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Embark on an enthralling expedition through Almaty, Kazakhstan, where you’ll be enveloped in a multifaceted and immersive adventure that seamlessly blends history, culture, and nature. Your journey commences at the legendary Green Bazaar, a historic market that has stood for over a century. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of an oriental bazaar, relishing the vibrant atmosphere, indulging in delectable local cuisine, and gaining insight into the city’s cultural diversity through the diverse array of merchants representing various ethnicities. As you traverse the market’s offerings, you’ll glean a unique perspective on the city’s rich tapestry of heritage and traditions.

The journey begins at the Green Bazaar and continues to the Panfilov Guardsmen Park, a memorial to the bravery of 28 guardsmen who defended Moscow. The Ascension Cathedral, dating back to 1907, serves as a symbol of resilience and Kazakhstan’s history. The cableway ride offers a breathtaking view of Almaty, offering a fresh perspective on the city’s urban life. The Shymbulak Mountain Resort offers a range of activities, catering to various tastes and preferences, allowing visitors to connect with nature and engage with the surroundings meaningfully.

Extracurricular activities include exploring Charyn Canyon, a geological marvel with a rich tapestry of natural wonders, and Lake Kolsai, a serene oasis reflecting the surrounding meadows and forests. The journey transcends international borders with a visit to Colorado’s Black Canyon, offering a unique juxtaposition of natural formations that bridge continents. The journey offers a unique experience of Kazakhstan’s history and culture.

Guided by the meticulously crafted itineraries of Tripfinder, your expedition promises not only seamless travel logistics but also a deep, enriched understanding of Almaty’s cultural mosaic, historical significance, and unparalleled natural splendour. As you delve into this comprehensive journey, you’ll leave with indelible memories and a profound appreciation for the city’s multifaceted charm.



Departure Date Adult Single Child (6 - 11yr) Child (2 - 5yr) Infant Seats Book
29 Nov 2023 د.إ 4,950.00 د.إ 5,490.00 د.إ 4,690.00 د.إ 4,390.00 د.إ 790.00
Departure Date29 Nov 2023
Adultد.إ 4,950.00
Singleد.إ 5,490.00
Child (6 - 11yr)د.إ 4,690.00
Child (2 - 5yr)د.إ 4,390.00
Infantد.إ 790.00



Procedures for arriving 

Getting along with our driver 

Transferring to a hotel 

After 6 a.m., early check-in at the hotel is possible. 

Relax after the flight 

15:00 The city tour begins:


Visit the Green Bazaar, one of the city’s oldest markets with a history spanning more than a century. Since 1875, Green Bazaar has been a significant trade hub. Here, visitors may take in the ambience of an oriental bazaar, purchase fresh produce, souvenirs, and local specialties, sample local cuisine, and observe Kazakhstan’s ethnic variety as many of the merchants are Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tadjiks, Koreans, and Russians.


Visitors can infer a vendor’s nationality from the products they purchase: Kazakhs sell the majority of the fresh dairy and meat, Uzbek and Tadjiks sell the majority of the excellent fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, Koreans sell the majority of the spicy salads and snacks, and Russians sell the majority of the pickles and herbal tea. There will be some free time for guests to go shopping. You will proceed to Rakhat Chocolate Shop after touring the green bazaar. The biggest producer of confectionary goods in Kazakhstan is the Rakhat firm. All goods are produced in accordance with Soviet GOST specifications and the Soviet recipe.


Visit the park honouring the 28 Panfilov guardsmen who sacrificed their lives protecting Moscow when you are in Almaty’s historic district. The park is a popular destination for both city residents and tourists, and it has a number of fascinating artefacts from Kazakhstan’s Soviet era. Visitors will view Ascension Cathedral, a stunning structure built in 1907. Despite not using any nails during construction, the cathedral escaped the earthquake of 1911 with just a little damage.


The 1,620-metre-long cableway takes 6 minutes to traverse, and during that time you may observe city life from above. Directly under you are lush gardens, private homes, and limitless skyscrapers. The city will gradually reveal a new side to you; it is a genuinely remarkable experience. The upper station is situated on Kok Tobe Park, which serves as a sort of “gateway” to the world of pristine air, friendliness, and endless joy. 


