adjarian food.
  • View the sculpture by Nino and Ali.
  • Visit the century-old boulevard in Batumi.


You may wander down Batumi’s 140-year-old Batumi Boulevard and witness the well-known Ali & Nino sculpture, the Alphabet Tower, a number of contemporary sculptures placed along the boulevard, a small Japanese garden, and the renowned Batumi Octopus café building (which is only open during the summer). You will keep on going until you reach Europe Square, which is well known for the Medea monument and the astronomical clock. You may read about Princess Medea, the Argonauts, and the Golden Fleece tale here. You can ask to go inside the neighbourhood’s Ottoman-era mosque.


You will ride the Argo cable car for a breathtaking view of the sea and Batumi at the conclusion of the day. You will return to Kutaisi in the evening and be dropped off at your Kutaisi hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel, check out and fly back home after a memorable trip.


Optional Cost: BATUMI AND THE BLACK SEA COAST GUIDED DAY TOUR: AED 240.00 Per Person with a Minimum of 2 Passengers Needed

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