Israel Holyland Tour Package From Dubai

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Is there a paradise for pilgrims in the world? Yes, there is Israel, the Holyland. If you plan to visit this small beautiful country for pilgrimage or sightseeing, you have made the right decision, as this country has something or the other to offer every tourist. There are unique places to visit here, mouthwatering cuisines to try out, and a soothing culture that blends well with all the different cultures in the world. Seeing how the old customs and traditions mix well with the new ones in Israel is impressive. Its historical sights and glorious green gardens will leave you enthralled for the rest of your life. Israel has so many hidden gems you need to explore at least once in your lifetime. Our exclusive Israel tour package from Dubai will meet all your expectations if you have plans to visit this Holyland anytime soon. But before we discuss the package in detail, let’s understand the specialities of Israel and why it is so famous among tourists.

Israel is situated on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean sea and shares borders with Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. Despite limited space, it has fantastic geographical features like mountain ranges, the Negev desert and coastal plains. But among them, what stands apart is the erosion cirques, Makhtesh. Ramen Crater in Negev is the largest among them.

Holiness of Israel

 For those visiting for the first time in Israel, it might come as a surprise to see how the Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Jews coexist peacefully in the same land. They are dependent on one another, either knowingly or unknowingly. Most people visit Israel for a pilgrimage to the Dome of the Holy Rock or Western Wall. Apart from them, there are historical and biblical sites that have been attracting people for ages. Tourists usually come here to experience the holiness of this land but are also taken aback by its diverse landscape. It has many beautiful deserts, national parks and lakes, leaving you spellbound.

If you are looking for adventurous activities, Israel can be your choice, as its diverse landscape is a perfect place for all sports. You can indulge in surfing and scuba diving in the red sea reef, which is among the world’s top three locations for safe scuba diving. More enthusiasts can swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Reef in Eliot. Israel also has some extreme sports activities like canyoning, sandboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing, kayaking, horse riding, and river rafting. And trust me, all these activities are being performed after taking all the safety measures.

Israel is also a paradise for shopaholics. Because of its diverse culture and ethnicities, shopping here can be fun. You will undoubtedly end up buying something for yourself while shopping for your friends and family here. For antique shopping, the Flea market in Tev is the best place. There are also many malls in this small country where you can window shop or pick up something for your home. The speciality of most of the shops in Israel is that they sell products made by their local artisans, which are so unique that you will readily spend money on them. And we can’t end the discussion about a country without shedding light on its cuisine. There are several mouthwatering delicacies like shakshuka, falafel, shawarma and Jachnun, which you will keep licking until its last bite. The best part of Israeli cuisine is that it has something or other stored for everyone.

The best time to visit Israel is from December to early April. The Dead sea is beautifully tranquil during winter, and the winter rains give the country a more verdant and lush look. The weather at that time will be pleasant and peaceful, and you can see the spreading of wildflowers all over the place.

Israel tour package from Dubai

By now, the urge to see the holy land of Israel might have started boiling in your mind and brain. But what holds you behind will be how to plan your journey and what to expect, especially if it is your first time. Don’t worry; you have our back. Our Israel tour package from Dubai will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you and give you a lifetime of memories on your way back. Now let me unveil the package for you. It includes:

  • Flight tickets
  • Baggage worth 20kg
  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel
  • Four-night stay at Shalom Hotel & Relax in Tev Aviv or a similar one
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Sightseeing to places
  • Visiting the Christian gems around the sea of Galilee from Tev Aviv and Herzliya
  • Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour from Tev Aviv and Herzliya
  • Caesarea, Acre, Haifa, and Rosh Hanikara from Tev Aviv and Herzliya
  • Shared tours
  • Private airport transfers
  • Drinks and refreshments during the tour
  • Entry fees depend upon the itinerary
  • Travel Insurance

Cost of Israel tour package from Dubai

Since it is a pilgrimage spot, we have applied different charges for individuals based on age and priorities.

  • AED 5490.00 per adult on a double-sharing basis
  • AED 5390.00 per adult on a triple-sharing basis
  • AED 6990.00 per adult on a single-sharing basis
  • AED 5190.00 per child with bed
  • AED 4590.00 per child without a bed
  • AED 890.00 per infant

You can go through this plan and select an ideal package for you. Once decided you can call our customer care representative and they will guide you with further details.


Departure Date Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Seats Book
24-April-2023 د.إ 5,490.00 د.إ 6,990.00 د.إ 5,390.00 د.إ 5,190.00 د.إ 890.00 22
Departure Date24-April-2023
Adultد.إ 5,490.00
Singleد.إ 6,990.00
Child (6 - 11yr)د.إ 5,390.00
Child (2 - 5yr)د.إ 5,190.00
Infantد.إ 890.00


Day 1: Arrival at Tev Aviv

Once you arrive at Tev Aviv, you will be greeted by our representative, who will take you directly to the hotel where you will be staying overnight. After that, you can spend the rest of your day on leisure activities or roaming nearby streets.

Day 2: Visit the Christian Gems around the sea of Galilee from Tel Aviv

After having a full breakfast at the hotel, our representative will take you to northern Israel and the region around the sea of Galilee. You will be stopping first at Magdala, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. Here you can see the remains of an ancient biblical-era fishing village and the ruins of a Second Temple period synagogue. Excavations are still going on in this place. After that, you will move towards the countryside of Galilee and Ginosar on the western bank of the sea of Galilee. At the time of Jesus, Ginosar was a flourishing town, but now it is a kibbutz site. It is reported that in the 1986 drought, the sea level of Galilee dropped considerably, revealing the frame of an ancient fishing boat. According to scientific carbon dating, the boat is from 100 BC-70 AD. It means that this boat was used during the time of Jesus. The boat, now known as Jesus boat, is displayed in the Beit Yigal Allon Museum on Kibbutz Ginosar.