Transfer to the hotel following the outing


10:00 The journey begins with a meeting with our guide in the hotel lobby, followed by a drive to the Medeo tract (1690 meters above sea level), where you will change to the gondola route and ascend the Shymbulak mountain resort. You will arrive at the first level of the mountain resort (2260 metres above sea level) after a dizzying 20-minute cable car journey above the tops of coniferous trees, where you will uncover a breathtaking view of the mountains and the beauty around them. Mountains have a certain ambiance that makes you feel at one with nature. The Alpine Park, Gorilla Zipline, paragliding, horseback riding, Rope Park “Shymba,” quad bike tours, cargo taxi “Chimba,” ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding are just a few of the entertainment options available at the mountain resort of Shymbulak. 


15:00 Return to the hotel by car

Transferring to a hotel

Spend the night in a hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Start the tour at Kolsay Lake and Charyn Canyon.


During this tour, you will visit:


–          Charyn Canyon : Charyn Canyon, located in Charyn National Park, is a unique area of natural and geological interest. It is home to rare and endangered animal species, protected forests, and unique aspen groves. The canyon’s depth is 200m, and its height ranges from 150-300m. It is a monument of nature, formed by sedimentary rocks over 12 million years old. The canyon’s landscapes are breathtaking, with sunsets displaying scarlet, pink, and orange colours and the Charyn River bobbing against the cliffs. The Valley of Castles, resembling a tower, is a popular attraction, with its length and width reaching 20–80 metres.


–          Lake Kolsai: The Kolsay Lakes in Kazakhstan are a natural wonder with three distinct zones and a diverse range of rare plants and animals. The river Kolsay originates on a ridge of Kungey-Alatau and flows into three lakes: Top, Mynzholki, and Lower. These lakes are fresh, rigid, and contain sulphate of sodium, with a summer water temperature of +10 degrees. Surrounded by high meadow grasses, fir forests, and a coniferous wood belt, the lakes are deep and popular for camping, trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. The nearest village is Saty, located 320 km from Almaty. The lakes are accessible by horseback and can be rented in Saty village. Tourist routes and guest houses are developed on the lakes, offering a peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking mountain landscapes.


–          Black Canyon: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, located in western Colorado near Montrose, is a national park with 30,750 acres of wilderness. The park is known for its narrow canyons, carved by the Gunnison River over millions of years. The canyon features towering cliff faces of foliated gneiss and schist, including Painted Wall, the tallest cliff in Colorado. The canyon’s vertical nature, with an average drop of 43 feet per mile, makes it one of the steepest mountain descents in North America.


Arrival in Almaty

The driver will pick you up at the designated address at 5 a.m. and transport you to Charyn Canyon after making one stop near the market in the town of Baiseit, where you may purchase food and beverages.


Getting to Charyn Canyon

If you don’t want to walk back, you can take a local taxi service, which will take you to the parking lot. After arriving, a walking portion will start from the parking lot (about 1.5 hours), and it is a trek (3 km, one way) at the bottom of the canyon. At the end of the valley, the Charyn River flows, where you can cool off in hot weather.


After arriving, the trip will begin at the parking lot and last 1.5 hours. You will then travel for 4 kilometres to reach the lake, where you may stroll along the coastline before ascending to an observation platform to see the lake from a higher perspective.


Visiting the Saty village:

After viewing Lake Kaindy, you will travel the 14 km (approximately an hour) to the town of Saty, where you will eat lunch at the guest house.


A trip to Kolsai Lake

After lunch, you will go to Kolsai Lake (15 km, approximately 25 minutes), where you will spend 1.5 hours walking around the lake. You can choose to stroll along the left or right bank of the lake, ride a boat, or use a catamaran.


Go back to Almaty.

You will return to the city after exploring Charyn Canyon (220 kilometres, or around 2.5 hours), and the driver will drop you off at the specified address when you get there.


Spend the night in a hotel.


Transfer to Almaty Airport (ALA). Check in for the flight.


Package Includes:

  • Flight Tickets
  • 20kg Baggage
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation 4*
  • 3N Stay at Hotel Kazakhstan Almaty or similar
  • Standard double/Twin
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Sightseeing includes the services of an English-speaking tour guide.
  • Entry Fee to Shymbulak
  • Eco Fee to National Parks
  • 2 Water Battles: 0.5 for 1 person per day
  • Tickets for Kok-Tobe
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tours and Transfers on a shared basis 

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  • Tourist tax in a hotel: You need to pay directly.

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