From there, you will be taken along the shores of the sea Galilee to catch up to the Mount of Beatitudes. It is believed that on this hill, Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. A Byzantine church was built here in the 4th century to honour this Biblical site, and in 1938 a Roman Catholic Franciscan chapel, designed by Antonio Barluzzi, was constructed on it. Afterwards, you will be heading straight to Kfar Cana, the Biblical Cana site. The Gospel of John in the Bible has mentioned this Cana several times. It is said that Jesus performed his first magical act here and turned water into wine at a wedding feast. Your that-day tour ends at the Wedding Church of Cana. There are two levels for this Franciscan Church- twin bell towers and a domed roof. Here you will also find the remains of a 5th-6th century old Byzantine mosaic. You will also find several artefacts dug during different excavations in the church museum. Among them is one of the six jars used to store the wine and is believed to be used by Jesus to perform several miracles.

Day 3: Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour from Tel Aviv

After having breakfast at the hotel, our representative will take you to some of the historical and religiously significant landmarks in and around Jerusalem and Bethlehem. You can witness the memorable places mentioned in the Bible with your own eyes and study its different cultures. After that, you can go for a scenic drive along the Kidron Valley and get sight of Mount Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane, which stands at an impressive height of 800 metres from where you can see the entire Old City. It is said that the mountain was once covered with olive trees and hence is named after them. It is also famous for appearing in the Old Testament. From there, you will visit Mount Zion, ancient Jerusalem’s highest point. It was once used as a metaphoric symbol for the “Promised Land.” it is also said that the Last Supper took place here.


Now, you will be entering the Old City, where you can roam around the fascinating streets of the Jewish quarter, known for its unique architecture and narrow alleys. Here you will also find the Western Wall, which has cracks where people can write their wishes on a piece of paper and leave it on its cracks. Once you enter the Christian Quarter, you will find priests and pilgrims all over the streets who have come to visit the 40 holy sites. While walking along the Via Dolorosa, which will lead you to the Holy Sepulchre church, you will come across the place where Jesus was crucified. Since the 4th century, this place has been an important destination for pilgrims worldwide.


In Bethlehem, you will come across Shepherd’s Field, which will mesmerise you with its breathtaking landscapes. Then you will head straight to Manger’s Square and the Church of Nativity, where you can admire the ancient architecture and learn about its local culture. From here, you will be taken back to your hotel, where you will be staying overnight.

Day 4- Visit Caesarea, Acre, Haifa and Rosh Hanikra from Tev Aviv

After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, you will leave Tev Aviv and travel to the Mediterranean coast. In between, you will come across Herzliya and Natanya before finally arriving at your destination, Caesarea. The city was constructed under the instructions of Herod and was named after the Roman Emperor, Caesar. After analysing the leftovers, we can find that Caesarea city was once a luxurious and prosperous city. Archaeologists found the gateways, well-preserved walls and rooms, and moats during their excavations. You can also see a well-maintained Roman amphitheatre which locals and international artists still use. It is believed that the sea sand covered its remains and protected it from damage. Near the arena lies the hippodrome, where you can see the remains of a Roman temple just above the port, which was once a station for commercial ships. After the Romans, the city remained neglected for centuries till the Crusaders arrived. But after their time, the city went back again to negligence.


Then we will be heading to Rosh HaNikra, the northern point along the Mediterranean coast in Israel. We will be travelling by cable car in the network of limestones created by the constant bombardment of waves against rocks. While coming back, we will be stopping at Acre(Akko), the largest crusader city in Israel. It is impressive to see how the city is still well-maintained, and you can’t go without admiring its remarkable architecture. Part of its markets are still alive, and people still live in its ancient buildings. You can also see that its walls and moats were reconstructed and repaired by El Jazzar at the end of the 1900s. The walls are so strong that they even once prevented the mighty Napolean from invading the city. Here you can also find the Crusader remains, the prisons under Turkish rule, and the gallows to hang Jews under the British government. From there, you will be travelling back to your hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 5- Departure

Finally, the day of departure has arrived. You can check out from your hotel after breakfast and head back to the airport with a bag full of beautiful memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

More Details

Terms and Conditions

I sincerely believe that you liked our attractive Israel tour package from Dubai. But before booking them, there are certain things you need to know so that it will be easier for you during your travel.

  • Rates may differ depending on the availability of rooms and other services. It is just a quote, till now no booking has been made.
  • If it is peak season, additional charges will be applied to your package.
  • Our officials have the authorisation to change/swap the itinerary without prior notice.
  • In case of deportation, there will be no refund, and it is also applicable for unutilised services or sightseeing.
  • Meals and services mentioned outside the itinerary will have additional charges.
  • You are only soul responsible for verifying and procuring the documents required during the travel, including the visa.
  • The time of checking into the hotel is 1400/1500 hours, and check-out time will be 1100/1200 hours. Early check-in and check-out are only possible depending on the availability of the rooms. Otherwise, you will have to mention it early in the inclusion column.
  • The entrance fee is optional.
  • The visa fee is also optional.


Note: Rates may vary depending on the availability at the time of confirmation. You should have a valid passport and a UAE residence visa valid at least six months before the travel date. Visa approvals are subject to Embassy’s description.

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